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Gigastructural Engineering & More (3.10)
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Gigastructural Engineering & More (3.10)

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Do you like megastructures? I sure do! This mod aims to expand on the concept of megastructures by adding more megastructures you can build, with a wide range of effects, and sizes ranging from large space stations to system-spanning constructs.
It also adds 4 optional crises to match the power of these megastructures, complete with their own lore for you to discover, thus keeping the game challenging and interesting to the end!


- 45 new megastructures with a wide range of effects, including weaponized planets, microwormhole generators, stellar lasers, and system-spanning computers! The mod massively expands the endgame, adding dozens of new things to build, allowing you to shape the heavens to your will.

- 4 new optional crises (1 midgame, 2 endgame, 1 post-endgame) to challenge the power brought by these powerful megastructures:
- The Katzenartig Imperium, a hypermilitaristic empire fielding an Attack Moon as their flagship.
- Aeternum, an extremely ancient Fallen Empire residing on a Birch World in the galactic core.
- The Compound, mysterious dark matter beings linked to the EHOF, hellbent on reshaping the galaxy in their image.
- The Blokkats, ravenous galaxy harvesters intended to fill the role of vanilla's mysterious Hunters.
They can all be disabled at game start if you do not wish to play with them.

- A menu with a custom UI, allowing you to individually select which megastructures you wish to use in the game.

- 107 custom modded Achievements that can be earned during gameplay, and can give some rewards!

- Several new origins that let you start on various ruined megastructures.

- Unique systems, containing the ruined megastructures of the empires that came before your own.

- The possibility of discovering, exploring, and exploiting the Galactic Core and its supermassive black hole.

- Improved AI that will use the megastructures as well.

The EHOF by Kreitani has been integrated into this mod!

The mod, as said above, adds 44 new megastructures.

Note that they might require more balancing, so feel free to point out something you think isn't right.
It is recommended to have a look at the documentation.

Please check the mod's gallery for each megastructure's description.

All megastructures can be individually disabled if you do not want to use them.

The megastructures added by this mod are:
- The Event Horizon Offset Facility
- The Matrioskha Brain
- The Hawking Radiation and Accretion Emission Macro-Collector (HRAE-MC)
- The Nicoll-Dyson Beam
- The Stellar Particle Accelerator
- The Orbital Artificial Ecosystem
- The Macroengineering Testing Station
- The Neutronium Gigaforge
- The Psychic Hypersiphon
- The Dynamic Core Ignitor
- The Amospheric Purifier
- The Yggdrasil Orchid
- The Fusion Suppressor
- The Automated Stripmine
- The Kugelblitz Containment Silo
- The Star Lifter
- The Substellar Compressor
- Upgrading Ringworlds to have more habitable segments
- The Penrose Sphere
- Building multiple Ringworlds around one star
- The Military Academy
- The Orbital Elysium
- The Interstellar Habitat & Ringworld
- Attack Moons
- Behemoth Planetcrafts
- The Stellar Systemcraft
- The Macroatmospheric Stabilizer
- The Orbital Arcology
- The Planetary Computing Complex
- The Nidavellir Hyperforge
- The Crystal Megabore
- The Superatmospheric Umbegaseous Collecto-Condenser
- Ecumenopolis, Machine & Hive Ringworlds
- The Equatorial Shipyard
- The Lunar Speculorefractor
- The Hyperstructural Assembly Yard
- The Birch World
- The Alderson Disk
- The Geothermal Stabilizer
- The Quasi-Stellar Obliterator
- The Asteroid Manufactory
- The Asteroid Artillery
- The Planetary Dockyard/Planetary Drive Yards/Planetary Defense Nexus
- The Psionic Beacon
- The Behemoth Assembly Plant
- The Maginot World

Q: I wanna add something to the mod!
A: If you'd like something you made to be in this mod, simply friend me and we can discuss it!

Overwrites the "habitable_structure" scripted_trigger, so might mess with some mods that also overwrite it. Should still work mostly fine.
Patch to fix the issue

Mods that add new resources will not display them properly in the topbar.
Patch to fix the issue

Real Space System Scale will cause problems with the models, such as clipping or exploded ringworlds.

Overwrites vanilla megas to unlock the megastructure limits.

No Katzenartig Imperium Submod

Currently available in: English, Russian (by Геракл) & Chinese (by LunarTraveller & team). If you wish to translate, please contact me directly.

Kreitani: Modelling, EHOF, major bugfixing, rewriting the mod
Yanzihko: Steam preview pictures & description headers
NHunter: Interstellar, Gas Giant, Behemoth & Great Ringworld origins, bunch of techs
Nikkle: For creating the ringworld cluster mod which helped me understand how models work
Italian Noises: Some ship models used in the mod, taken from the wonderful Stellar-Naval Ship Art Pack
Djohaal: Substellar Compressor asset & idea
Sam: Planetary Computer asset & idea
Sithalo: Ecumenopolis Ringworld
Chirumiru: Sounds for Ecumenopolis Ringworld
James Fire: Orbital Arcology, Military Academy, Documentation, overall being useful
AlphaAsh: Equatorial Shipyard idea and planet view art
Thauma: Birch World jobs and districts
Twinks315: Birch World model
AryxErin: Machine ship assets for megastructures
Annatar: Hyperquasar assets
SwasChan: New logo
Kharalos: Flat Planet origin
Uethredyes: Skeletor portraits
TTFTCUTS & Arheo: 3D Blokkat Portraits, models and icons for the planetary harvester.
Garyx: Ascendant Shipset (Aeternite ships)
ECHO: Networked AI Shipset (old Blokkat ships)
MadamLava: New Blokkat ship models
Aerolfos: Maginot World
Robican: Revived Meopa portrait (from Cyborg Portraits)
EaW Team: Various textures for Faust

_Rose: Ezicanian lore
Aphunphi: Solakian lore
Lemonfell: Laurandar lore
CalamityTime: Corrona & Lyuinita lore
Artemis: Aeternum lore
Max.lm & Victoneux: Parts of Katzen lore
Omniscient: Compound lore


Have fun building Gigastructures, and don't forget to rate!

The Steam comments have been disabled due to them being basically pointless as we very rarely respond to them. Please join the Discord if you want to give feedback, report bugs and ask questions, it will be far more efficient for both you and us.