Divinity: Original Sin 2

Divinity: Original Sin 2

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Lady Cassandra's Mods [Definitive Edition]
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Amazing Wings [DE]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Amazing Wings

Applies wings to your character.

Update v1.1.3 & 1.1.4
  • Added new wing colors: Metallic Silver, Invisible
  • Added new Wing types: Dragon Wing and Slane Dragon Wing
  • Addessed issue where wings s
Dahlia's Uniques [DE]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Dahlia's Uniques!

Have you ever thought about how those awesome uniques would be really great to utilize earlier in the game? Or even throughout the entire game? Look no further my fellow traveler!

These uniques would usually be foun...
Free Pet Pal [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Free Pet Pal

Grants free Pet Pal or a free Talent Point to your character(s).

  • Why does the free talent or point not show up in Character Creation?
    It will show up once you are in game.
  • Does this work with e
Infinite Memory [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Infinite Memory - Adds 300 memory slots!

Place this mod at the bottom of your mod load order....
Level Up All Equipment - Including Uniques [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Level up all your equipment, including uniques!

No longer discard your obsolete equipment after gaining a level or two. For less than the cost of an equivalent item, upgrade your current gear to match your level.

Aubrey has joined you...
More Character Colors [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
More Character Colors

I added hair colors from DOS1, and then added some of my own. For the added colors, I attempted to build upon the themes Larian already had for the different races. While still adding some of my own ideas.

Pet Revival [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Pet Revival

Tired of the black cat running right in front of your fireball? Sir Lora walking through puddles of acid? Fear no more!

With your ornamental pet urn, you can bring your pets back to life.

Current Pets supported:
Skip Tutorial [Definitive Edition]
Created by Lady Cassandra
Skip Tutorial

Skips the introduction tutorial (The Hold) along with the videos.
Starts you on the beach in Ft Joy.

Update for v1.3.
- The first time you click on the barrel it asks if you've saved the other origin characte
[DE] More Waypoint Locations
Created by Lady Cassandra
Greetings Sourcerers!

I wanted to create a mod with more waypoints in the game. Through this process, I got a little creative and added waypoints that look like objects one would find in the area they are located in.

The dialogues roughly fol...