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This is a personal fantasy setting mod with my StarView system and civilization. The core systems of my setting are StarView, Ankh, Moolnao, Dyson Sphere (a mostly complete but not habitable-finished dyson sphere), and Fantastica. The StarView system and the few remaining systems (not dismantled into materials for using in the dyson sphere) in the open cluster that they are a part of orbit outside the galactic disc just outside of its globular cluster halo.

Mod has 3 modes:
*Country + Initializer - creates starview extragalactic cluster and moves your homeworld to NatureTech. Replaces the country with the flag with scripted customizations (cheat-y).
*Initializer only - creates starview extragalactic cluster and moves your homeworld to NatureTech. NatureTech remains ocean regardless of your species preference though. NatureTech is a watery mid-planet (or oceanic gas dwarf).
*Neither - integrated mod parts and secondary / side changes only (always in effect). The Starview cluster spawns empty, wormhole-linked to a random system.

Starview cluster systems are extragalactic! And you will start in this extragalactic cluster! Some minor side effects that cannot be overcome. Most resolve after just one game day. Some take a full game month. The governor needs to be reassigned after the sectors re-adjust on the second game day. Everything should be resolved by the start of the second game month.

The dyson sphere is not intended to be immediately colonized. You have to 'finish' it. 'Finish' is in the form of 25,000 energy, 50-year terraforming projects, per segment (there are 16, each a size-100 ringworld habitat). Terraforming pc_ringworld_tech segments (upgrade 4-colony built ringworlds to 8-colony, finish the dyson sphere) requires advanced megastructure engineering.

Multiplayer support: Only one instance of the starview extragalactic cluster is supported. Single player, or if multiplayer, only one player gets the cluster. Attempting to have multiple empires with the StarView system initializer will have undesirable results.

This is a personal fantasy mod being made available to the public. This mod has notable cheat factor to it if you use the StarView system intializer and country - the StarView race, country, home system and surrounding systems are quite advantaged. If you use the StarView system initializer, it is recommended that all AI empires be advanced starts (which are boosted in the mod) or it may be too easy to be fun. I have no intention of going out of the way to make it friendly with other mods. Many vanilla files are changed.

This mod incorporates pieces of other mods. All but one are not updated to 2.6.x (but were updated by me in this mod):
*Realistic Ships - only the 4-segment cruiser (battlecruiser) and 4-segment battleship (dreadnought)
*Useful stations - Only core bulwark and citadel stations and re-enablement of defense stations and defense fortresses
*Utopia expanded - Only the ascension perks and civics repeatable techs and ability to terraform ringworld_tech to ringworld_habitable, 12 ascension perks (4 from repeatable techs)

This mod meshes with tactical ship sections and additional ship components 3.0 with minor issues (aux reactor with realistic ships battlecruiser and dreadnought, main and aux reactor with bulwark & citadel). More issues with New ship Classes & More, but may be able to use it if it is sorted after this mod in custom load order. Music, flag, emblem, prescripted empire, UI / 1080p, hyperlane, expanded tradition, border, and galaxy map graphics mods all work with this mod no problem. Also generic event mods work if they don't alter game_start or crisis events.

Strongly recommended, but will work without. No longer integrated
UI Overhaul Dynamic -
84 Building Slots -
The changes to the defines to make additional buildings work are included

There are a number of side changes in the mod
*Ascension Perks - Double value of evolutionary mastery perks. Can choose all perks from evolutionary mastery, psionic, and synthetic paths
*All Megastructures - Can build multiple megastructures simultaneously, can build more than one.
*Mega-art-installation - unity increased, can build more than one.
*Science Nexus - Percentage research boost limited to uploaded leader mind (since this only happens with the first), static research bonuses increased, can build more than one
*All hostile, special, and leviathan special systems always come up on 1000+ star galaxies (mildly more probable on smaller)
*Planet Classes - New planet class groups. Clone pc_ringworld_habitable for the Dyson sphere (size 100)
*More race points and picks for all pop types. 8 ethics points (vs 3). Player and AI.
*Added species trait extremely intelligent and extremely venerable. Intelligent and erudite can be both selected.
*Added benign erudite explorers personality, to allow pacifist explorers.
*Un-upgraded starbase outposts - Outposts can have one module and one building. Modules limited to weapons and hangars. Build cost increased from 100 to 250.
*Upgraded starbases - More buildings & modules. Energy credit maintenance notably increased for larger starbases.
*Titans - Relaxed limit & ratio.
*Civilian vessels - Can be designed but also must be upgraded manually like military ships
*Resources - Increase influence storage capacity from 1000 to 10000. Increase basic and manufactured resource storage capacity, Increase market_amount on most resources.
*Technology - All weights and factors of 0 changed to 0.1 to make all techs eventually researchable
*Administrative Efficiency repeatable tech adds 20 admin capacity per level instead of 15
*Agrarian Utopias technology benefit does not require agrarian idyll civic (all other rural housing benefits continue to require it).
*Crisis: Multiple crisis. Multiple simultaneous crisis (must be different type). More aggressive reinforcements.
-More system and galaxy zoom steps. More camera pitch range.
-Tech slider max from 5x to 10x.
-More empire min spacing (large 1000 star galaxy will only accommodate 20 AI empires including fallen).
-Awakened fallen empires accrue decadence slower.
-Building slots from 16 to 40.
-More habitable planet deposits on average.
-Higher min system size, higher ship sublight speed.
-Less hyperlane trimming (I hate hyperlane limitations).
-Longer science ship survey time.
-Younger leaders (from 28-50 to 20-40; 18-26 to 16-24 for heirs).
-Slower (halved) old leader death chance increase.
-Ethics points from 3 to 8.
-Beef up advanced empire starts.
-More common anomalies (double).
-Base admin capacity from 30 to 40.
-Empire sprawl from districts and owned systems halved.
-Empire sprawl tech cost penalty increased (equal to traditions).
-Remove tech cost handicap for awakened fallen empires.
-Trade deal length from 5 to 100 years (vs 10-30).
-12 ascension perk slots.
-Higher min gateway distance.
-Faster experimental subspace navigation (from 3x to 2x).
-Ship alloy maintenance halved.
-Remove awakened fallen empire maintenance reduction.
-Faster strike craft regen.
-Faster non-combat shield regen.
-Max evasion from 100% to 200%.
-Veteran and elite XP threshold reduced to 500/2500.
-Mildly faster colony development (and cost).
-Base influence cost of outpost reduced.
-Outpost distance influence cost penalty increased with higher max
-Added 6th market trade quantity tier (500x).
-Increased market fluctuation and slower renormalization.
-Internal market fees lower (but still very high - 100% instead of 200%).
-Less emergency FTL wait time

