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Gigastructural Engineering & More (2.7)
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Gigastructural Engineering & More (2.7)

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Do you like megastructures? I sure do! This mod aims to expand on the concept of megastructures by adding more megastructures you can build, which consist of eight "gigastructures" (Megastructures larger than a ringworld or a dyson sphere), and three mid-game science megastructures (One for each field of science) that give bonuses to various things like shield HP, and it also adds various other megastructures that don't really fit into a category.

Want to talk about the mod? Join the Gigastructures Discord! The perfect place to ask questions, report bugs, and suggest new features.

THE MOD IS CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN TO POLISH EVERYTHING BETTER! This means there won't be many updates for a while, followed by a massive patch that will fix most, if not all issues with the current version.

- 39 new megastructures with a wide range of effects, including weaponized planets, stellar lasers, and system-spanning computers!
- 11 unique systems that can contain ruined Megastructures and unique discoveries!

The new Megastructures
The mod, as said above, adds 39 new megastructures.
Please note that they might require more balancing, so feel free to point out something you think isn't right.

You can disable the megastructures you don't like using the integrated Megastructure Manager, and also configure whether the core is active or not!

DOCUMENTATION (Please ask James Fire if you wish to contribute)[]

Tech tree visualizer (Includes this mod)[]

Cooperations and similar mods
Alderson Disk Start Origin Submod

Birch World Start Origin Submod

Fallen Empire Megastructures

Do you want even more cool megastructures? Then check out the "Event Horizon Offset Facility" mod, featuring an incredibly-well made megastructure revolving around black holes!

If you like the Nicoll-Dyson Beam, then I also recommend the "Rise of the First Order" mod, with a Starkiller base that functions in a similar way.

Big thanks to AryxErin, author of the wonderful "Machine Ships" for letting me use their assets to make megastructure models!

Using C1CK's "Enhanced Robomodding" mod, building this mod's megastructures will unlock additional robot traits.
Using this mod and Yindiram The Faerie Dragon's "The Decadence of Sanity" mod, building the Psionic Hypersiphon will trigger new Shroud events!
The "Star Lifters" mod has been integrated into this mod! (With the author's permission of course)
The model from the "Stellar Catalyst" mod is used in here (Also with permission)
The "Planetary Computer" mod has been "revived" in within this mod!
City Ringworlds from Sithalo's "Ascendency Ringworlds" have been added to this mod. Sounds from Chirumiru's "Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project".
A megastructure from "The Utopian Dream 1.9", the Equatorial Shipyard, has been revived in this mod.

It is recommended to have a look at the documentation.

So, the new megastructures are:

The Crystal Megabore
A large orbital station which drills into a molten planet's core, harvesting Crystals.

The Superatmospheric Umbegaseous Collecto-Condenser
Basically the stripmine, but for Gas Giants. Makes Energy, Exotic Gases, and Motes.

Ecumenopolis, Machine & Hive Ringworlds
Part of Sithalo's Ascendency Ringworlds mod has been integrated in the form of Ecumenopolis, Machine and Hive Ringworlds! Requires Megacorp/Synthetic Dawn and the Ecumenopolis/Machine/Hive perk.

The Equatorial Shipyard
Revived from AlphaAsh's "The Utopian Dream 1.9" mod, features one ring to process alloys and one ring to add extra shipyards to the local starbase.

The Lunar Speculorefractor
A gigantic refraction device to brighten up the skies of nearby planets!

The Hyperstructural Assembly Yard
An absolutely massive shipyard that can assemble immense amounts of ships.

The Birch World
A gigantic shell built around a Supermassive Black Hole, capable of housing infinite pops.

The Stellar Systemcraft
An entire solar system packed together, for maximum firepower!

The Alderson Disk
A gigantic system-spanning habitat capable of housing untold amounts of population and industry.

The Geothermal Stabilizer
A megastructure that terraforms a Molten World into a habitable lifeless world.

The Quasi-Stellar Obliterator
A truly gigantic hyperweapon built around a galactic core, capable of unleashing untold amounts of destructive power.

That's all the megastructures for now! Feel free to suggest something!

Planned features (Maybe, if I'm motivated enough)
- More megastructures, of course
- Unique megastructure-based endgame crisis
- Adventure/Story mode

By the way, I hate typos. If you spot any typo or error, tell me!

FAQ (Read carefully before commenting!)
Q: Is this the mod with the megastructures teased in the subreddit?
A: Yes.

Q: I wanna add something to the mod!
A: If you'd like something you made to be in this mod, simply friend me and we can discuss it!

Q: I can't build a megastructure around a planet/star!
A: Make sure you've removed any mining or research stations.

Q: The mod shows as outdated!
A: That's the launcher's fault, go to your Documents/Paradox/Stellaris folder and delete the mod registry file and the mod folder. If that still doesn't work then feel free to leave a comment detailling your issue further.

Overwrites the "habitable_structure" scripted_trigger, so might mess with some mods that also overwrite it. Should still work mostly fine.

Known issues
Real Space System Scale will cause problems with the models, such as clipping or exploded ringworlds. I might fix it in the coming weeks.

The mod is currently available in English, Russian and Polish (Russian translation by Lex, Polish by Grzesio). Might get more translations in the future.

Nikkle: For creating the ringworld cluster mod which helped me understand how models work
Djohaal: Substellar Compressor asset & idea
Sam: Planetary Computer asset & idea
Sithalo: Ecumenopolis Ringworld
Chirumiru: Sounds for Ecumenopolis Ringworld
James Fire: Orbital Arcology, Military Academy, Documentation, overall being useful
AlphaAsh: Equatorial Shipyard idea and planet view art
Thauma: Birch World jobs and districts
Twinks315: Birch World model
Kreitani: Modelling and major bugfixing
AryxErin: Machine ship assets for megastructures
Annatar: Supermassive Quasar assets


Have fun building Gigastructures, and don't forget to rate and comment.
HOWEVER, I will outright ignore negative comments that just say "This sucks". I want constructive criticism, and telling me the mod sucks is absolutely useless and a waste of time. Please elaborate on what you think is bad if that's the case.
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What should the habitability of a planetary computing core be? mine is 53% ... i do have a -20% habitability perk.
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Suggestion: Add an extremely expensive mega structure that you cast out into space and it generates an artificial star (creating an artificial solar system)
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I can't build The Stellar Systemcraft . The tech doesn't appear neither any sort of project

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@Random™ > Why does acot not work with this mod though?

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