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Extra Ship Components 2.0
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Extra Ship Components 2.0

!!! This is the Stellaris 2.1 version of this mod !!!
You can find 1.9 version here

The aim of this mod is to expand upon the vanilla technology tree of Stellaris with new tiers of weapons, shields, reactors, armor and thrusters. It also adds several new subtrees with technology based on crystals, psionics, gravity manipulation and Nanomachines. This mod adds:

Missiles and Torpedoes
- 2 extra tiers of basic Missile weapons.
- 2 extra tiers Swarmer Missile weapons.
- 2 extra tiers of explosive Torpedo weapons.
- Corrosive Warhead Torpedo as tier 6 explosive Torpedo weapon.
- Exotic Matter Warhead and Strange Matter Warhead as missile x-slot weapons.
- Reflex Warheads as titanic-slot missile weapon (Apocalypse DLC)

Energy Weapons
- 2 extra tiers Combat Laser.
- 2 extra tiers of Disruptor weapons.
- 2 extra tiers of Plasma Cannon weapons.
- 3 tiers of Plasma Missile weapons.
- 2 extra tiers of Energy Projectile Launchers.
- 2 extra tiers of Particle Lances.
- 2 extra tiers of Arc Emitters.
- Laser-based Point Defense System.
- Chrono-Vortex Cannon.
- Arc-en-Ciel Cannon (x-slot weapon or titanic-slot).
- Wave Motion Gun & Dimensional Wave Cannon (x-slot weapons)
- titanic-slot versions of Particle Lance, Arc Emitter and Wave Motion Gun (Apocalypse DLC)
- 2 extra tiers of Mining Drone Lasers.

Kinetic Weapons
- 2 extra tiers of Gauss Cannons.
- 2 extra tiers of Autocannons.
- 2 extra tiers of Kinetic Artillery.
- 2 extra tiers of Flak Artillery
- 2 extra tiers of X-slot cannon.
- MagnetoHydroDynamic Cannon as titanic slot (Apocalypse DLC)
- 2 extra tiers of Point Defense cannons.

Crystalline Weapons
- 5 tiers of regular crystalline cannons.
- 2 tiers of X-slot crystalline cannon.

Psionic Weapons
- 2 tiers of Psionic Energy Torpedo.
- 3 tiers of Psionic Beam Cannons.
- 2 tiers of Psionic Lances (no Apocalypse DLC).
- 1 x-slot and one titanic-slot Psionic Lance (Apocalypse DLC).
- Psionic strikecrafts.

Gravity Manipulation Weapons
- 3 tiers of Microsingularity cannons.
- 2 tiers of Microsingularity Warhead torpedoes.
- 2 tiers of Super-Graviton Cannons (no Apocalypse DLC).
- 1 x-slot and one titanic-slot Super-Graviton Cannons (Apocalypse DLC).
- Gravity-weapons-armed strikecrafts.

Nanomachine-based Components
- 3 tiers of Nanity Cannon.
- 2 tiers of Gray Goo Torpedo.
- 2 tiers of Nanite x-slot missiles (no Apocalypse DLC).
- 1 x-slot and one titanic-slot Nanite missiles (Apocalypse DLC).
- Nanite bomber strikecrafts.
- 2 tiers of Nanomaterial armor (auto-repairs hull and armor).
- 3 tiers of Shielding armor (armor that also generates shields).

Defense and Utility Components
- 2 extra tiers armor.
- 3 extra tiers of standard shields.
- 3 tiers of Cyclonic shields (faster regeneration at the cost of reduced toughness).
- 3 tiers of Citadel shields (greater toughness at the cost of slower regeneration).
- 2 extra tiers of thrusters.
- 3 extra tiers of sensors + Psionic sensors.
- 3 extra reactors.
- Repair drones (aux component).
- Improved Shield Capacitors (aux component).
- Crystal-Infused Shield Capacitors (aux component).
- Crystal-Forged Shield Capacitors (aux component).
- Standardized Warheads (aux component).
- Improved Amoeba and Swarm strikecrafts.

Other stuff
- Advanced planet-side power plants (2 tiers) (planet-unique).
- Advanced planet-side mineral mines (2 tiers) (planet-unique).
- 2 Empire-unique science building.
- Frontier Settlement, Frontier Farm, Frontier Mine and Frontier Power Station buildings.
- Neutronium Foundry building.
- Dark Matter Production building.
- Starfortress Reactor (starfortress building).
- Improved Dark Matter Reactor.
- Improved Dark Matter Shield.
- Improved Cloud Lightning weapons.
- Improved Auxiliary Fire control System component.

