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Raider Faction: Rogue XCOM Operatives
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Raider Faction: Rogue XCOM Operatives

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"Commander, we're getting some weird signals from the upcoming drop point. It's using frequencies and encryptions I haven't seen since the old days, yet it's not the one us and the Resistance have been using. I don't know if we're going meet friends or foes down there..." - Bradford

Meet EU/EW remmants that just can't seem to trust the Commander anymore. They fight everybody like the other factions, but they have a bias against targeting XCOM if there are other, viable targets on the field. They can be a useful assistance, but are also pretty strong compared to the other factions you can face.

They start at squad size 4, and move up to five, and then six with the default settings, with equipment upgrading from standard conventional, to EU/EW era ballistics, to magnetic weaponry. They appear on missions with the Unknown Agents Incursion sitrep. Squads consist of balanced, one of each squads consisting of:

Supports - they carry a rifle, a smoke grenade and a medikit with two charges. As they upgrade, their smoke grenade and medikits get more powerful, as the support gains Suppression and Sentinel, enabling them to take two overwatch shots instead of just one.

Assaults - they carry a shotgun and a grenade. They start with Run And Gun. As they upgrade, they gain Close Combat Specialist, enabling an automatic reaction shot at close range with their shotgun, Tactical Sense, granting them more defence the more enemies they see, Rapid Fire, and Lightning Reflexes.

Heavies - they carry a cannon, a grenade, and a wrist mounted rocket launcher. As they upgrade, they gain Marauder, letting them shoot first without ending their turn. and improvements to their rocket launcher and the number of grenades they can carry.

Snipers - they carry a sniper and a pistol. They start with the ability to snapshot their rifle. As they upgrade, they gain Cool Under Pressure, enabling them better overwatch shots, Low Profile, letting them use any piece of cover and treat it as full cover, and Marauder.

When the transition to EU/EW firearms happen, the squad gains:

SHIV - your standard robot mini tank that carries a big gun. Has the standard robot immunities and Suppression. When they upgrade to Alloy SHIVs, they gain Close Combat Specialist, Sentinel Regen, and the ability to act as low cover for their allies.

When the transition to magnetic firearms happen, the squad gains:

MEC Trooper - worn out but not out of the fight, these remnants of XCOM's desperate effort to turn the war around are still around. With their autocannon, and the abilities of Marauder, Absorption Fields, reducing any incoming damage by 33%, and Collateral Damage, they can be an effective force multiplier for these rogue elements.

The game froze when it went to the Rogue XCOM turn!
You didn't have the highlander installed. Please install it.

The MacOS/Linux highlander isn't updated to work with this mod yet.
Sorry, can't do anything about it on my end, there's still issues with trying to cook the updated highlander for those systems (it just causes crashes at the moment) .

The mission ended when there were still some of these enemies left?
Unfortunately the nature of how XCOM's backend works means I would need to replace every single mission kismet in order to make them properly count as enemies for the game to track when it comes to mission completion. For now you can assume enemies just retreat once XCOM has eliminated all threats and is able to start focusing on them.

Why in gods name would this ever happen
This is basically a semi-joke mod after realizing I have made a ton of mods where you either shoot other human beings or recruit non-human soldiers.

Mana, for providing the crucial head assets for MEC troopers. (And working on another in-progress project with me)

Musashi, for helping me figure out how additive animations work so MEC troopers would have working eyes in their animations.

Fireborn, for porting and polishing the original EU SHIV assets.

MrK, for porting and polishing the original EU conventional weapon assets.

Dor, for porting and polishing the MEC armour assets.

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Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus 15 hours ago 
@RealityMachina, This mod is really awesome so far.

Though on my first actual battle with these guys...they were still using Tier 1 armor and bullets. I had plated armor and mag weapons.

Will these guys indeed upgrade their forces at some point? They were pretty easy when they got sandwiched between my forces and the forces escorting the ADVENT commander I had to assassinate.
大魔王 Jul 16 @ 9:53am 
Admiralthrawnbar Jul 14 @ 8:51am 
Maybe a version that doesn't need the resistance warrior pack? because I'm not paying $5 for half a dozen custamization options
Player Jul 14 @ 5:51am 
Awesome thanks, especially now with fixed highlander
rainy67 Jul 14 @ 4:54am 
Can we have a rogue faction of aliens, be it from XCOM-verse or the ME aliens?
Arkhangel Jul 13 @ 1:18pm 
@Spino: the raiders pull out if you kill all other enemies. might just be luck of the draw to see them or not. I ran into these guys in a tunnel mission. course, it helped they had Lost and a lot of ADVENT to fight too (I use Oberwhelming Pods)
Spinosaurus Aegyptiacus Jul 13 @ 6:13am 
IS there any way to increase the frequency of these Incursions? One popped earlier so far, and I heard the Rogues doing there "moving to location", but maybe the ai got lost because I didn't see anyone. I ended up killing all the ADVENT that were at the train, and then the mission ended.
jweller12 Jul 13 @ 4:09am 
@DerpMaster.USA yes it does, i have that mod too.
DerpMaster.USA Jul 13 @ 1:39am 
@jweller12 perfect, I may have to restart the game and would this work with aba?
jweller12 Jul 12 @ 7:20pm 
@DerpMaster.USA nope you don't need any of the faction mods, their all standalone.