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Allies Unknown Redux Species: Sangheili
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Allies Unknown Redux Species: Sangheili

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Wort wort wort! The Sangheilis have fought against tyrants in their past, and they're willing to help others fight the tyrants of today.

Sangheilis come with Damaged Active Camo, enabling them to get Shadowstep for a turn. Cooldown of around 4 turns. In addition, they have a HP and armour stat baseline above normal humans. They cost about 75 supplies to recruit.

Sangheilis start with 7 HP and 2 armour.

Sangheilis start with 6 HP and 1 armour.

Same as veteran.

Sangheilis start with 5 HP and 1 armour.

There also exist a special sort of Sangheilis with the Elite class. Armed with an AR and Sword Gauntlets, choose between the Zealot and General perklines, to either make them into a hell of a frontline warrior, or to make them an inspiring presence on the battlefield.

Class details can be found in the discussions tab.

These stats can be changed in the mod's XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini

Thanks to Bungie, 343 Industries, and MIcrosoft for the Halo series, where the original assets came from.

Thanks to Condensed Turtle Flesh for porting said assets to XCOM.

Thanks to HotChocletyLez for porting and making the animations for proper Covenant weapons.

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Apr 21, 2018 @ 6:55pm
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AlphaAshIsAWeenie May 2 @ 5:22am 
So when saving Mox if a Sangheili is carrying him it wont register as being evacuated.
Sailor Pothead Apr 20 @ 3:53pm 
is it possible to make a version of this but linked to sparks so the models mess up less with their legs...and being more the right size
Frizzeldian12 Mar 15 @ 10:44am 
Hey mind if I add a custom 3 row skill tree to this in my big class mod pack? thanks in advance
zakattack04 Mar 11 @ 2:43pm 
I had the pelician mod, that's what was causing the problem.
Andrew B. Mar 11 @ 7:33am 
My game has also been crashing due to this mod, not really sure why. If someone could help out i'd appreciate it.
zakattack04 Feb 13 @ 8:46pm 
Yes, exactly like that, I'll check my mod list but I don't remember downloading anything called "cybernetics" all the mods I have are Halo mods and two new classes.
RealityMachina  [author] Feb 13 @ 8:56am 
When you say infinite days, do you mean it's showing something like "-- Days Wounded" and it's not due to a mod like Cybernetics?
zakattack04 Feb 12 @ 7:29pm 
Anyone have the issue with their injured elite with infinite days wounded? Am I missing something?
Slackboy101 Jan 13 @ 11:38am 
It's going to be weird having Elites and Noble Team Work together
Jack Moonro™ Jan 3 @ 12:52am 
Hello I can not put the mod ???