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Universal Ammo System
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Universal Ammo System

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The spiritual successor to Joint Ammo & Magazines, Universal Ammo System introduces a cross-compatible ammo suite that works with countless weapon mods. No longer will you have to contend with each weapon mod having different stats for the same cartridges. Furthermore, UAS also has special values for ensuring maximum compatibility with Advanced Armor Plate Mod, along with countless other features. For further enhancing compatibility with your favorite gun mods, check out the above "Proxy Patches" collection!

Official Discord:

Infantry Armaments:
UAS contains numerous real-world types of ammunition for virtually all cartridges available in the myriad weapon mods out there. Dozens of types of 5.56x45mm, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm, 7.62x54mm, .50 BMG, 12.7x108mm, and more are at your disposal. Armor piercing, FMJ, frangible, subsonic, you name it.

UAS also contains myriad rocket launcher warheads and grenades for your 40mm or 35mm launcher. Ever want to fire some mustard gas from your RPG-7? What about some tear gas out of your underbarrel grenade launcher? Heck, what about the latest FIM-92 rockets with a range of over 7,000 meters? All of that is available in UAS. There are even rifle grenades and stationary explosives.

Vehicle Munitions:
The mod includes various pylon system-compatible vehicle munitions, from ODAB-100 thermobaric bombs to S-5, S-8, S-13, and even S-24 and S-25 rockets for your Mi-24. Compatibility with the many vehicle mods out there is improving with each update, so everyone can leverage the benefits from Universal Ammo System. Many of these rockets and bombs are quite powerful, with select examples being the ZAB-1500 3300lb White Phosphorus bomb, available for planes like the CUP Su-25, and the S-24, a fragmentation rocket with a lethal radius of over 300 meters - accessible to anything as small as an Mi-24 Hind.

UAS also has vehicle-ready belts of small and medium-caliber ammunition ready to go. To access these, use a vehicle magazine manager like ZEN.

Chemical Warfare:
Universal Ammo System includes various chemical agents and weapons, from 40mm grenades to massive KHAB-1000 chemical bombs and even aerosol sprayers like the American TMU-28B. Furthermore, even some chemical small arms ammo is available. You can use 7.62x51mm N461 Tear Gas, or even 14.5x114mm BZKh Phosgene. Some simulated agents thus far are Phosgene, Mustard Gas, Sarin, Soman, Cyclosarin, VX, and VG, with more to come.

UAS agents are notably both persistent and invisible as they are in reality. You'll need to be especially careful with where you deploy these.

Tank Warfare:
Universal Ammo System includes a wide variety of tank shells, including but not limited to 105mm Smoothbore, 120mm Smoothbore, 120mm Rifled, and 125mm Smoothbore. This includes a wide variety of shells from the basic M829 and 3BM42 to the exotic M829A4 and 3BM69 Vacuum-1, as well as guided shells like Sokol-1, LAHAT, and even MRM 120mm types.

Nuclear Warfare:
Various nuclear bombs and missiles from B-61s to B-83s and even nuclear Maverick / S-25 missiles are now available. There's even a Tsar Bomba for the RHS Tu-95.

Biological Warfare:
A limited selection of biological warfare items are now available, such as 12-gauge Anthrax-loaded slugs, 66mm rockets for the M202 FLASH (CJTF), and even 20x102mm / 20x110mm VX-agent rounds for various high-caliber weapons.

Electromagnetic Warfare:
UAS now includes a robust set of electromagnetic pulse munitions, from 40mm grenades to 84mm Carl Gustav warheads, FIM-92 Stinger missiles, Javelin missiles, and even Mk82 through Mk84 sized EMP aerial bombs. These are very potent against all sorts of targets, from lampposts to aircraft.

Compatibility Status:

Maximum Compatibility: (UAS has total or near-total support for these mods)

