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Primal Fear
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Update: Oct 12, 2020 @ 3:34pm

Fixed issue with new creator meteor shower not showing up for people when creature is tamed
Fixed issues with particles missing references
Added new R attack to Creator boss. Stun tail whip

Update: Oct 8, 2020 @ 11:46am

New Additions
Added Remake of Tier 5, Pikkon, the Creator. Drops egg like destroyer. Tamed version has rider protection
Added demonic parasaur and demonic kapro saddle to loot boss loot sets
Added rider protection to Omega dinos
Added rider protection to Nova the Destroy tamed

General Changes
Increased jump height of tamed destroyer
Increased base damage of tamed destroyer
Added explosion scaling code to demonic thorny dragon needles. Explosion damage should scale with direct, melee damage
slightly increased base damage of demonic kapro fireball
Drastically increased tamed destroy tail nuke damage and blast radius
Reduced spawn rate of Demonic parasaur
Tamed and wild reaper empress and indom emperor take a straight 80% damage reduction. Light pets will not change this
Primal dinos now spawn between close to, to max level
Origin dinos now spawn between close to, to max level
Emperor and Empresss now spawn between close to, to over max level (same with tamed versions)
Guardians now spawn between close to, to over max level
Creator and Destroy now spawn between close to, to over max level (tamed version takes level of version you killed)
Elemental Colossus now spawn at or above max level
Pikkons Revenge now spawns only over max level
Increased resistance of elemental colossus minions, and doubled their damage output
Reduced amount of Creator and Destroyer souls required to spawn tier 7 boss to 1 each
Omega indoms no longer harvest wood
force prevent mating on fallen parasaur and kapro, and ascended ferox and dire bear
Enabled "use baby gestation" on chaos and spirit griffins for when breeding is enabled
Added proper damage scaling to boss nova the destroyer's projectile and AOE attacks
Reduced the amount of damage the club torch does in torpor mode
Any tier 3 through 7 boss that walks on land now sinks to the bottom of water and walks on the water floor
Added new Nega minions to tier 7 boss. These minions are wild, untameable 1:1 copies of all tamed dinos used to fight this creature
Added new Mega Meteor shower to tier 7 boss
General polish to tier 7 AI targeting, melee damage types, and attack states
General polish to tier 6 AI targeting, melee damage types, and attack states
Allowed Primal compound bow firing underwater
Allow INI to stop Kamikaze and Nuka dodos from damaging metal

Bug Fixes
Fixed overpowered issue with demonic parasaur. Damage was mistyped in blueprint, causing the fireball to be extremely powerful
Changed celestial shield description to properly state it reduces damage by 20%
Fixed Celestial Ferox getting stunned when being hit
Artifacto down takes 50% less damage and deals 150% damage
fixed issue where spirit and chaos thyla melee damage wasnt properly scaled
Celestial and Ascended Celestial direbear can now equip origin and primal costumes
Fixed demonic parasaur so it cant be bola'd
Fixed demonic kapro crash on death
Fixed black omega reaper egg so it actuall says "black" in the name
Changed origin tranq buff description and icon to match arrow
Fixed usage of tame helpers on celestial fire wyverns

Update: Sep 17, 2020 @ 9:52am

Fixing new Chaos and Spirit creatures not having a gender
Fixing clone cost on new spirt and chaos
Fixing new demonic breeding and clone cost
Fixing clone cost on new celestials

Update: Sep 16, 2020 @ 1:02pm

Removed Origin tranq bullet and replaced it with origin tranq primal metal arrow. Existing crafted origin tranq bullets will still remain and work, but cannot craft new bullets
Origin bullet is now a rare drop on tier 7 boss while the arrow can be crafted as expected.
Fixed omega spino low torpor bug
Godliath loot set to 16 instead of 12
Polish pass on Wandering Loot Boss
Boss health multiplied by 10x at each stage
Each stage takes 10% less total damage over the last. (Ramshackle at 100%, Apprentice at 90%... Godliath at 50%).
Godliath lootset values set between 16-24 (instead of 12-14).
Updated Celestial Rex projectile. Fragment cone is tighter so you can aim better. Can shoot between 4-10 projectiles at random
Added Celestial Dire Bear and Ascended Celestial Dire Bear.
Added Celestial Ferox (Evolved) and Ascended Celestial Ferox.
Added Demonic Kapro and Fallen Demonic Kapro
Added Demonic Parasaur and Fallen Demonic Parasaur
Added Spirit Spino
Added Spirit Griffin
Added Spirit Thylacoleo
Added Chaos Spino
Added Chaos Griffin
Added Chaos Thylacoleo
Increased speed of Chaos projectile and added gravity
Increase time interval for demonic meso poop throw to 10 seconds
Buffed buffon ferox giant grenade throw damage and size. Projectile mesh also rotates when thrown
Added dynamic scaling to all celestial, demonic, spirit, choas AOE emitters. Now scales with dino damage
Added dynamic scaling to all fragment projectiles that never scaled before including demonic shinehorn, celestial rex, buffon ferox and anything else that had unscaling, fragmented projectiles
Added dynamic scaling to Tortuga cannons, as well as tortuga fire emitter AOE damage
Added dynamic scaling to tamed nova projectiles, AOE emitters
Added dynamic scaling to fabled rock golem rock projectile, and pikkon the creator rock projectile
Added Omega blood to Origin dino summoner crafting requirements
Allowed Origin and Primal Costumes on Omega Creatures
Updated Nova the Destroy Mesh to polished version
Fixed issue where disabling nova particles would be re-enabled when leaving and entering back into render range

