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LEB's Lategame Enemies
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Jul 16 @ 11:15am
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LEB's Lategame Enemies

This mod ports the Riftkeeper and the Venator to WotC. Additional changes like a new SitRep and modified mission schedules are made in order to increase the lategame difficulty.

The Riftkeeper
A durable support unit, whose main role is to summon in further units. While its offensive capabilities match that of its brother, the gatekeeper, most of the time it wont bother with attacking directly.

Collecting corpses of this enemy allows the construction of the Rift Beacon. This expensive one-time-use Item lets the user summon in reinforcements from the Avenger. By default high ranking Soldiers are prioritized.
Remember to equip them in advance!
. To prioritize other soldiers, build the Rift Anchor and give it to the soldier you want to summon (has to be done before the mission starts!).

Tactical Information (Spoilers!)

The Venator
A highly aggressive variation of the Codex. Primarily preys on Psi-Users. I strongly suggest you avoid taking PsiOps on missions where these guys roam. If you have to: Give the PsiOp a mindshield and dont keep him/her around your other soldiers.
It will probably get some damage in even without PsiOps present - healing is recommended!

Tactical Information (Spoilers!)

New SitRep: The Hunt
A new SitRep that spawns indepedently from the normal SitRep selection process. One or more additional pods (that often contain Venators) roam the mission area. Hunting squads first appear around the late midgame and ramp up in frequency and strength as the game progresses.

Modified Mission Schedules
Facility missions and lategame story missions contain additional pods in order to make them more challenging. Especially the final mission (Fortress) has been beefed up quite a bit.

Additional Information
  • Supports MCM. You can disable individual enemies, the SitRep or the mission schedule mods ingame.
  • If you use a mod that adds psionic capabilities to all your soldiers, you may want to deactivate the Venator.
  • Other than that, the mod should play nice with basically every other mod out there.
  • Extensive configuration possibilities via ini-editing
  • Can be activated mid-campaign.
  • I extensively tested the balance on Legendary, with and without betastrike.
  • The betastrike HP-modifier for the Riftkeeper is reduced to 1.4, for the Venator to 1.7 (down from the usual 2)

Basic idea for the Riftkeeper: /u/Vathar
Basic idea for the Rift Anchor: Oberfuhrer-Raziel
Coding advice: robojumper, shiremct
Translation (Chinese): benny30912

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Tactical Information: Riftkeeper
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DukeBurger Sep 16 @ 6:01pm 
im having a problem thats affecting multiple mods im using but the riftkeeper is affected the most which is why im posting this here .

on some missions reinforcement pods wont spawn even tho they're supposed too . this problem affects the riftkeeper as its unable to warp in any reinforcements , it still uses the rift ability but nothing happens .

The Additional mission types redux mod and the rapid responce dark event are also affected .

Any idea what could be causing this ?
Copain Sep 3 @ 9:08pm 
Actually; they showed up before my Shadowchamber came online. But even with it, they don't always register with the normal enemy types, depending on the sitrep.

But, I'll admit you have a point; you can't make everyone happy, and you shouldn't change everything to try and make everyone happy.
LeaderEnemyBoss  [author] Sep 3 @ 6:25pm 
You have a shadow chamber, you know what to expect. The Riftkeeper has a multitude of ways to be dealt with, banish, freeze, blind, stasis, or just raw damage with lots of shredding. Im sorry that my mod is not to your liking. But it is just that, a mod someone made for free. I cant make everyone happy. I designed the mod around what I find a fun challenge. Im not gonna alter the mod to cater to you (or Sir Luis or anyone really).
Copain Sep 3 @ 2:55pm 
I can't even decipher what you said, Sir Luis. I'm not even trying to be mean.

@leader: Anything is beatable. I could make a one billion HP enemy, and that's beatable. You can also advertise plenty of counters, but having to bring specific units and weapons to every single mission because something might show up and I'm only allowed to use it on that kind of sucks away a lot from the game. If I can completely nulify it by cheesing it, then the enemy isn't suddenly interesting; nor is it good if I can't beat it when it comes across and I don't have the one specific class that mission or the one specific counter item.
Sir Luis Sep 3 @ 12:05pm 
maybe if we get luck leaderenemybosss will make add on mods for this mod that make it easier or harder. im hoping for a hardcore add on...... maybe one day that day aint goingto be today bruv and dont worry cuz that means u got time to get good. dont let me catch you on any other mod author page thats adds new enemies or increase diffucility because i will slam u and smash u up n down he forums the discord then meme u..........., u know how u sound on a workshop mod on steam thats is about incrteased diffucility saying its to difficult......... u sound bad at the game,.,
get good u burning my eys with your text of tears man wtf im praying they make these types of mods actually hard for once and here u are ruining it........ how fucking dare u try to ruin my experience by guilting a mod author that something is to hard.....
Sir Luis Sep 3 @ 12:05pm 
lol at copain. but to be fair.... u cant except everyone to be good at a game.
this mod is weak sauce brah.
my guys can alien kill.exe all of advent including all modded enemies death.

its called banish and extended clip............ thats vanilla in the game bruv........ instead of complaining........

how about requesting to the mod author to make a more care bear verison of increased diffculity and a more hardcore verison thats add in like 10 to 20 of these guys person missions.
thats way at least the advent would stand a chance to last longer then 1 turn in any mission and i play on the hardest diffculity and with every last mod that increase enemies and adds modded enemies......
the way i play the game right now i kill every mission in just 1 turn but of course all my guys are bond level 3....................
am i super op yeah but techically every enemy and mission is super o.p

LeaderEnemyBoss  [author] Sep 3 @ 11:26am 
I never advertised low damage, I advertised that it rarely used its weapon. If you follow this thread and similar ones, you will soon notice that balance is a very subjective things. There are many people that claim it to be too easy in fact, and now you come and say its too hard. In the end all I I can do is: give you tipps how to manage it better (use flashbangs, frost and other methods of crowd control while dealing with the rest) or tell you to make it weaker on your own (the config files are in the mod folder). The Enemy is perfectly beatable on Legend difficulty without mods that make your team stronger (I myself and many other do it), but it certainly requires some experience - that was the design intend. A challening enemy for the late game that sometimes causes your OP squad to lose missions if you are unprepared.
Copain Sep 3 @ 6:57am 
Also; you advertise the Gatekeeper as having low damage, yet it deals over ten damage on a normal shot, which is above average.
Copain Sep 3 @ 6:43am 
I feel like this is a bit overtuned. Even on normal Difficulty a Rift Mk 2 appeared and was over the top in stats. Could almost never hit it, and even if I did, it had high HP and armor which took a long time to punch through; and half my turns had to be spent countering the three units it could potentially summon at once. On top of all that it can statis my units, and then use rift when it feels like it in the same turn. And to top it all off it has a good amount of mobility and standard AI, so it just flees if it gets in killable range and you have to fight it and reinforcements (another one of them in my case).

I want difficult units, but this is harder than the Chosen and you're passing them off as regular enemies.
Sir Luis Aug 15 @ 9:04am 
im in discord we can talk about it if you want.plus tbh i want a team of modders making a hardcore modded out enemies collection that people can sub to anywayz. people like me that like playing all tricked out with moddz fighting against crazy enemies........... like what if the lost were buffed to be similar to mini rulers??? and couldnt be killed in 1 hit but instead it took 2 or 3 hits and they were like mini rulers.... lolz it would be epic for the lolz man. at least think about the lolz or wat if tom the tank engine replaced the lost.