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Hearts of Iron IV

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BlackICE submod: Immersive Equipment Icons
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Jan 2 @ 12:32pm
Aug 8 @ 1:06pm
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BlackICE submod: Immersive Equipment Icons

The sequel to my immersive equipment names mod, Immersive Equipment seeks to rename and replace tech and equipment icons throughout the BlackICE mod to avoid generic names and sprites, and make icons bigger and mroe detailed.

Permissions: No need to ask, anyone can use these sprites for their mod. Spread the fun. I do tend to return to redo older sprites, so you might want to keep up with what sprites might have been updated.

This mod only changes sprites and equipment names. Errors beyond missing/mismatched sprites or names is likely due to another conflicting mod in your game.

Please report any bugs you see, such as missing sprites, in the comments below.
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BunnyPoopCereal Oct 17 @ 4:37am 
Congrats! machotacoman256
Eddy_94 Oct 17 @ 3:10am 
@machitacoman256 many many congrats! Bice without your mod would be much much less immersive. I often wondered why they didn't directly take you in their team:D happy to know they finally did!
g0dd Oct 16 @ 7:34pm 
I noticed that lmao, I had forgotten to enable the mod but the sprites remained unchanged so I was like wtf????

Keep up the great work! Best GFX modder in the business :csgostar:
machotacoman256  [author] Oct 16 @ 6:53pm 
I don't know why I didn't mention this sooner, but I've started making these sprites directly for the BICE main mod (the dev team took me on, so you can probably turn off this mod since my sprites are in the base BICE mod). I've got a new laptop and am back in business.
BunnyPoopCereal Sep 17 @ 9:39pm 
Will be looking forward to your updated
g0dd Sep 9 @ 7:55pm 
sorry to hear about your laptop dude! that sucks glad you backed up your work though
machotacoman256  [author] Sep 9 @ 7:24pm 
Okay, bad news, my only good laptop is fried and I can't afford another one until about November. I intend to keep working on this, but until I've got the cash, it's on hold. Still got the work I've done so far, though. Thank god for backups.
sieyes Sep 5 @ 7:37am 
HEllo thx for the mod .
In my opnion you should use lorraine 37 for french mecha inf .
Ue "chenillette " were not tankette , they were only use to resuplie in the front , not for combat ( only some used machingun for self defense ). If possible , you should move AMR 33 and 35 in tankette company because they were tankette , and were not the past version of h35 , because both of these vehicules fight together in the same time and in same divison .
Only some h35 witch 12.7 in the place of canon were used , it could be the last version of tankette : amr33->amr35->amr35zt2->h35 with 12.7 .

And , don't no if possible , bur template divisions of french army is full of mistake , are you gonna change oob too ?
(sorry for my bad english .)
g0dd Aug 28 @ 10:30pm 
Basically all of the sprites work fine but the US Pack Artillery one is without a sprite :(
t.latzke(German) Aug 22 @ 5:27am 
There are two problems with the Germans. The first problem is with the submarines that are too easily detected. This will destroy them quickly. The second problem is that it is difficult for Russia to declare war when you are playing Germany. (Im German)