Long War 2
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Update: Sep 2 @ 4:08pm

Hotfix to reenable Smash and Grab missions.

Update: Aug 27 @ 2:22pm

v 1.5 Changelog posted here: http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/longwar2_changelog.htm

Update: May 21 @ 1:02pm

v 1.4
- Fix crash on mac when leaving the weapon upgrade screen.
- Fix bug causing doom to fail to be removed from the fortress
- Update evac spawning to reject any evac zone with tiles that are out-of-bounds of the map.
- Serial will process damage reduction per kill as it was designed to.
- Fixed some bad ini on Smash and Grab rewards. Fixes bug when you are at Force Levels 3-5, you have a 5% chance of getting nothing out of a box.
- Fixed bad non-English loc for "Reinforcements" timer (it's appearing as English because of bad tags in all the translations)
- Fixed bad config in in two S&G mission schedules that'll mean one fewer pod than desired.
- Added stats from soldier perks to their stats shown in the armory personnel list. Was previously just the base character stats.
- Ready for Anything will not trigger Overwatch if unit is out of ammo
- Added modifier for [0] indices on weapon range table to catch weird cases when distance to target returns zero.
- Removed duplicate Hacking stat increase on Spec LPCL
- Fixed possible bug with Guardian proccing against same enemy multiple times
- Fixes to Field Surgeon not always proccing when it should, and sometimes proccing when it shouldn't.

Mod support
- Improve the projectile sound modding support to allow identification of the projectile elements to modify by a more consistent name.

Update: May 21 @ 12:52pm

Update: May 14 @ 4:20pm

v 1.3 Changelog posted here: http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/longwar2_changelog.htm

Update: Feb 26 @ 10:40am

v 1.2. Changelog posted at http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/longwar2_changelog.htm

Update: Jan 28 @ 1:41pm

HOTFIX for patch 1.1

- Fixed issue where RNF pods could take yellow reflex actions when arriving
- Japanese localization

Update: Jan 28 @ 9:41am

Reuploaded to put subtitles files in the correct folder.

Update: Jan 28 @ 9:14am

v1.1. Too much to fit here. See http://www.pavonisinteractive.com/longwar2_changelog.htm

Update: Jan 17 @ 1:55pm