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Drongo's Area of Operations
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Drongo's Area of Operations

Watch the 2nd and 3rd videos above. Try this mission in the editor (NATO vs Syndikat on Altis):

AO is a module-based whole-map dynamic campaign generator for SP/COOP Arma 3. It generates enemy forces, ambient civilians and 1 of 18 objective types each mission. Campaign progress is automatically saved at the end of a mission.

To win the campaign, players must 100+ victory points (from killing enemies and completing missions). Killing an enemy troop gives .5 points, completing a mission gives 10 points. There is also a "Political Will" rating which is reduced by civilian casualties and failed missions. If it reaches zero, the campaign will be failed.

The system works on any map (except if very small or there are no roads or no enterable buildings) and can be used with any faction.

SP or COOP (1 to XX players)
18 mission types (Patrol, Urban Patrol, Defence, Sweep, Demo, SEAD, Assault, Downed Aircraft, Search And Rescue, QRF, Destroy Convoy, HVT, Destroy Squad, Destroy Vehicle, Search And Destroy, Seize Intel, Deliver, Assassinate)
Any map, any faction
Excellent replayability
Very easy to customise
Enemy foot and vehicle patrols, occupied towns, IEDs, static weapons, garrisoned building, roadside ambushes
Optional ambient civilian foot and road traffic
Optional friendly foot and vehicle patrols
Optional Air Mode allows playing the whole campaign as a helo/jet pilot
Missions can be aborted at the aoBase object

Try out a dedicated server running this mod:
Team 6 Tactical - Mods @

AO-based mission by Jayrad (features undercover, unit recruitment, VBIEDS and more):

Air combat mission by ZAGOR64BZ:

NOTE: Instead of Dynamic Simulation, it is best to use Zorrobytes Caching:

Patrol: Move to the objective marker.
Urban Patrol: Move to the objective marker.
Defence: Defend the base. Kill enough enemies to defeat the attack.
Sweep: Enemy forces have garrisoned various buildings near the objective. Clear the enemy from the area
Demo: Locate and destroy the radar tower.
SEAD: Locate and destroy the SAM/AAA vehicle.
Assault: Destroy the enemy forces occupying the town.
Downed Helo: Locate the downed helo and recover any sensitive items from the wreck (move next to the wreck for a few seconds).
Search and Rescue: Locate the downed pilot. Move close to him and he will join your squad. Bring him back to base.
QRF: Send a Quick Reaction Force to rescue an ambushed squad and bring them back to base.
Destroy Convoy: Destroy the enemy convoy before it reaches its destination.
HVT: Locate the HVT and use the interact key (TAB by default) to first arrest him, then interrogate him.
Destroy Squad: Kill all members of the designated squad.
Destroy Vehicle: Destroy the designated vehicle.
Search And Destroy: Kill the designated number of enemy troops.
Seize Intel: Seize intel documents from an enemy commander.
Deliver: Deliver the truck to the designated town.
Assassinate: Kill the enemy HVT
RTB: Approach the aoBase object.

Drongo: Design/scripting
Chops: Testing/Icons
RootLocus: Testing(OFP version)
Ice Magic: Testing
[UKSF] AnAngrySalad: MP testing (

A huge thanks to my Patrons and supporters.

You can help me

I put a lot of time and effort into my mods. I support single, coop and MP players with unique mods and new features. Please show your support, subscribe, follow and rate my mods. Please promote my work on social media and forums. If you have cash to spare, please consider chipping in to my Patreon[].

Check my YouTube channel for trailers, WIP etc:

I am not on the BIS forums. I can be emailed at


Changed: Disabled wakeup dynamic simulation on most spawned units (thanks to Dada)
Removed: Dynsim code in AO\Scripts\Population\PopulateMap.sqf that was messing with other dynsim scripts
Fixed: Better island description in campaign ending

Fixed: Civilian casualties were not being counted.
Fixed: AI were spawning with skill 1 (is now 0.4)
Removed: Dynamic simulation on civilian cars

Added: Force next mission option for continuous mode (action on aoBase)
Added: Hard-coded support for Winter Chernarus
Added: Warnings for small maps and maps missing worldSize config entries
Added: Debug mode now places orange markers showing detected urban areas

Added: Module to allow manual placing of towns (NameVillage type)
Added: Function ao_fnc_MarkUrban to mark all AO-related urban areas for debug purposes
Changed: Helo groups will now use Search And Destroy waypoints for 1-3 minutes upon reaching their destination (then choose a new destination with a guard WP)
Removed: Long Patrol for vehicle groups (was freezing said groups). Vehicle groups from modules now use Road Patrol AI. Vehicle groups from Militas use local patrol or a guard WP

Hotfix to address spawn type issues
Adjusted: The sequence of loading default units and units from the Define Enemy module

v01.16 public
Added: 5 mission types: Destroy Squad, Destroy Vehicle, Search And Destroy, Seize Intel, Assassinate
Added: Freeplay mode (when the mission array is empty)
Added: Option to define size of play area (centered around AO_core module)
Added: Module for additional factions on any side (foot, vehicle and helo patrols, militia, statics)
Added: Helo patrols for OPFOR
Added: Syncing objects or empty vehicles to the enemy module will enable their use in Demo missions
Improved: Accuracy of mission marker
Improved: Spawn scripts
Improved: Default vehicle balance
Improved: Briefing
Changed: Enemy vehicle group size can now be specified
Changed: Towns or remote areas will be excluded if they are within 700 meters of aoBase
Changed: QRF missions will only run in MP with 2 or more player groups (will generate Urban Patrol in single player)
Changed: AO_core module now defines the center of the AO (instead of aoBase)
Fixed: Static weapons spawning inside buildings
Fixed: Convoys not moving in Destroy Convoy missions
Fixed: Civilians spawning in floors
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Aug 2 @ 10:52am
Dynamic Simulation
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Kaiser Mighty Nov 18 @ 7:40am 
Thanks, that's one extremely useful module.
Drongo  [author] Nov 17 @ 2:18pm 
My pleasure mate.

@Kaiser Mighty
If there is an area of the map that you want to be used for missions, but it isn't picked up by the system, you can drop that module there and it will be registered as a potential location.
Kaiser Mighty Nov 17 @ 6:27am 
What does the module "create a location (village)" do? Is it for spawning civilians, or for spawning objectives, or something else?
Baton Nov 16 @ 11:45am 
Спасибо за обновление
Skellex Oct 25 @ 5:32am 
Also, can you adjust the amount of patrols, garrison - enemies in general, somehow? The last few missions didn't have any resistance as no enemies spawned near the objective.
Drongo  [author] Oct 24 @ 6:23am 
Yeah, that would work fine.
Skellex Oct 24 @ 5:57am 
So, can I use your config generator to make that one new unit?
Drongo  [author] Oct 23 @ 3:11pm 
It spawns from the config, editor loadouts will not be used.
Skellex Oct 23 @ 12:44pm 
Will the module that spawns the enemies take their loadouts into account or will it just use the loadout from the class? I want to edit an enemy hvt so he stands out a little more.
ZAGOR64BZ Sep 28 @ 4:39am 
@Kraany: afaik, it doesn't spawn boats; however, I discovered that if you place them in the editor, it will randomly give them up as targets for missions.