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!Core Game Mechanics: Buildings
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Apr 19, 2018 @ 4:36pm
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!Core Game Mechanics: Buildings

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Updated to v2.1.* of Stellaris

Script Based AI Enhancement and Autobuild
This mod includes the first true script-based enhancement solution for Stellaris. The mod contains a highly sophisticated AI enhancement engine that comes on top the vanilla AI weight system. As a result, the AI in this mod is significantly better at construction buildings and developing planets, as well as Starbases. The mod also includes a unique autobuild engine - which the player can configure on a per planet basis.

IMPORTANT: Please read the pinned discussion for more details on this and compatibility.

Recommended Mods
We highly recommend running this mod alongside:
  • CGM: Planets Enhanced - adds a huge amount of optional content and advanced galaxy configuration.
    EUTAB: Adding great ethic unique buildings and technologies from Dumuzii - who also did a lot of the great sprites of this mod. OR the EUTAB: Vanilla Replacement mod - which makes vanilla look as great as this mod.

Mod Content
1. Integral autobuild functions - using a unique engine for this mod!
2. A deep overhaul of the vanilla building content, but this is a completely optional feature: You can turn this on/off using a mod menu. That is, you can choose to play with the vanilla buildings and vanilla building stats, or to play with overhauled building stats.
3. A complete rework of the vanilla resource buildings. Again, this is an optional feature – you can choose to play with the vanilla buildings, or to play with the reworked resource buildings. All in all, the mod adds 25 new buildings to the game, with 25 new unique icons. You can see the images above.
4. Direct build of high tier buildings (you can directly build mining network 3 for example instead of upgrading from 1). But again, this is an optional feature – you can turn it off at your discretion.
5. A menu that allows you to configure building costs and building speed. Again – an optional feature, you don’t have to use it, but if you do want some or all buildings to cost more, you can do this, or of course do the opposite.

For a changelog, please refer to this document[].

List of Supported Mods
This mod also has full and integral synergy with other major mods. This synergy is achieved using API effect files stored in those mods. As a result, the AI is able to recognize mod content introduced by those mods. Furthermore [/u]this mod extends autobuild functions to many other mods[/u]. For example, with this mod active the AI fully recognizes the impact of Guilli’s planet modifiers when developing planets and autobuild uses Alphamod's special buildings. Please refer to the List of Supported Mods - which is regularly updated.

Notes on Compatibility
  • Fully compatible with Origin Civics.
  • Fully compatible with Glavius' AI Megamod and Annex's Enhanced AI
This mod has full localisations for the following languages
  • English
  • French - many thanks to Aven
  • Portuguese - many thanks to Lex
  • German - many thanks to the Kru
  • Russian - many thanks to Violent Beetle and «(PeGaS)»
  • Chinese - many thanks to Breloom1994

All other european languages have the English localisations available for them.

Important Notes
(a) If you are using Mac OS X - for some reason when u start a new game with this mod and CGM: Buildings there is a CTD after day 1. Until I resolve this issue - start the game only with this mod. Then load CGM: Buildings after 1 month time. This should cause no issues at all - and your building will be converted depending on the setting you choose.
(b) It is 100% savegame compatible – you can load it into an existing save without issue.
(c) The mod’s menu will open only for the game’s host when playing MP, if you are playing SP then there is of course no issue. You can fire it at any time using a country edict, or you can install Had’s excellent Mod Menu.

Please report any bugs or issues – either in the comments below or on our discord server.

GL and HF!

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TrueGuardian32 May 24 @ 5:58pm 
Maybe one day they will stop screwing modders.
The One Percent Apr 14 @ 8:10pm 
I loved this mod back in the day, sadly tho I'm enjoying the current version of the game to much to go back Y-Y
BHL.Kriminel Apr 9 @ 6:25pm 
Paradox are Terrorists.
They kill this mod.
DroZzhat Mar 30 @ 1:45pm 
Alright, thank ya kindly. I'll poke him on the discord.
Gratak  [author] Mar 30 @ 1:40pm 
No problem from my side and I remember Ex saying that he is also fine with this before he left. You might want to ask Dumuzii as some of the assets are from him and afaik he doesn't read this.
DroZzhat Mar 30 @ 1:30pm 
Would you mind if I used the art assets from CGM in something I'm working on? You'd be credited and I'd link to the source of course. I'm really just adding things that seem cool/useful to my mod at random according to my own tastes, so I doubt it'll get very popular, but I enjoy it.
This is the mod:
Ghost Fox Mar 19 @ 7:51pm 
Not until Paradox makes it possible, the which seems extremely unlikely at this point.
Chicken Raptor Mar 19 @ 4:00pm 
will this mod be updated?
Gratak  [author] Mar 9 @ 3:51pm 
Still being ignored by Paradox, see below. Not working beyond 2.1.
MagnaKappa Mar 9 @ 1:18pm 
Still being worked on?