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ARK: Survival Evolved

Primal Fear
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Update: Apr 28 @ 1:32pm

Bug Fixes

-Patched all health potions so they now add food instead of removing it
-Fixing light parrot egg
-adding proper particles to elemental parrots
-adding proper animations to parrots
-Fixing non-elemental parrots passive eggs
-Elemental Parrots should no longer show as passive tames
-Celestial argents should use spike attack without ride and in wild now
-Omega Lightning Wyvern stun now lasts 4 seconds, and the affected is protected from another stun for 6 seconds. No longer works on bosses.

Update: Apr 11 @ 3:24pm

+added egg for vanilla parrot
~set a tamed inventory for the vanilla parrot (maybe one others weren\'t working)
~verified all setting for knockout tame on parrots
~moved the clamp for heal IV to verify before the healing multiplier is added and added extra code for new ones to reroll if they are missing the multiplier. likely wont affect old tames but new ones and babies should update the changes
~added spawn limiters to spawn biomes
~added dodos back into PGD. They got removed some how.

Update: Apr 4 @ 7:48pm

One last attempt at fixing PTERO for the night

Update: Apr 4 @ 3:17pm

Parrot saddle name fixed
Light dark parrot inventory and class fixed
PTERO updates to attempt to fix not spawning

Update: Apr 1 @ 12:30pm

Fixing Omegas so they properly cap their IV's (Thanks Zythara!)
Adding Elemental Parrots (Thanks Zythara!)
Adding P.T.E.R.O. (Primal tek bench) also known as the Personal Taming Electronic Rideable Object
Adding support for Lost Island

Update: Feb 8 @ 12:42pm


-Attempting to fix the issue with Omega negative healing (Thanks Zythara!)
-Adding a bit more boom and the celestial glow to the Indom Emperor

Update: Feb 2 @ 9:22am

Thanks Zythara for the majority of these fixes!

-Loot Boss past ramshackle no longer spawns rotated
-Fixed narcotic description to say arrow
-made demonic shinehorn & bulbdog immune to abberation radiation
-update healing stews to use the new method. 1% per second for 5 seconds. this potion stacks on itself unlike others.
-Adjusted all demonic, celestial,spirit, chaos to have the same cloning multipliers
-Fixed Apex scorpion fertilized eggs
-Fixed Arthroplura fertilized eggs
-Fixed Megalodon fertilized eggs
-Fixed Plesiosaur fertlized eggs
-Fixed Elder phoenix fertilized eggs
-Buffed non giga primal teks damage and health by 10x
-Rebuilt the Omega buff code to help make sure the children get a better armor stat
-Rebuilt the randomizer on the armor code to make sure it caps at 90% reduction
-Improved stability in the IV generator for the omegas
-Added alpha mammoth saddle to Primal Bench and loot boss loot pool
-Fixed a bunch of items that were usable on creatures they weren\'t supposed to
-Added some test debugging to summoners to potentially help track who summoned them
-Allowed arthropluras to take torpor
-Removed Apex Chalicos from walking tame
-Removed the ability to net most Primal Fear dinos
-Reduced the amount of fireballs coming from the Demonic Kapro
-Fixed the first person view of the Fabled Unicorn so it doesnt flash white

Update: Jun 26, 2021 @ 1:20pm

Rebuilding Elder Ichthyornis as a child of the vanilla version. This should fix any crashing issues this creature was having.
Nothing else new.

Update: Jun 16, 2021 @ 4:55pm

No changes. Merely bringing the mod up to the latest dev kit, which is right before Gen-2. This should help with any bugs and weirdness

Update: May 27, 2021 @ 3:22pm

New Primal Fear healing potion logic. Potions now give you a % health per second over a duration of seconds. The higher the tier potion, the better healing power and longer lasting
Alpha - 5% / 15 seconds / 30 Second cooldown
Apex - 10% / 30 Seconds / 60 Second cooldown
Fabled - 15% / 45 Seconds / 90 Second cooldown
Primal - 20% / 60 Seconds / 120 Second cooldown
Fabled Jerboa mother and Fabled Grifficorn use the Apex tier healing as their healing power. This is not limited to the same cooldown as the consumable potions.
Omega wyverns can now fly backwards
Adding celestial glow and eyes to celestial Ferox
Added TLC Alpha and Fabled Mammoth
Added TLC Alpha and Fabled Stegosaurus
Primal Industrial Forge can now be used with Gas or Electricity (Thanks Zythara!)