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Level Up All Equipment - Including Uniques [Definitive Edition]
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Game Mode: Story
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Aug 31, 2018 @ 8:52pm
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Level Up All Equipment - Including Uniques [Definitive Edition]

In 1 collection by Bunny Girl Senpai
Lady Cassandra's Mods [Definitive Edition]
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Level up all your equipment, including uniques!

No longer discard your obsolete equipment after gaining a level or two. For less than the cost of an equivalent item, upgrade your current gear to match your level.

Aubrey has joined you in your adventures and can be found throughout Rivellon. For a small fee, she will allow you to level up your items. The items will be leveled up to your current character level. She can be found in the following locations:
  • Fort Joy - Square
  • Driftwood - Square, just West of Tavern
  • Nameless Isle - The Lady Vengeance
  • Arx - Main Square, head West to the docks

Aubrey provides polishing services for you active adventurers. Aubrey's fee for cleaning services vary by Region (e.g. Fort Joy, Reaper's Coast, etc.).

If you decide to donate in order to receive discounts, these are reset upon leaving your current region. On the plus side, this allows for another set of equipment to be leveled up to your current level plus one level! Within each Region a character is only allowed to donate once at each available donation level.

There are two upgrade paths:
  • Via polishing services. This will allow you to upgrade as many items as you wish to your current level, given you have enough gold. (primary upgrade path)
  • Via Special donation. This will allow you ONLY TWO special upgrades per Region. These upgrades will be at your current level PLUS one level.

In the dialog option when upgrading your equipment, if you do not have enough money for the higher polishing fees, those items do not show up on the list.

Pricing Tiers:
  • Tier 1: Gloves, Belt, Boots, Small Donation
  • Tier 2: Helmet
  • Tier 3: Leggings, Weapon, Shield, Off-Hand, Medium Donation
  • Tier 4: Armor, Amulet, Rings
  • Tier 5: All Equipment and Special Donation

  • Warning: Equipment of higher level than you will be down-leveled to your current level.
  • Warning: It's not possible to check the level of equipment, so she will charge you even if the level doesn't change.
  • Warning: Items that have level limits will not be upgraded past their limit.
  • Due to limitations in the modding language I am not able to check for these cases. Polisher beware.

  • How can I get Aubrey to polish my equipment?
    You need to go through the dialog and ask who she is and explore that dialog tree. She won't help you (polish) until you get to know her a bit.

  • How come I can only upgrade 2 items?
    You receive only 2 special upgrades via donations per Region, and unlimited regular upgrades. To enable the standard polishing upgrades, you need to talk to Aubrey. A woman doesn't share her secrets without at least a little discussion.

  • How does this donation thing work?
    Donations will provide for a discount to polishing services while in the current region. These discounts are reset upon change to a new Region. So, if you plan on upgrading lots of equipment within a region, the donations can help save a bit of coin. Level 1 donations provide a 10% discount. Level 2 donations provide an additional 15% discount. It's like sales at the store, 10% + 15% = 23.5% off. Level 3 donations provide you with 2 free upgrades with a special twist. Those items will be upgraded to your current level plus one level!

  • Why don't I see all my equipment slots when I'm trying to upgrade?
    The dialog is setup to not display options for which you do not have enough money. If you only have enough money for tier 1-3 items, that is all you will be able to see. To see the tier 4-5 items, you'll need more coin.

  • Does it work with crafting mods or other mods that create/adjust equipment?
    It should work with most mods. This mod does not alter or replace any core DOS2 files and thus is 100% independent of any other mod.

  • Does it work with other mods?
    It has been tested by the communities with: Interesting Uniques, Rune Slot Mod, Elemental Weapons Compendium (Thanks Vic), More Color Options, Fast Run Speed, Cheat Commander among others. [As of DOS2 -- should still apply to DOS2:DE]

  • Does it upgrade secondary stats?
    • The primary stats (e.g. Str, Int, etc.) - scale with level
    • Armor and Damage - scale with level, though in some cases not 100%
    • For secondary stats (e.g. Critical, Cleave, Resist, etc.) - are at a fixed value regardless of level
    • For tertiary stats (e.g. HP) - HP are fixed depending on the level in which the item is first obtained and don't scale. Exception: Uniques, scale with level.

  • Where can I find Aubrey?
    • Fort Joy - Town Square - Behind the statue of Lucian.
    • Driftwood - Town Square - Head West, just past the Tavern is a nook with a vendor booth. She's standing there.
    • Nameless Isle - On the Lady Vengeance top deck.
    • Arx - Main Square - Head West, just before the bridge take a right to the docks. She's at the bottom of the stairs.
    • See the screenshots for the visual.
    • Note: She is NOT in the tutorial, HOE, or other short regions. She is only located in the four primary regions of the game.
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