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KR - Total Reskin (Tanks)
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Oct 21 @ 8:45am
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KR - Total Reskin (Tanks)

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Hello! Welcome to a submod of a mod! I know, kind of confusing

This this mod is new, you probably found it when looking for KR Total Reskin, which Good for you!

No DLC Version: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1550411670

This mod is supposed to add the tank models into the game, for every country, yes, all countries, including Mongolia

NOTE: Not all countries have been given tanks, such as breakaway nations and such, but will be added soon
There will be specific redline for the tank models given to each nation, but until they are fully finished the base models will be used as placeholders

This mod is to work with KR Total Reskin, shown by the name. Commontech is not recomended with this mod as well as total reskin, but it wont completely break the game if you do use it

A big thanks to Juice, one of the kreaters of KR Total Reskin for helping me with this mod, as well as a thanks to Paradox Themselves for their models for their amazing game

Germanic Nations and German Supported Nationd get German Tanks
US Nations and US Supported Nations get US Tanks
Syndicalist Nations will get French Tanks
Commonwealth/Entente Nations will get British Tanks
Russia and EX Russian Nations get Russian Tanks
Italian and Asian Nations get a mix of tanks including their own
(There are exceptions to this, such as the Union of Britain having British Tanks and Qing having German tanks)

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American-Canadian Empire Ball  [author] Oct 30 @ 4:00pm 
Yes, hence why the description of this mod states “this mod is to work with KR - Total Reskin” and why I credited him for helpin me with the mod
VVA99 Oct 30 @ 3:11pm 
Hey. Is this mod and your plane mod compatible with juices KR Total Reskin?
American-Canadian Empire Ball  [author] Oct 29 @ 6:51am 
✠ZoneWaver✠ Oct 28 @ 6:57pm 
Is Nice.
American-Canadian Empire Ball  [author] Oct 28 @ 3:55pm 
Please, do explain your opinion
American-Canadian Empire Ball  [author] Oct 28 @ 8:06am 
Well I was also thinking more about Ideology as well, and I felt that to many nations had German Tanks. I think Canada and National France could give two shits about Serbia
Аксофил Oct 28 @ 8:03am 
Thanks for the quick reply. Honestly it would make more sense if Serbia had French/British tanks and airplanes. Russia in terms of tech did not really influence Serbia during WW1, most of foreign equipment came from FR/UK. Also Serbia was part of the Entente as well :D
American-Canadian Empire Ball  [author] Oct 28 @ 7:36am 
If I remember correctly, I gave Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, and Romania Russian Tanks, But Greece has British/Commonwealth Tanks because thy usually join the Entente and were apart of the entente in WW1
Аксофил Oct 28 @ 4:21am 
What kind of tanks does Serbia/Balkan nations get?
Tanya, The Devil of the Rhine Oct 26 @ 11:31am 
ok, thanks!