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Configure Upgrade Slots
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Oct 17, 2017 @ 2:12am
Oct 30, 2018 @ 4:48pm
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You need DLC to use this item.

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Configure Upgrade Slots

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Moddable DLC/XPACK Weapons

Its save to add/remove this mod to a ongoing campaign at any time.

The mod features a default config for the the DLC's and WotC weapons.
This allows you to add/replace weapon attachements to weapons like the Autopistol, Arashi, Darkclaw or Shadowkeeper.
To mod secondary weapons you need Mod Everything Reloaded

Configure Upgrade Slots for everything

This mod allows you to configure the upgrade slots for every weapon.

You can also use it to override the number slots for any other weapon.
E.g if you want every conventional assault rifle to have 4 upgrade slots just add
+SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AssaultRifle_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=4)
to the ini.

To edit the config values or add new ones go to XComUpgradeSlots.ini
in this mods config directory and open it with a text editor.

Default config:

[ConfigureUpgradeSlots.X2DownloadableContentInfo_ConfigureUpgradeSlots] +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterRifle_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=AlienHunterPistol_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=Sidearm_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_CV, NumUpgradeSlots=1) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_MG, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ShardGauntlet_BM, NumUpgradeSlots=2) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenRifle_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenShotgun_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenSniperRifle_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4) +SlotConfig = (TemplateName=ChosenSniperPistol_XCOM, NumUpgradeSlots=4)

Additionally it prevents the default attachments to apply to weapons other than ranged weapons.
(It makes no sense to me to add a scope to sword)

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Mighty442 Apr 13 @ 1:39pm 
@Musashi Awesome mod, just wanted to post that addition cause I saw that people were posting that this mod wasn't working for so and so weapon, in reality it was working fine you just have to add it to the ini file.
Musashi  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:34pm 
The mod is meant to be modular so everyone can make their own config that fits their playstyle. That’s why I won’t upload a config that dictates for everyone how many upgrades the vanilla weapons should have.
Mighty442 Apr 13 @ 1:27pm 
@Musashi I edited the INI file and added all the vanilla weapons and posted to the discussions.
LittleViktor Mar 24 @ 9:05pm 
This time around, this mod is having no effect on my weapon slots. You guys have any idea why? Anybody else have the same problem? Bottom of load and still... I tried removing most mods for testing, and still nothing... It is because of the latest DLC, maybe?
ATF_Coldblooded Carebear || Mar 23 @ 10:22pm 
Both the alien hunter weapon ( AlienHunteraxx and AlienHunterRifle) and the spark weapons do not seem to work even after i reset it i used the template shown in the discussion
LOST Mar 17 @ 10:31am 
How do i add slots with the EU weapons mod?
The Guy with Lag Mar 2 @ 12:22pm 
is there any way to add a scroll to weapon modificiation tab? So if i add more than 4 empty slots they will be visible?
note that 5th one is visible but it sits behind weapon customization, pattern and color icons.
DragonKnightXCX Feb 16 @ 4:05pm 
Is there anyway to modify the file in the Script folder? I am using weapons from the Armored Viper Mod and I am using this mod to enable the attachments. I got it to add slots but I can't attach them to the weapon. To me, it seems to be because the weapon (Gatling Vorpal Cannon) is listed as a different weaponcat. Do you know how to modify it further or is this an issue with the other mod?
LOST Feb 13 @ 6:57am 
is this compatile with EU weapon mods?
Musashi  [author] Feb 3 @ 6:05pm 
Also without mod everything you cannot even access the attachments ui for anything but weapons.