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Custom maps supported by Army of Five mod
Army of Five:

This is the collection of custom maps that are supported by Army of Five coop mod.

It is not necessary to subscribe to these to play Army of Five, as each map will be downloaded automatically when needed. However, you can still subscribe and download them all now to avoid having to wait later. They are about 1.6 GB total.
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Created by Rushin' Russian
Original almaden map comes from Insurgency: Modern Infrantry Combat.

Ported to Insurgency by [FfF]G4RY BoURB!3R (almaden_b3). Original upload:

Edited by [url=
Created by Carrot Farmer
** Merged COOP and PvP
** Fixed some floating models
** Fixed some collisions on a few models
** Added a few models to the 3D skybox

**Zipfile @ dropbox:

**Zipfile @ INSmaps:
Created by Chief-C
You must clear several buildings and a subway of insurgent forces. This map is a checkpoint mode with 10 capture points....
Created by Chief-C
You must clear an underground bunker currently serving as the insurgent's headquarters....
Created by Chief-C
Take your squad and clear the small town of insurgents. You must secure and hold eight key locations. Enemy snipers are reported to be in the area...keep an eye of the roofs....
Created by Cyvo
The Coop (Checkpoint) version of congress

Created by Chief-C
Take your squad and clear an underground subway system, then move into the village and eliminate all insurgents.

Special thanks to the following:
Custom foilage by DomiTibingen
Custom texture by TopHATTwaffle...
depot coop re-reuploaded
Created by Rushin' Russian
This is a re-reupload of depot_coop.

Original map by Andre Valera:
Coop version by =ADC=Killerman:
Reupload by Arc: http://...
Created by Chief-C
This is was first attempt at Insurgency map's named dusty anguish for good reason....
Created by Chief-C
Your squad has been tasked with assaulting an ancient fortress being used as a headquarters by insurgent forces. The fortress is too well fortified for a direct assault, so you will enter through a cave that runs under the fortress. You'll have to find a...
Gizab b1 Co-op
Created by ..oxy..
The security forces have learned that insurgents have dug into the outskirts of a small city in Afghanistan called Gizab. Just as an evening storm is rolling in during sunset, the security forces arrived at the edge of Gizab to be met...
Created by Chief-C
This is a seven control point, checkpoint, coop map....
Created by Chief-C
You've been captured by Insurgents...escape your prison....
Point Blank
Created by Carrot Farmer
Point Blank is a small/medium sized map somewhere in the Middle East, in a urban environment. The map has some clear sight lines and close positioned objectives, with in the center a construction site.

Feedback and suggestions for the objectives are welco...
Created by LucidWing

Reupload of prophet_coop from legacy workshop to current system.

There are no compatibility issues with legacy workshop entry due to different name string.

All cred...
Created by Chief-C
The insurgents have choosen the Tet holiday to launch a major offensive. Take your squad and clear an urban area of all insurgent forces....
winter rescue re-reuploaded
Created by Rushin' Russian
This is a re-reupload of winter_rescue_v1.

Original map by D3L7A 1:
Reupload by Arc:

The version of winter_rescue_v1 (re)...