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Configure Upgrade Slots
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Oct 30, 2018 @ 4:48pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Configure Upgrade Slots

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Moddable DLC/XPACK Weapons

Its save to add/remove this mod to a ongoing campaign at any time.

The mod features a default config for the the DLC's and WotC weapons.
This allows you to add/replace weapon attachements to weapons like the Autopistol, Arashi, Darkclaw or Shadowkeeper.
To mod secondary weapons you need Mod Everything Reloaded

Configure Upgrade Slots for everything

This mod allows you to configure the upgrade slots for every weapon.

You can also use it to override the number slots for any other weapon.
E.g if you want every conventional assault rifle to have 4 upgrade slots just add
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AssaultRifle_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=4)
to the ini.

To edit the config values or add new ones go to XComUpgradeSlots.ini
in this mods config directory and open it with a text editor.

Default config:

[ConfigureUpgradeSlots.X2DownloadableContentInfo_ConfigureUpgradeSlots] +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenRifle_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenShotgun_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenSniperRifle_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenSniperPistol_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4)

Additionally it prevents the default attachments to apply to weapons other than ranged weapons.
(It makes no sense to me to add a scope to sword)

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RustyDios Dec 3, 2020 @ 8:00pm 
6 is the max type upper limit I think yeah for ranged weapons
Draktens melee and shield mod attachments add upto 8 I think, but that builds OP weapons
Chemthowers have 7 different types I believe (extra auto-fuel-line)

Having Heavy Barrel 'repeaters' will give you one more

Also the max you need to set in the config is only 4, as the game will give you two more slots for the 'by tier' breakthrough upgrades and the 'by type' breakthrough upgrades
Michael.deheus Dec 3, 2020 @ 7:10pm 
so can i have, repeter,scope/laser,auto loader,extend mag,stock and hair trigger like can i have 6 or 7 upgrades
RustyDios Dec 3, 2020 @ 4:31pm 

Glad you found the culprit ;)
I use TPS and 1,2,3 is my setup for pistols, so I didn't even think of checking that one
endersblade Dec 2, 2020 @ 11:41pm 
I figured it out! it's True Primary Secondaries [Beta]. These lines:

+ArchetypeReplacements=(TemplateName=Pistol_CV, GameArchetype="TruePrimarySecondaries_PistolUpgrades.Archetype.WP_Pistol_CV", NumUpgradeSlots=1)
+ArchetypeReplacements=(TemplateName=Pistol_MG, GameArchetype="TruePrimarySecondaries_PistolUpgrades.Archetype.WP_Pistol_MG", NumUpgradeSlots=2)
+ArchetypeReplacements=(TemplateName=Pistol_BM, GameArchetype="TruePrimarySecondaries_PistolUpgrades.Archetype.WP_Pistol_BM", NumUpgradeSlots=3)
endersblade Dec 2, 2020 @ 11:05pm 
@RustyDios I set the load order for this mod to load last. Currently going through my mods looking for anything causing this issue.
Michael.deheus Dec 1, 2020 @ 5:57pm 
RustyDios Nov 30, 2020 @ 12:51am 
Hmm, that's weird, looks to be the correct syntax and spelling. My guess is this is done to some load-order issues. This mod is setting them to 5 slots... then another mod is setting them to 1. Try re-subbing to this mod so it is later in your load order, or finding all sources in your configs that might adjust Pistol Upgrade Slot sizes.
endersblade Nov 29, 2020 @ 8:47pm 
Hmm...for the life of me, I can't get this to work on Pistols, Primary or Secondary. All other weapons I have work. Using code copied from another post here:

+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=5)
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=5)
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=5)

+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_CV_Primary, NumUpgradeSlots=5)
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_MG_Primary, NumUpgradeSlots=5)
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Pistol_BM_Primary, NumUpgradeSlots=5)

No pistol weapons have more than the 1 slot provided by Mod Everything Reloaded.
lolic_lol Nov 13, 2020 @ 10:12am 
Crazy shit, but it work in CS (with correct templates in XComUpgradeSlots.ini)
lolic_lol Nov 13, 2020 @ 6:17am 
Won't this work for the Chimera squad? I noticed that these games have a lot of common files.