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Gigastructural Engineering & More
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Gigastructural Engineering & More

Do you like megastructures? I sure do! As you may have guessed, this mod adds a few extra megastructures, which consist of two "gigastructures" (Megastructures larger than a ringworld or a dyson sphere), and three mid-game science megastructures (One for each field of science) that give bonuses to various things like shield HP, and it also adds five other megastructures that don't really fit into a category.
You may remember my old "Dyson Sphere Constructon" mod. Well, it's dead. However, I developped this mod right there to understand how megastructures work in Utopia, so the original huge Dyson Sphere from that mod might come back!

The new Megastructures
The mod, as said above, adds ten new megastructures.
Please note that they might require more balancing, so feel free to point out something you think isn't right.
Also, this mod is balanced with the Improved Megastructures mod, which I HEAVILY recommend you get, as it makes megastructures actually meaningful and lets you build multiple at the same time. Of course, you can still play without said mod, but the megastructures might seem a tad OP without it.
Each megastructure produces a strategic resource which applies the effects. This means that you can "lend" your megastructures to other empires by trading the strategic resources! It might take some time for the modifiers to apply.

NOTE: If you are using C1CK's "Enhanced Robomodding" mod, building some of this mod's megastructures will unlock additional robot traits.

I recommend you check out the discussion thread detailling the various prerequisites for each megastructures.

So, the new megastructures are:

The Matrioshka Brain
A VERY big computer built around a star, consisting of multiple layers, feeding off the heat of the inner layers. Requires the "Gigastructural Constructs" ascension perk, which itself requires Galactic Wonders
Generates 1750 of every research when fully built.
Grants a +25% bonus to unity, research, robot output and navy size. Can eventually be upgraded to have 8 virtual worlds, which are a special planet class specialized in energy, unity and research.

The Hawking Radiation and Accretion Emission Macro-Collector (HRAE-MC)
A large megastructure built around a black hole to collect its energy. Produces 1750 energy, 800 physics and 2 dark matter. Also requires Gigastructural Constructs.
Also grants a 30% reduction to consumer good costs, because, you know, you can dump your trash in the black hole if you need to, so no need for an annoying and complicated waste disposal system!

Moving on to the three midgame science megastructures.
They all cost 20000 minerals total, and take a total of 10 years to construct.

The Stellar Particle Accelerator
A big particle accelerator built around a star. Grants a +25% bonus to shield HP, and 100 physics research. Requires the rare technology "Ultra-Energetic Particle Colliders", which itself requires zero point power and the last spaceport tech.

The Orbital Artificial Ecosystem
Basically a big zoo. Grants a +25% bonus to terraforming speed, and 100 society research. Requires the rare technology "Orbital Ecosystems", which itself requires gene tailoring and the last spaceport tech.

The Macroengineering Testing Station
A place where your engineers can test out all of their wacky ideas. Grants a +25% bonus to ship armor HP and 100 engineering research. Requires the rare research "Colossal Testing Station", which itself requires Fortresses and the last spaceport tech.

Lastly, the other structures.
The Neutronium Gigaforge
A large forge built in orbit of Neutron star, collecting its neutronium with great efficiency. Requires the "Mass Neutronium Extraction" technology, which itself requires galactic wonders. Grants a +60% bonus to ship armor.
Generates 250 minerals, 250 engineering research, and two neutronium.

The Psychic Hypersiphon
A large portal that connects to the Shroud to drain its energy. Requires psionic ascension and a few special techs that you'll recognize. Totally not a bad idea.
Generates 2000 energy and 750 physics and society research.
Also produces "Shroud Energy" which gives various buffs to your industry.

The Dynamic Core Ignitor
Name idea from reddit user DoomlordKravoka in a reddit thread.
A large structure built around a barren, cold barren, or frozen world to make it more habitable. Transforms one of these planets into a lifeless habitable world which can either be settled or terraformed to add life.

The Yggdrasil Orchid
Suggested by reddit user DoomlordKravoka in a reddit thread.
A technological marvel which seeds the upper atmosphere of a gas giant with large amounts of bio-engineered plant life, enough to feed entire planets. Generates 100 food, 200 society research, and 100 physics research.

The Fusion Suppressor
Suggested by reddit user DoomlordKravoka in a reddit thread.
A large structure capable of modifying the fusion processes within a star and eventually destroy it. Generates 300 physics & engineering, or 750 physics.

That's all the megastructures for now! Feel free to suggest something!

Planned features (Maybe, if I'm motivated enough)
-Structures for other ascension paths
-The Big Dyson Sphere!
-Other random megastructures

By the way, I hate typos. If you spot any typo or error, tell me!

Q: Is this the mod with the megastructures teased in the subreddit?
A: Yes.

Q: Why does a particle accelerator wrapping around a star and a large zoo orbiting a planet cost the same amount of minerals? Shouldn't the accelerator cost more?
A: The accelerator is implied to be extremely thin, way thinner than what it looks like, but the scale of things in Stellaris is always off. As such, it requires about the same amount of material as a zoo that's several hundreds of kilometers long.

Q: Isn't Hawking Radiation too slow to generate any energy in Stellaris times?
A: You're right, black holes emit Hawking Radiation far too slowly to power a megastructure. However, it is stated in the megastructure description that the machine speeds up Hawking Radiation a quadrillion times or so, and it also collects the energy emitted by the accretion disk and the black hole's rotational energy.

Q: A Stellaris update was released and the launcher says it's incompatible!
A: It is only an issue with the config file. The mod itself works fine, it's just that the game thinks it's for [insert previous version here].

Doesn't overwrite any vanilla files, so it should be compatible with anything except mods that change the size of megastructures or planets (Mods changing the scale of megastructures or planets could mess up the way the ringworld segments are put together to form the megastructures).

Real Space Compatibility Patch

Known issues

The mod is currently available in English and Russian (Russian translation kindly provided by Lex). I might translate it into French in the future.

Credits go to Nikkle for creating the Ringworld Cluster mod, which helped me understand how models work.

Also check out my other mod, Expanded Strategic Resources!

Have fun building Gigastructures, and don't forget to rate and comment.
HOWEVER, I will outright ignore negative comments that just say "This sucks". I want constructive criticism, and telling me the mod sucks is absolutely useless and a waste of time. Please elaborate on what you think is bad if that's the case.
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Dec 18, 2017 @ 9:19pm
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Elowiny  [author] 11 hours ago 
@Revamped Random Yeah
Revamped Random 11 hours ago 
@elowiny you can construct it inside others borders?
H11DN-D4NG3R 16 hours ago 
So. A DSP(Deep space cannon) sounds like something from TI
Elowiny  [author] 16 hours ago 
@Revamped Random Rapidly construct a portal at the target system and fire the beam through a connected portal.
Revamped Random 17 hours ago 
It looks good, how would you use it on other systems if it is stationary tho?
Elowiny  [author] 18 hours ago 
@Revamped Random Check the subreddit!
Revamped Random 18 hours ago 
Oh ok. Just curious, what future projects for this mod will you be working on?
Elowiny  [author] 18 hours ago 
@Revamped Random Well, firstly, pops are safe within them. They grant a massive happiness bonus, and produce a LOT of unity and research as well as some energy.
Revamped Random 18 hours ago 
@Elowiny what is the purpose of the virtual worlds?
Elowiny  [author] 18 hours ago 
@fvallejosm You're indeed right. However, the next update will bring an atlernate tech that those empires can get to also get the virtual worlds.