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Old World Blues - Courier Six
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Old World Blues - Courier Six

Courier Six is a submod for Old World Blues that incorporates the protagonist from New Vegas into the overall events and storyline of the mod. This is done through a new branch in the New Vegas focus tree.

In the Old World Blues mod, The Courier's major involvement in the war for Hoover Dam had been cut out, and some story elements rewritten to exclude him (presumably so that the mod would fit the gameplay of HOI4). Well I re-rewrote The Courier back into mod, with a few key alterations to the New Vegas storyline to facilitate HOI4 gameplay.

--Story Changes--
1. The Courier becomes the political leader of New Vegas, this means that-
  • The Courier can only side with the NCR, Legion, or himself.
  • Benny does not kill The Courier, instead; the killer is either an NCR Ranger or a Frumentarii agent, giving The Courier motivation to have Vegas join the opposite side's faction (or neither).

2. The main quest structure of New Vegas had to be slightly altered to account for player choices and world events regarding the groups living in the Mojave and Vegas (such as the Three Families, Great Khans, Boomers, and BoS). This means that-
  • The Platinum Chip will reach the Mojave from Sunnyvale at the player's discretion.
  • The Courier does not necessarily get shot on October 11, 2281.
  • President Kimball is not the target of Arizona Killer.
  • The Courier does not have the freedom of a video game player (doing whatever at whatever time).

--Current Features--
  • New national focuses
  • New events and event images
  • New country tags
  • New leaders and generals

Russian/Русский: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1432547311

--Update Status--
HOI4 ✓

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paul_leap_frog Sep 7 @ 6:57pm 
[W-G] A Gamer Aug 27 @ 10:29am 
Once i was in observe mode and the Courier started an 9 year old long war involving basically all Countries leaving over 500k+ Military cassualties (god knows what the civilian cassualties were) leaving the NCR owning most of the land and everything lying in ashes.
Considering most countries start with <2k MP you know how huge that is

10/10 would approve of Courier starting WW4 (?) again
marga22 Aug 23 @ 4:12am 
maxhoekstra98 Aug 20 @ 3:52pm 
I think it would be cool if the combat followers (Boone, Cass, and Lilly) could be generals while the more passive companions (Arcade Gannon, Raul, and Veronica) could be minisiters. Maybe some can pull double duty like Cass and Raul, with the former giving a bonus in trade and the latter a bonus in research. Though I think it would make sense for some of the companions only to be avalible under certain circumstances. Like Arcade, Cass, and Boone becomming unavalible if you go Legion, or Veronica if you take the focus to kill the BoS. Maybe there also could be an event for the devide to become the fucked up place it is in Lonesome Road and base some events off that where you can get Ulysses as a companion. Or a event chain that has to do with Old World Blues and ending in getting tech from it.
Mike Tomlin Aug 7 @ 1:32pm 
@Cypher i had the same problem recently clear your user cache and then try (you lose all your save games though sorry)
Cypher Aug 6 @ 7:57pm 
a friend and I were trying to play OWB, with this mod and we would keep getting desync errors. Is it possable to play this with other people? or will i have to play alone to use this mod?
GrimmReaper76 Aug 6 @ 5:41pm 
Building upon what BasileusMaximos asked, I think it might be better to let you stay as Nevada (New Vegas) and to annex the NCR, rather than tag-switching. While I agree that it is somewhat immersion-breaking, as the point is to take over the NCR and unify the two from within the NCR, you lose your previous generals, technology, and army management when you switch over to the NCR, which is somewhat awkward. It may be overpowered, but I think this would make more sense from a gameplay standpoint. If you could inherit the NCR's leadership - such as the canon leaders like Moore, Hanlon, Hsu, etc - you would be able to maintain them alongside Boone. If this is not something you are able to do, then so be it.
BasileusMaximos Aug 5 @ 9:49pm 
Would it be possible to keep Boone as a general when you become president of the NCR? They only have 4 generals that are actually from the game, and Boone is a great leader of your elite troops.
vstreek Aug 5 @ 5:01pm 
Hey so does this mod accidentally make some research unavailable because I lost agricultural research?
Franz Joseph I Aug 5 @ 12:30pm 
Courier Six modders I would like to talk to you about maybe making a mod together. If you guys are intrested contact me and we can talk about it.