Vanilla Game / Apex / Marksmen / Contact, AWC, Black Ops Weapons, Roberthammer M16 / M4 Pack, Roberthammer Pistols, SMA Weapons, FHQ Weapons, Project Infinite, Arma III Aegis, KA Weapons Pack, Breaking Point, Design Mastery, Finnish Armed Forces, Russia 2035, Global Mobilization, Spearpoint, Welsh Defence Forces, CSW XM8, CSW AKs, NSW Daewoo K2, 3CB, Community Upgrade Pack (CUP), Red Hammer Studios (RHS) - (USAF / AFRF / GREF / SAF), Special Divisions of Russia, WPN_R_F, NIArms, BWMod, SPS Weapons, Trixie Rifles, EricJ Weapons, Complementary Special Weapons (CSW), Project True Viking, Complementary Special Weapons India, WarfareThai, Massi Nato_Rus, FFAA, R3F, VME PLA, UNSUNG Vietnam War mod, GAC JSDF, Brazilian Armed Forces, Ktry's Weapon Pack, Pedagne Mod, EPSM Exomod, US Armament Pack, Polish Armed Forces, HotshotMike Weapons, Dagger Weapons and Ballistics, JSDF Mod, CJTF Weapons, US Air Force Mod, Firewill Aircraft, Bullpup AK pack, Fallout: Aftermath, Burnes Challenger 2, Voere X4, NMG gun mod, Faces of War, LEN, IFA3, IF3A Liberation, CSA38, Operation Trebuchet, Task Force Canada, Thales EF88 Austeyr, NCS NZDF MKII, UTAS UTS-15, Columbian Armed Forces RHS, TF47 Launchers, BC Weapons Pack, Finnish Forces Pack, CDM 2035, Brazilian Defense Forces, AK74M Tactical Keymod, Gold Weapons, QBZ191, CZ BREN 2, ROA MK18, QBS-09 Shotgun, UTS-15 Shotgun, Massi WW2, Massi Lite mods, ROA Five-seven, Type 79 SMG, ARST Beretta 92, Mod CNP, FA Hunting Rifles pack, Camel M21 SWS, Camel K1A RIS, SJB Weapons, and Swedish Forces Pack. Veteran Mod (VTN), Turkish Forces, Alpha Group Equipment, Australian Commandos, Hellenic Armed Forces Mod, Opération FrenchPoint, ArmaModFrance, Project Zenith, Kkiv Model 2035, L115A3 Rework Project, DesertTech HTI .375, Bolt Action Rifle and Police Units, Air Cav Vietnam, Northern Fronts, Forgotten Fronts, Z_Weap_Pack, 007 Weapons, 06th IR - Sig Sauer M17, Kiory L85A2 Pack, BG21 French Army Mod, BG21 FAMAS (Purple Redux), CZ 584 Kozlice, ACR_A3 - Army of the Czech Republic, ROC Project : Republic of China(Taiwan) Armed Forces, Modular Pindad SS2-V5A1, M4A1 CQBR, Italian Army - Esercito Italiano, L119A2, FAA Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas, Project Uncut, BWI - Pindad SS2 Series, SA vz.58 / SA vz.61, Carabinieri CTU, ROK Armed Forces 2035, Micro Tavor - X95, Indian Armed Forces, Israeli Defense Force, ROA Mark 23, CGM M14 Pack, GG M1 Garand, GAT-155 FN Minimi, GAT-155 - ARMAS, CMCSSC_MK20, Purple shotguns, SDAR 7.62, Shotguns (Repack), GSTAVOs M16A2, WW1 Mod - Remembrance, Redd'n'Tank Vehicles, After East Wind, Swiss Weapons, TB-68 / TB-68M Rifles, Exile Mod, Viking PMC, Anzio 20mm, USAF AC-130, Tier One Weapons, Cold War Rearmed (CWR III), Lion Weapon Pack, Max Weapons, RobinDX SIG MCX, KT Snipers, FLB.


Freestyle_Build: Nuclear scripting core. Makes stuff go boom!
Wenza: Really awesome EMP and Napalm scripting package. He gets a huge amount of credit for that!
LAGO: Less-lethal ammunition system. Wouldn't have those baton rounds without him!
KICKASS: Tear Gas, Flashbang, and Flamethrower config tech.
NaPalm: PIKE, XM1244 GRAP, and EXACTO scripting technology.

APL-SA unless otherwise noted.
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No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgMagazines
NcnC Mar 11 @ 3:34pm 
Hello, I was wondering, does the different ammo type (AP versus normal vanilla round) interacts differently with body armor? I tested but seemed that it does not do it, but I had Proect Injury Reaction loaded, could this screw with the various ammo's impact?
Max von Teufel Jan 7 @ 6:19pm 
Not compatibal with Swedish Forces Pack. It makes the ksp 58B disapear.:steamsad:
Sir Cooper Sep 4, 2023 @ 8:30pm 
anyone wanting to use this with antistasi... dont, it will absolutely flood the loot crates and youll rarely find other ammos, also a tone of the ammo is plain unrealistic or even made up (nuclear 40mm grenades for example which some are obviously fine with but for realism its rubbish) and a lot of the mags and bombs for aircraft etc. have just been given a standard skin (high cap mags look like regular mags, bombs/missiles all looking exactly the same etc. so bare this in mind before adding this with antistasi lol
HybridGrizzlyTrenchGun May 3, 2023 @ 7:26am 
What are the 12.7x108mm and .50 Cal ammo boxes for? E.g. the 100x .50 [insert brand] and 100x 12.7x108mm [insert ammo brand again] ammo boxes.
polarzxo Mar 7, 2023 @ 11:20am 
how do you get all or at least more of the calibers into the AtragMX?
Kay Jan 29, 2023 @ 12:09pm 
1/10 Crashes with pog mods
DANN Jan 3, 2023 @ 3:08pm 
hey man was wondering if this mod is compatible with SOG praiirie fire by any chance? wouild be useful asf to know.
KoRoBoCHkA_2 Nov 14, 2022 @ 3:42pm 
What is BS-10? I found no source on any Ukrainian or Russian websites, only your fandom page has info about this cartridge.
Decker_1705 Oct 20, 2022 @ 11:11am 
is this compatible with antistasi ultimate?