DLC bound content
- Enigmatic Energy Discharger (weapon) (Leviathans DLC)
- Enigmatic Energy Lash (weapon) (Leviathans DLC)
- Enigmatic Energy Autocannon (weapon) (Leviathans DLC)
- X-slot and titanic-slot Enigmatic Energy Lance (weapon) (Leviathans DLC)
- Dreadnough Protocols (combat computers) (Leviathans DLC)
- Nanomachine-Infused Dragonscale Armor (Leviathans DLC)
- Stellarite Power Core (aux Component) (requires Leviathans DLC).
- Hardlight Armor (armor + shield regen) (reuiqres Leviathans DLC).
- Stellar Energy Tower (building) (requires Leviathans DLC).
- Dimensional Horror Armor (armor) (requires Leviathans DLC).
- Extradimensional Spike (weapon) (requires Leviathans DLC).
- Quantum Computation Node (building) (requires Leviatans DLC).
- A.T. Field (requires shield) (Utopia DLC).
- Psi Reinforcement (aux component) (requires Utopia DLC).
- X and T slot Tiyanki Beam Cannons (requires Distant Stars DLC).
- Junk Mine Launcher (weapon) (requires Distant Stars DLC).
- Reprocessing Plant (building) (requires Distant Stars DLC).
- Voidspawn Missile (weapon) (requires Distant Stars DLC).
The mod should work even if you don't have these DLCs, you just won't be able to get these components.

Tech tree full-ized image

In-built Compatibility
* New Ship Classes 2
* Space Combat Expanded
* Core Game Mechanics: Debris
* Core Game Mechanics: Buildings
* The Zenith of Fallen Empires 2.0 (hopefully)
* UltraJuggernaut (hopefully)
* Realsitic Ships (experimental)
* EAC: At War (defense platforms)

Optional Content
* Overwrites supplementary mod: merges vanilla and ESC component trees, gives ESC components to Fallen Empires and crises
* Stellaris Enhanced Sound Project
* Chinese localization
* Alternative Chinese localization
* Japanese localization
* Space Combat Expanded compatibility patch
* UltraDreadnought compatibility patch.
* Zenith of the Fallen Empires tech tree merge addon.
* Crisis Manager compatibility patch.
* Alternative Laser Graphics
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Oct 10 @ 8:21am
Bug Reports and Suggestions
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Zerox Oct 19 @ 3:18pm 
Hands down, one of the finest mods of Stellaris. Love your effort.
Torto The Conqueror Oct 14 @ 3:04pm 
What do Regenerative Shields do better then Citidel Shields? Do they regenerate in combat or are they just worse?
NHunter  [author] Oct 14 @ 1:09am 
Scroll a little up. The patch has already been done.
valdindor Oct 13 @ 4:54pm 
any chance you could make a comp patch for this
or add it to this mod? it relly does make battles look allot better.
{DBD} Misledzach Oct 9 @ 7:17pm 
@NHunter, Sorry for the false information. I was trying to debug my mods list and wrongly came to the conclusion that this mod was conflicting. Turned out to be Tactical Ship sections which used to be compatible with NSC but is no longer. Sorry to have wasted your time.
NHunter  [author] Oct 9 @ 9:37am 
@dOy0U, I haven't run any tests, but base ESC is extremely unlikely to be the source of mod conflicts (since it doesn't touch any vanilla files that aren't graphical icons).

@Misleadzach, unless they've renamed its ship_size - and I've not heard anything about that - changes to ship hulls should not create any conflicts. Imbalances might appear depending on changes in slot count, but those will not cause real, game-breaking issues.

@Titus, there will be a new and reworked version of this mod for 2.2. non-encompassing list of changes:
- most weapons will require thematically-appropriate unique resources to build/maintain
- new buildings will be added, most old ones will be removes
- depending on what is done with crisises and leviathans, some ESC events might need an update.
Titus Brutus Avituis Oct 8 @ 10:37am 
will this mod go to Patch 2.2 Le Guin ?
{DBD} Misledzach Oct 7 @ 3:31pm 
Hey its possible that this mod may been in conflict with NSC now due to the changes they made to the titan hull parts. Just wanted to point this out!
dOy0U Oct 6 @ 3:43am 
i use componant mod ( Extra Ship Components / Guilli's Ship Components / TFW's Bunch Of Ship Parts & More / Advanced Weapons) Are there any compatibility issues?
NHunter  [author] Oct 3 @ 10:01am 
this mod overwrites two icons. Any overwrites that meaningfully change vanilla files have been exiled to the supplementary mod linked above