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[WotC] Richards SPARK Rework
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Apr 30 @ 2:35pm
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[WotC] Richards SPARK Rework

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This mod makes tweaks to the SPARK Class. I barely ever use the SPARK and I've always felt they are somewhat weak considering they can't take cover and require an investment of resources that could be better spent. With this in mind I've swapped around some of it's abilities, added a 3rd tree of perks and give it some general buffs to help it.

1/ Required Mods
2/ Stat Changes
3/ Other Changes
4/ Perk Changes
5/ Other Add Ons

1/ Required Mods

The only mod listed that is required is the New Promotion Screen by Default (for the thrid perk tree) but I have included Metal Over Flesh Redux & SPARK Launchers Redux as I feel they offer enough extras to further buff the SPARK alongside my changes to make them neccessary.

Metal Over Flesh Redux adds a bunch of SPARK upgrades that can be developed/researched increasing SPARKS stats, giving them extra perks and the mod even adds a utility item slot. SPARK Launchers Redux adds in SPARK launchers like what MEC units have which can be put in the utility slot added by Metal Over Flesh Redux.

2/ Stat Changes

Base Health: 14 Easy / 12 Normal / 10 Hard / 8 Legendary
Plated Armor Health: +4 (Same as XCOM Soldiers)
Power Armor Health: +6 (Same as XCOM Soldiers)

Base Armor: 2
Plated Armor: +1
Power Armor: +2

Base Aim: 65
Promotion Aim (Including Squire): +1 ~ 5
Base Defense: 10

Base Mobility: 12
Plated Mobility: +1
Power Mobility: +2

Hack Score: I didn't want to focus the SPARK on being a hacker as thats what the Specialist (or variant) is for. Sparks will still start with 5 Hack but gain +1 ~ 10 per promotion level (including Squire).

3/ Other Changes

Sparks can have Bonds. (But are unable to use Teamwork)
Sparks can gain ability points (also meaning they have combat intelligence).
Sparks get a random set of AWC ability perks to buy and I have set certain exclusions on these.
Sparks gain 6 ability points per level (XCOM soldiers gain 3), This is before Combat Intelligence increases. It's a significant buff that should enable them to aquire more abilities.

Blocked AWC Perks:
Deep Cover (Spark Can't Cover)
Aim (Spark Can't Cover)
Shredder (Spark has Perk)
Lightning Reflexes (Spark has Perk)
Shadowstep (Spark has Lightning Reflexes)
Holo Targeting (Spark has Perk)
Chain Shot (Spark has Perk)
Rapid Fire (Spark has Chain Shot)
Salvo (Spark has Perk)
Deadeye (Robots don't take low chance shots...)
Shadowstrike (Spark can't use concealment all that well, seems wasteful*)
*Kept Phantom as it can be useful on non-concealed missions

4/ Perk Changes

Future Combat Tree:
Adaptive Aim
Hunter Protocol
Channeling Field

War Machine Tree:
Wrecking Ball

XCOM Tree: (I wanted to name it MEC Warfare but couldn't change it for some reason)
Collateral Damage *New* I made this to be like the XCOM Enemy Within Perk, use it to destroy cover and hurt enemies in a 3x3 area (grenade shape). Once Sparks upgrade their weapons the environmental destruction is much more effective on this ability.
Lightning Reflexes
Holo Targeting
Chain Shot

5/ Other Add Ons

Cost Based Ability Colors (Utility)
Color codes abilities based on AP usage. Is useful good, much fantastic, many recommend.
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baguda Jun 5 @ 9:37am 
Yeah, all he did in Sparks can bond (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1128718069&searchtext=sparks+bond) is a tiny config change.

[Spark X2SoldierClassTemplate]
Richard  [author] Jun 5 @ 9:09am 
@baguda I only enabled bonds for SPARKS didn't do much else with it. I know that the bond abilities don't work. I have seen a mod use a workaround to make bond abilities show up.
baguda Jun 5 @ 7:55am 
Another question: is it possible to give him bidirectional bonds? Was that a logical decision on your part because he is a robot or is there something in the game that prevents it?
baguda Jun 5 @ 7:46am 
I have been playing with that mod trying to get it to work: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127287748&searchtext=robots+on+covert

I am stuck here:

static function bool IsNewUnitValidForIntSlot(XComGameState_StaffSlot SlotState, StaffUnitInfo UnitInfo)
local XComGameState_Unit Unit;

Unit = XComGameState_Unit(`XCOMHISTORY.GetGameStateForObjectID(UnitInfo.UnitRef.ObjectID));

if (Unit.ComInt >= eComInt_Savant || (!Unit.GetSoldierClassTemplate().bAllowAWCAbilities && !Unit.IsResistanceHero())) //not a soldier hero NOR can it get AWC abilities
// If this unit is already at the max Com Int level, they are not available
return false;

return IsNewUnitValidForCovertActionSoldierSlot(SlotState, UnitInfo);

If he isn't a soldier with awc abilities or a faction hero then what is he? Do you think he has a tag like this that could simply be added?
Richard  [author] Jun 5 @ 6:56am 
@baguta in vanilla SPARKS don't use AP at all but enabling it generates a random combat intelligence for them which is why I made the default 6 instead of 3. There is a mod that allows sparks on covert operations so maybe that could incresae their combat intelligence???
baguda Jun 4 @ 6:11pm 
While using this mod I often get SPARK with higher CI than standard. Is that just a lucky accident? It seems that "Gifted" is the most common CI, but that may be a coincident.

To be clear, even though different SPARKs have different CIs, you cannot raise the CI of SPARK? So I would need to continually destroy and rebuild SPARK to get better CI?
Richard  [author] Jun 4 @ 5:42pm 
@baguta you would have to edit the psi operative class setup in the game config files. Typically units get 3 ap per promotion but I give the SPARK 6 because they cannot increase combat intelligence.
baguda Jun 4 @ 4:37pm 
I am confused about this:

[Spark X2SoldierClassTemplate]

Where do you find the "BaseAbilityPointsPerPromotion=0"?

How difficult would it be to give the psi operative AP like this?

Beautiful work though.
Richard  [author] May 7 @ 11:57am 
I gave them armor and hp buffs and thought more defence would maake enemies ignore them over normal soldiers. The fact that they cnt cover is still a weakness but i hope the changes at least compensate for that.
Mavoc May 7 @ 11:38am 
You thought sparks were weak due to, among other things, the inability to take cover, but then go and nerf the sparks default defense from 15 to 10.