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Kaiserreich Music

[THIS IS THE NEW LOCATION OF THE OFFICIAL OPTIONAL MUSIC MOD FOR KAISERREICH, it is now all clean and updated for 1.5.2 with many new songs, normalisation work and fixes all around]

Welcome! This is the optional Music Mod for the Kaiserreich Alternate History Modification, offering over 250 songs for many of the countries in the world of Kaiserreich. We highly recommend downloading this mod!
This mod is kept separate from the main mod firstly to keep the file sizes reasonable, and second so you can enjoy the music even when for some reason not playing Kaiserreich!
This mod is Ironman and multiplayer compatible.

Suggestions are always welcome!

You can find a list of all songs in the mod here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1T_b-RniMPTcSaHHonKmEo7UIysCCWXoA6uHwl4hZt0o/edit

WARNING: Even though most songs should be in the public domain, we have gotten reports of YouTube videos with this music being muted due to copyright claims. Therefore, we sadly have to advise to not use this mod while recording for YouTube.

Thanks to Nightwing for his DH Entente music pack! Thanks to emwe for Christmas versions of some of the best tracks on the list and normalisation of most of the mod's music! Thanks to Maeltec for his hard work fixing and normalising files in the mod! Thanks to everyone in or out of the team who contributed to this mod!

The main Kaiserreich mod can be found at:
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........... 22 hours ago 
there is just 2 songs for Italian Republic :D
BlastermanR Jul 17 @ 5:36pm 
Thanks for the amazing mod but I like the old main theme song better
Polskers Jul 17 @ 11:10am 
Great music collection! I think some of the shuffled songs could be worked on. Such as, Dutch music for Netherlands East Indies or Union of South Africa/Zuid-Afrikaanse Republiek, etc., maybe some more music for Latin American nations, things like that.

This is fantastic either way. Great work!
KT_sam Jul 17 @ 5:24am 
please add some chinese music such as National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China and National Anthem of the Republic of China
GeorgiaNinja94 Jul 16 @ 7:39pm 
Well, my question's been answered.
✩Phoenix.K Jul 16 @ 2:02pm 
1.3gb lol
GeorgiaNinja94 Jul 16 @ 6:50am 
Will there be songs added for the new update?
xXx420cumlord420goku Jul 15 @ 5:20pm 
yo idk if this is the right place for song suggestions, but there's a fantastic album by Rolando Alarcon called Canciones de la Guerra Civil Espanola with a bunch of songs that would be perfect for the CNT-FAI/Iberian Federation.
modell7 Jul 14 @ 9:46am 
@The_Great_Doge It is actually the other way around, with shuffle being songs that apply to the players nation while weighted shuffle plays the whole list
The_Great_Doge Jul 10 @ 12:53pm 
Don't you mean shuffle? Weighted shuffle will only play music that applies to your contry.