ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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connor.faneuf Nov 17 @ 4:59pm 
IF anyone is having trouble placing a tree platform on this map because yes, it is impossible, go to the build your own redwood mod it works perfectly.
Running with Scissors Nov 13 @ 5:28pm 
Are there wyverns on this map?
Azrael Ravenwing Nov 8 @ 2:39am 
So is this the new Valhalla map? or is this the original one?
poobuttyumyum Nov 6 @ 7:59pm 
do griffins spawn
garytganu Nov 2 @ 8:14pm 
i do like the map but there allot of area's with floating trees and rocks,crystal and land not solid. plus there has not been an update since january, in 10 months. the map is not finnished is it
MeisterYodsalz Nov 2 @ 8:38am 
Nice work guys
XLR8 Oct 28 @ 5:19pm 
hey guys do you now if playng in this map makes fps lower?
Gommelbimmel Oct 20 @ 3:18am 
hdf BamJErry
Jerry Berry Oct 19 @ 10:51am 
Die Map ist richtig scheiße es gibt dort nicht mal richtige dinos die einen Angreifen
Dragon Grimoire Oct 15 @ 8:10am 
It says they are making a new map due to core issues with Valhalla, they probably won't be fixing any bugs and even if they did, put it under the bug report discussion
哈库纳™玛塔塔 Oct 7 @ 4:23pm 
i got 7fps when i corss the sea,the eels is everywhere,not only the eels ,but also the other creatures still many,how to solve this
Scarlett DragonBorn Oct 6 @ 6:22pm 
I love the map, its beautiful
失乐园 Oct 5 @ 9:24am 
There are SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MANY FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING EELS in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cause I'm totally out of water FUCKING EELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU LIKE THAT??????????????????????????????????????????????
orange092503 Oct 2 @ 1:25pm 
Does valhalla come with alpha creatures?
suziesak10 Sep 30 @ 1:41pm 
Hey is Valhalla being worked on I love the map buttttttt about 20 times a day i get a error and l lose all the work i had done. I have been trying to talk to Excited Kangeroo with no luck.
roberto.turati02 Sep 21 @ 8:34am 
I'm not talking just with E.Kangaroo, but with the other three Valhalla's creators, too!
roberto.turati02 Sep 21 @ 8:29am 
Even the giant Redwoods have a problem; I don't know if it hppens just to me, but I can't apply Tree Platforms on them: they haven't got the right form! Could you fix?
roberto.turati02 Sep 21 @ 8:28am 
Hey, Excited Kangaroo!

If I well understood, you participated to the Ragnarok's creation...But your Valhalla is still my favourite ARK map!

But...Could you remake the volcano island? Maybe you could make it "alive", like the Ragnarok's one. Besides...Make the lava damaging, please!

Prefinem Sep 13 @ 12:05am 
amazing map
Gommelbimmel Sep 7 @ 6:37am 
can you make a new map in this style with lower landscape pls?
Chaoz Night Sep 7 @ 1:24am 
They did not abandon it go check out there discord they have said multiple times they are not abandoning valhalla they plan to fix or recreate it once ragnarok is done. Its just on.hold until that is done. That post was fro'm last year and theyve always said since then they would get back to valhalla.
icehot24 Sep 6 @ 10:43pm 
Yes they did infact abbandon it... they even posted they did..
whitedove Sep 2 @ 6:07am 
... why would you even advertise that here lol
[HZ] olemraK Sep 2 @ 4:59am 
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Chaoz Night Aug 30 @ 10:38pm 
@STRETCHDEATH it will be worked on after Ragnarok is done. They have not abandoned it.
STRETCHDEATH Aug 30 @ 10:37pm 
is this still being worked on? if so when can we expect an update? would love to run a server on this map again!
PurpAssassin Aug 20 @ 6:21am 
+rep good map
Awstin Aug 14 @ 12:33pm 
The best ark map, including all official released
Sousa|PESADÃOOO Aug 12 @ 4:53am 
This map as schorched earth ??
Al3n Jul 31 @ 8:03am 
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Chaoz Night Jul 30 @ 5:14pm 
@Matt hud works fine hit backspace.
Matt Jul 30 @ 1:08pm 
please contiune this map saw it on youtube videos (pooping evoloved server) looks like a really nice map, went to play it on single player and have no hud etc so it's not very playable.
Chaoz Night Jul 27 @ 7:11pm 
@Excited Kangaroo Can you do a re cook of the map i know you arent going to be working on it for a bit. I dont know if it will help with some issues like the eels or not but figured id ask to see if it does. Alot has changed since last cook of the map.
[HK]GN Wong Jul 23 @ 5:26pm 
it crash
BLACK Jul 23 @ 4:51pm 
I think this map was great for its time, but you guys have really outdone yourself on Ragnarok and it's not even completed. Can't wait to see what you have in store.
Al3n Jul 23 @ 4:26pm 
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Warjoey Jul 22 @ 7:53pm 

We are also hosting our server with this mod.
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colinwalerius Jul 21 @ 2:18pm 
So is this map still playable?
Chairemy Jul 20 @ 6:04pm 
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Excited Kangaroo  [author] Jul 20 @ 11:50am 
The plan has always been to redo it, dont worry. Will just be in a while.
tryst49 Jul 20 @ 7:56am 
Please reconsider your decision to abandon this map, it is far better than Ragnarok.

Even if it means stripping it back to bare bones, I think it's worth redoing.
Josepherus Trilliard Jul 18 @ 11:55am 
How long did it take you to build these maps?
Xelriel Jul 16 @ 5:25am 
Dino's are frozen o,o I would love to know how to fix this issue XD especially since we just launched our first server through ASM.
Zaphod4th Jul 13 @ 6:48pm 
@ {¦§frost§¦} your link is broken
DmorodHD Jul 13 @ 7:19am 
bist mep ever 10/10
{¦§frost§¦} Jul 10 @ 9:04pm 
this is the info im going by in the link in the discription of this mod forum.
Transition to new map

Chief Jul 10 @ 4:59pm 
Mod is not dead. Mod is on hold. Excited Kangaroo is co-authoring Ragnarok. When it is completed, he will resume work here.

Copied from Ragnarok wiki under FAQ:

"Speaking of Valhalla and Umassoura... What about them? Are these maps abandoned?

No. Both maps are currently on hold, and will be revisited after Ragnarok has reached final release, beginning with Umassoura. Currently only new dino spawns are being added."
CROSH Jul 10 @ 11:00am 
{¦§frost§¦} Jul 8 @ 9:44pm 
@akeno-chan its not that they didnt want to finnish it its that they couldnt finnish it with out redoing the entire thing so they decided to move onto a different project aka ragnarok wich in its entirty is beter optimised rendered and scaled better than valhalla ever was and is so if you want to continue whining about a map that was started way befor the contest was even thought about by any one by allmeans start makeing mods yourself and see homuch pain and frustration moding can be. be thank full that they are even modding still i know i am vallhalla was great ragnarok is better
Banana Joe Jul 8 @ 4:04pm 
Is Valhalla still up to date? All new creatures in? The last time (about 8 months ago) there were a bug ocuring on the mountains that causes massive fps drops. Thinking about switchting from Ragnarok to Valhalla, but wanna make sure Valhalla is still ok