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AzimuthLib - Library for modders
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Apr 24, 2019 @ 5:55pm
Aug 1, 2021 @ 4:48pm
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AzimuthLib - Library for modders

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Avorion: 0.31 - 2.0
A resource for modders that provides useful functions to make mod development easier. Used mostly in Rinart73's mods.

NOTE: This mod will be updated to the stable versions only. I'm not planning to support Beta-versions since they come out very often and I don't have the time to check and update mods every time.

Source code[github.com]

Mod example[github.com]

Bug reporting
  1. Tell your game version and list of mods you have activated.
  2. Give an instruction on how to reproduce a bug, step by step.
  3. Use Pastebin[pastebin.com] to attach links to your client and server logs.
    C:\Users\(ProfileName)\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\clientlog (datetime).txt C:\Users\(ProfileName)\AppData\Roaming\Avorion\galaxies\(GalaxyName)\serverlog (datetime).txt
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  4. Make a screenshot if problem can be seen visually.
RogueRaiden Nov 15, 2022 @ 12:25pm 
I gave a quick test trying to load the mod with your changes. seems the other mods still have loading issues. would there also need to be changes in AvorionAnnouncer and GalaxyMapQoL?
Lleu Oct 8, 2022 @ 1:24am 
Linux server: ... filename is not secure... FIX
information about error: https://avorion.fandom.com/wiki/Modding_Pitfalls

file :1722652757/data/scripts/lib/azimuthlib-basic.lua

diff azimuthlib-basic.lua azimuthlib-basic.lua.orig
< local filename = "./moddata/"..modName..(isSeedDependant and "_"..GameSettings().seed or "")..".lua"
> local filename = dir.."/"..modName..(isSeedDependant and "_"..GameSettings().seed or "")..".lua"
< local filename = "./moddata/"..modName..(isSeedDependant and "_"..GameSettings().seed or "")..".lua"
> local filename = dir.."/"..modName..(isSeedDependant and "_"..GameSettings().seed or "")..".lua"

and create dir ~/.avorion/moddata
RogueRaiden Jul 17, 2022 @ 9:29am 
trying to get this and Avorion Announcer loaded on my server.
With AzimuthLib installed alone, no errors. Adding Avorion Announcer gives me these errors:
it looks like this is an old vanilla bug that some people get and some dont? server is installed on a box with the linux Pterodactyl server management panel
Grimbach Feb 4, 2022 @ 8:40am 
RIP Rinart. You will be missed.
Rinart73  [author] Feb 3, 2022 @ 1:33pm 
I'm sorry but I stopped developing mods for an unknown amount of time because of real life stuff. You're free to fork my mods as long as you provide link to original and mention me in the authors.
✪SoulBazilio Jan 26, 2022 @ 6:37am 
Не работает
Rinart73  [author] Sep 18, 2021 @ 3:26am 
Он и так обновлен
Carcharodon Sep 18, 2021 @ 3:09am 
Обнови мод, пожалуйста.
Rinart73  [author] Aug 22, 2021 @ 4:20am 
Taehl, hi. Sure, just PM me and we can discuss that
Taehl Aug 21, 2021 @ 8:19pm 
I'd be happy to share my function for HSLA->RGBA color conversion with you if you want to add support for HSL. I find it handier than HSV in some cases. :)