The cover-art is from a DreamChaser RPG kickstarter award (it was published in the PnP RPG rulebook). Artist is Steve Stark. RPG designer is Peter Petrusha
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YeshuaAgapao  [author] Mar 23 @ 10:50pm 
**Updated to 2.6.1

**Added four new prescripted empires - Axiom, Skynet, Hutt, The Borg, Renamed Rome to Ravagers.

**Existing prescripted empires, as well as StarView are updated for origins.

**New and existing prescripted empires updated for this mod's increased trait point, ethic point, and civic allowances.

**36 buildings and bigger planet UI are no longer integrated. Strongly recommended to get UI overhaul dynamic and 84 buildings mods, but will work without.
YeshuaAgapao  [author] Feb 1, 2019 @ 10:00pm 
Updated version (shortened to 1000 characters; see change notes for everything):

*The starview cluster now spawns at all times. Mostly for comment request which I think I would like. An empire that uses the starview system initializer will start in it, and the cluster will have a wormhole connection to the original starting system and a hyperlane to an un-owned neighboring rim system. If no empire uses the starview system initializer, the starview cluster still spawns. With no external hyperlanes, and a natural wormhole to a random un-owned system in the galaxy that is not a hostile guardian, or empire_cluster marked system (accessible only by this wormhole or via l-gate).

*Branch offices can now have 20 buildings, 20 pops per building. Planets remain at 40 buildings and 5 pops per building.

Bug fixes:
*Dyson sphere will no longer be filled with blockers upon colonization
*Dyson sphere now has unlimited generator and agriculture districts
YeshuaAgapao  [author] Jan 20, 2019 @ 5:53pm 
Somebody has to have the Starview system iitializer in order for it to spawn though (player or AI). I see if I can make it spawn without someone starting in it next version.
YeshuaAgapao  [author] Jan 20, 2019 @ 5:52pm 
If you don't want to start in tehe cluster do not use the StarView System Initilizer and do not use the StarView country (the stripped-down version does not have the flaga nd does not have the init pre-selected).

Of the mods I use tactical ship sections and extra ship components 3.0 are working flawlessly except on the RS battlecruiser / dreadnought (aux reactor capped at dark-matter, new sections), or large / super-large defense stations (main and aux reactor capped at dark-matter). Extra traditions is working fine. Tiny outliner works fine. All the map graphics mods are working. Stellaris bank works.
lorkhi Jan 20, 2019 @ 5:11am 
Really good work and I would love to play in a cluster. Is there a chance of a sligthly less OP Version in the future? (No Megastructures and reduced resources?)
TurtleShroom Jan 19, 2019 @ 3:48pm 
This Mod looks great, but how compatible is it? I want this in my galaxy, but I don't want to be moved or to play in it. Is there a version that simply fires an Event that spawns the star system once you begin playing?
YeshuaAgapao  [author] Jan 13, 2019 @ 6:44pm 
Removed changes in last revision to distant_stars_events.txt to add extremely_intelligent to the trait list for enigmatic dreams (enigmatic cache uplift). May have broken mid-game save, despite no change to any of the ratling events in the same file, but I am on the 2.2.3 beta branch. distant_stars_events.txt vanilla file is no longer being changed.
ChristianHH87 Jan 13, 2019 @ 5:16am 
the last ubdate broke the mod for me. it appear a window that "Ketling Plant Subdued". again and again. sorry for my English
YeshuaAgapao  [author] Jan 13, 2019 @ 2:04am 
I added documentation about the dyson sphere. It is meant to be in an 'unfinished' state.

The dyson sphere is not intended to be immediately colonized. You have to 'finish' it. 'Finish' is in the form of 25,000 energy, 50-year terraforming projects, per segment (there are 16, each a size-100 ringworld habitat). Terraforming pc_ringworld_tech segments (upgrade 4-colony built ringworlds to 8-colony, finish the dyson sphere) requires advanced megastructure engineering.

A fully built-out, enlightened, and terraformed StarView cluster will have 40 colonies - 24 planets and 16 ringworld habitats. 6 planets are 60+% habitable from the start. 6 other habitable planets. One primitive civilization. 11 terraforming candidates. One un-finished 16-segment 'dyson sphere'-ringworld.
ChristianHH87 Jan 12, 2019 @ 5:04pm 
but are some megastructure Bugs or?