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[WOTC] The Witcher Character Pack
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Apr 24 @ 2:20pm
May 4 @ 3:47pm
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[WOTC] The Witcher Character Pack

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Ash's XCOM2 complete bullshit collection - WOTC
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"This is why I hate portals."

Everyone's favorite murderdad and bisexual goddess are now in XCOM 2!

This mod adds armor cosmetics and weapons from The Witcher 3. Male soldiers get access to Geralt's starting gear and female soldiers get access to Ciri's clothing.

It also adds 2 new weapons for all 3 tiers, The signature Witcher swords and Geralt's hand crossbow for the pistol. They work with Grimy's Loot Mod as well as work as well with XSkin as can be expected.

Couple this mod with Destroyer's Female Hair Pack to get access to Ciri's hair and useGeralt's and Ciri's voicepacks from Selig.

I plan to add Triss and Yennifer at a later date, but for now, enjoy these cosmetics!

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If you can, please donate to me here[ko-fi.com] so I can continue to make mods!
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HotChocletyLez  [author] May 5 @ 2:19pm 
Ah. For some reason Primary Secondaries does not generate a primary version of the crossbow, but it does generate a primary version of the sword. That likely has to do with Primary Secondaries' auto-generation though
Shaggoth May 5 @ 10:12am 
he talks about _PRIMARY_ pistols. musashi's mod, primary secondaries or something, i don't remember the name for wotc.
HotChocletyLez  [author] May 4 @ 3:47pm 
Fixed an issue where the T2 swords were invisible
HotChocletyLez  [author] May 4 @ 2:50pm 
The crossbow already counts as a pistol and should appear as an option for any class that uses pistols
Booksuny May 4 @ 1:37pm 
What a great mode!

Can you update the class that uses a pistol as its main weapon to have a crossbow?
HotChocletyLez  [author] May 3 @ 6:05pm 
The Highlander adds support for custom sockets and this mod uses a custom holster socket to prevent clipping.
Deadput May 3 @ 9:15am 
Because it's not just a cosmetic mod it has it's own weapons as well.

It's probably because of the crossbow.
krj12 May 3 @ 4:09am 
Just curious what is the need for the community highlander for a cosmetic mod? I've seen various posts on other mods with the highlander causing issues...
KrombopulousMonk May 2 @ 11:32pm 
so this mod has been working perfectly but for some reason the witcher swords are now invisible. they are still equipped and geralt still uses them but they are invisible. it seems to have been triggered when I upgraded them to tier 2. it happened in the course of one play session and I haven't installed any new mods also I have the seem problem with the dark soul swords but they have never worked
Shaggoth May 2 @ 10:23am 
i'm not thinking it only zombies, but lw2 gameplay appeals to me way more. i've been tryed "torrent edition" of wotc, and i really like lw2 more. so until we get long war of the chosen, i'd stay. and there's no jedi mod for wotc! ))) some of the stuff available yeah. but not most. anyway i understand that this is pretty hard work to make 2 versions, so i'll just say "damn" but no fard feelings to you or any of modders around.