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Hearts of Iron IV

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Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul)
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Hearts of Azeroth (A Warcraft Total Overhaul)


Hearts of Azeroth is a total overhaul project to bring the warcraft universe into Hearts of iron 4. Set during the first and second war experience the classic rts games from a different perspective. Fight for control of all new resources with unfamiliar troops and nations to claim all of Azeroth for yourself.

Join our Discord to leave feedback, find multiplayer games, and get the latest info on the project before anyone else.
Discord: https://discord.gg/f799FAs

Suggested settings:
Nato Coutners turned off
No other mods enabled


New Map:
Fight on over 8000 provinces against brand new nations for control over the Eastern Kingdoms. With a constantly changing map with new nations added weekly, making the battle fresh and more intense every time.

Focus Trees:
Using evolving focus trees even a defeated nation becomes fun and interesting to play with alternate history scenarios for almost every scenario. A list of the currently implemented ones can be found down below.
• Brand new generic focus tree
• Stormwind first war focus tree
• Bleeding Hollow Clan first war focus tree
• Gurubashi Tribe first war focus tree
• The Shadow Council first war focus tree
• Placeholder focus tree for Blackrock Clan

New Tech Trees:
No total overhaul would be complete with ought new tech trees and units featuring a wide variety of infantry and cavalry units to choose from, you can also bring death from the sky’s and from advanced engineered machines.


Mod Lead: Zoltarian
Lead Devs: MrBlazzar,Zaperox
Devs: Nightishaman,Godisen
Artists: Telivan,Indyclone,Archmage Khaplan
Writers: Axey,ValianBlue,Jaggerhawk,Claw,Huntsman

Special thanks to Ted52 and Asurito for helping us along the way!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeartsofAzeroth
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Map discussion
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Aparajita Oct 14 @ 7:40pm 
@Zoltarian, I'd like to help out with the writing for the focuses on this mod, if you'd like the help. Would it be easiesr to discuss it on Steam or on Discord?
Zoltarian  [author] Oct 14 @ 3:33pm 

yes, its more clear to see wht where working on in our discord, but developement may slow down followed by rapid updates/changes followed by a void of thigns for a couple weeks
ARandomHippo Oct 14 @ 3:28pm 
Is this mod still being updated?
royboy100 Oct 1 @ 5:54pm 
ive noticed most of the alliance of lordaeron nations have a unique skin for footmen and royal gaurds that looks really nice hope to see what else you guys come up with really excited to play this mod when its complete
Coco du roulo Oct 1 @ 7:53am 
Hi, I love your mod ! Do you planned to add new units skin ? :D PS: sorry for my bad english.
Zoltarian  [author] Sep 23 @ 7:32pm 
@bemtoto the patch was most visual updates but had to be pushed back to a previous do to unforseen issues
Bemtoto Sep 23 @ 7:30pm 
Well Tanaris was there prior to todays update, guess not quite ready for that one to be seen as of yet, are you also aware that Frost Fire Ridge can be seen as non greened, city layouts, state and province definitions ect
Bemtoto Sep 23 @ 3:41pm 
What officially changed in this update? I noticed the Tanaris zone is filled in and not green like the rest of kalimdor but what else has been done?
AWESOME!!! Pls don't stop