ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

Primal Fear
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Update: Apr 26 @ 2:28pm

Small patch
Fixing the insane pooping of the dinopithecus

Update: Apr 14 @ 8:16pm

Small patch
Truly, hopefully, fixing fjordhawks. This time its code changes
Reducing maximum pack size to spawn from 8 to 5

Update: Apr 14 @ 3:20pm

Small Patch
Removing Fjordhawk existing spawn style
Latching Fjordhawk spawns on to Argentavis and Pteros (less common)

Update: Apr 13 @ 2:00pm

Small Patch
Adding spawn limits to Fjordhawks

Update: Apr 11 @ 5:13pm

-Fixed Demonic Dinopithecus mating
-All primal fear flying dinos now allow riders to shoot of the back
-Alpha and Apex Dilo can now be riden (no saddle)
-Added Elder, Alpha, Apex Fjordhawk
Highly aggressive, spawns in packs, increase damage dealt for every fjordhawk of the same tier in a pack up to 8 fjordhawks. Found on beaches and mountains biomes.

Update: Apr 1 @ 9:01pm

small patch to address crashing issue

Update: Apr 1 @ 1:39pm


-Fixing elemental parrot egg laying
-Halved primal tek shield fuel consumption rate per scale
-Adjusted elemental parrot third person camera
-Adjusted elemental parrot primary bite attack
-Edited drag weights of all elementals (except griffin)
-Added alpha and apex Dinophithecus
-Added Demonic Dinopithecus

Updates provided by Viral (Thank you!):

- Added Fabled Maewicorn
- Added code into power-up buffs to prevent

Update: Mar 16 @ 5:48pm

Bug Fixes

-Updating to latest which fixes tek suit and gas mask

Update: Apr 28, 2022 @ 1:32pm

Bug Fixes

-Patched all health potions so they now add food instead of removing it
-Fixing light parrot egg
-adding proper particles to elemental parrots
-adding proper animations to parrots
-Fixing non-elemental parrots passive eggs
-Elemental Parrots should no longer show as passive tames
-Celestial argents should use spike attack without ride and in wild now
-Omega Lightning Wyvern stun now lasts 4 seconds, and the affected is protected from another stun for 6 seconds. No longer works on bosses.

Update: Apr 11, 2022 @ 3:24pm

+added egg for vanilla parrot
~set a tamed inventory for the vanilla parrot (maybe one others weren\'t working)
~verified all setting for knockout tame on parrots
~moved the clamp for heal IV to verify before the healing multiplier is added and added extra code for new ones to reroll if they are missing the multiplier. likely wont affect old tames but new ones and babies should update the changes
~added spawn limiters to spawn biomes
~added dodos back into PGD. They got removed some how.