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Primal Fear
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Update: Jun 20 @ 2:55pm

Added code to ground fire so it should scale with damage percent
Removed HUD text from cacooned and fire buffs so they dont spam in your face

Update: Jun 19 @ 10:51am

Fixing Celestial, Demonic, Chaos, Spirit and Necrotic wyvern so they actually light the ground on fire as intended
Fixing Omega dinos so healing works properly

Update: Jun 18 @ 2:21pm

-Updated celestial Rex special attack. Mortar attack removed, replaced with meteor strike with random number of meteors generated. Ascended version increases max amount and min amount allowed. Rex is now immune to cacoon due to placing craters around itself.
-Updated celestial Theri. Rapid fireball attack now pushes back enemies
-Updated celestial wyvern and griffin fireball attack. Now shoots multiple fireballs and applies crater AOE. Craters CAN force your wyvern to land, so be careful.
-Updated all celestial fire breath. All fire breath now sets ground on fire and applies AOE for a limited time
-Updated all demonic fire to set the ground on fire and do DOT
-Creators revenge and colossus no longer go into stasis, and have a much larger aggro range
-Colosuss minions no longer go into stasis or die on stasis
-Creators revenge minions no longer go into stasis or die on stasis. The large attack of the minions can land flyers
-Creators revenge meteor attack spawn height increased, duration and number of meteors significantly increase and radius has been significantly increased
-Adjusted creators revenge and colossus AI along with other minor improvements to help them stay in the fight
-Creator boss rotation rate increased and targeting increased. Increased quantity, and range of meteor strike. Increased damage of targeting projectile
-Celestial indom emperor boss target range increased for spine attack
-Celestial Ferox projectiles now leave craters doing DOT
-Lootboss : Each tier of lootboss now progressively gives a better chance to actually get an item vs a blueprint. Godliath, Ascendant and Mastercraft also drops primal fear items including primal metal armor, in an increasing probability. Also added ability to get health, food, xp, taming, and stim potions in mastercraft and above. Each tier gives a great quantity and better versions of each.
Chance to be blueprint:
Ramshackle: 98%
Apprentice: 90%
Journeyman: 85%
Mastercraft: 70%
Ascendant: 50%
Godliath: 30%
-Reduced lootboss targeting range
-Choas passive AOE now only affects wild dinos if chaos is tamed. If dino is under effect, new particle is visible
-Chaos lava AOE damage has been doubled
-Chaos fire now ignites the ground doing AOE damage
-Spirit fire now ignites the ground doing AOE damage
-Chaos and Spirit guardian projectile attack range increased
-Added passive egg laying to elemental parrots. This was missed previously. Also removed death animation which should hopefully prevent them from falling through the map on death
-Emperor and Empress bosses can now wander in a giant area and do not go into stasis. This allows them to wander the map if they spawn wild.
-Celestial seeker spine projectiles now leave the craters with AOE tick damage
-Updated Empress fire breath to use real fire projectiles instead of fake AOE attack. This allows the Empress to light the ground on fire as well.
-Tameable Empress should no longer bury underground when taming
-Increased crafting speed of primal smithy and primal tek workbench
-Updated visuals a bit on Nova tail swipe
-Reworked some of Novas explosions to visually look more interesting

Update: Aug 30, 2023 @ 10:29am

Fixed Apex Dinopithecus taming food
Celestial Wyverns now differentiate between Ice and Fire in their names
Fixed various unbreedable dinos being able to be bred and added in Intended Game Mechanics for all of them
Bosses now forcefully scale off wild dino levels much like Nova\'s Revenge from the Extras mod (they do not possess the hitcap unil the Colossi, who have a weaker version of it. Pikkon\'s Revenge has it at full efficacy.)
Bosses above the Emperor / Empress walk straight through structures (cage users in shambles, I play the worlds smallest violin)
Added required items into the smithy for upcoming Boss Mod update as to not dump both updates on SteamCMD\'s flimsy servers at once

These changes are my, Viral\'s changes. Do not pester Pikkon for the unintended game mechanics that I have fixed, thank you! The said Boss Mod update will be coming soonish but unfortunately i\'m gonna have to fistfight a hurricane so that might get delayed a little bit.

Update: Apr 26, 2023 @ 2:28pm

Small patch
Fixing the insane pooping of the dinopithecus

Update: Apr 14, 2023 @ 8:16pm

Small patch
Truly, hopefully, fixing fjordhawks. This time its code changes
Reducing maximum pack size to spawn from 8 to 5

Update: Apr 14, 2023 @ 3:20pm

Small Patch
Removing Fjordhawk existing spawn style
Latching Fjordhawk spawns on to Argentavis and Pteros (less common)

Update: Apr 13, 2023 @ 2:00pm

Small Patch
Adding spawn limits to Fjordhawks

Update: Apr 11, 2023 @ 5:13pm

-Fixed Demonic Dinopithecus mating
-All primal fear flying dinos now allow riders to shoot of the back
-Alpha and Apex Dilo can now be riden (no saddle)
-Added Elder, Alpha, Apex Fjordhawk
Highly aggressive, spawns in packs, increase damage dealt for every fjordhawk of the same tier in a pack up to 8 fjordhawks. Found on beaches and mountains biomes.

Update: Apr 1, 2023 @ 9:01pm

small patch to address crashing issue