Update: Aug 25, 2020 @ 8:14am

-Increased kibble requirements for tortuga.
-Fixed tek shoulder cannon unlock from origin penguin.
-Fixed fallen demonic megatherium swim speed and explosion attack. Will now break rocks and not harvest bodies.
-Added alpha and fabled tropeo to npc global replacements of tapejara. Should allow tropeos to spawn on any map.
-Fixed some weird IK issues with Buffoon Ferox.
-General polish on buffoon ferox
-Restoring pegasus saddle to origin equus saddling and making it visible on all versions of pegasus.
-Fixed Emperess so it doesnt burn or take % damage when unpowered. Boss only.
-Doubled reaper empress damage it takes without being illuminated. now takes 10% damage instead of 5.
-Severely increased the range all PF light pets illuminate by default.
-Added explosions to captain black boulder cannon ball impact.
-Fix omega reapers laying wild eggs.
-Disabled wild nuka dodo taming.
-Reduced Brachi Spawns
-Adding Buffoon Spawns to more spawners
-Adding All Rock Drakes to CI Floating Island spawners
-Added Wandering Wandering Loot Boss. Boss drops quality saddles by quality level of creature. As the tiers increase, as does its quality level of drops, and it emphesises higher and higher tiers of dino saddle drops. All bosses will drop saddle engrams with a 98% chance, and actual saddles with a 2% chance.
Hurting the boss down to 15% health will cause it to go berserk, increasing speed and giving a 3x melee damage boost. Leaving this boss alone for 30 seconds after berserk mode is activated will cause it to evolve to the next level. Repeat this process for each tier of boss. Each evolution increases its level, and multiplies its stats by 2 over the previous tier.
Ramshackle is tier 1. This is the only dino that spawns wild. Killing this will yield ramshackle saddle loot. Heavy emphesis on lower tier creatures. This boss ignores wild dinos and all wild dinos ignore it until it goes berserk
Apprentice is tier 2. Spawns at Ramsackle level + 15 levels
Journeyman is teir 3. Spawns at Apprentice level +50 levels
Mastercraft is tier 4. Spawns at Journeyman level + 75 levels
Ascendant is tier 5. Spawns at Mastercraft level + 100 levels
Godliath is tier 6. Spawns at Ascendant level + 200 levels. At this tier, the boss's fireballs can now damage metal, and kill riders of the back of their creatures, and also gets a new meteor barrage attack. Goes Berserk at 50% health. This tier can also drop primal tek saddles, and godliath primal fear weapons (50/50 engram to item ratio) on top of saddles. Emphesis on top tier creature saddles.
-Added new Godliath loot quality only acheived from defeating the Godliath level of wandering saddle boss. This will probably only work when Primal Fear is in the 1st load order. If not, Godliath will drop higher tier ascendant loot.

Update: Aug 17, 2020 @ 8:00pm

Fixing issue where Primal Fear would cause vanilla genesis engrams to not show up

Update: Aug 17, 2020 @ 9:27am

Fixed Tortuga inventory not accessible when knocked out (wild)
Fixed Tortuga saddle
Artifacto Bunny Minions now get destroyed on stasis

Update: Aug 16, 2020 @ 8:01pm

Added Alpha Tropeo which shoots out rocket penguins (requires grenades as ammo. CI only or any custom map that adds tropeo spawners). Knock out tame
Added Fabled Tropeo which shoots out demonic monkey poop (required as ammo. CI only or any custom map that adds tropeo spawners). Knock out tame
Added PF wyverns to the wyvern cave on CI
Added Buffoon Ferox (All maps, knock out tame)
Added Alpha, Apex, and Fabled Magmasaur (All maps by default that contain lava spawners, knock out tame)
Added Fabled Giant Turtle (All maps, knock out tame)
Added Tortuga, Master of the Sea (All maps, knock out tame)
Added Alpha and Apex Ferox (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
Added all X versions of Primal Fear creatures for Toxic, Alpha, Apex, and Fabled tiers (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
Added Alpha and Fabled Bloodstalkers (Genesis map only unless custom map uses genesis spawners)
Added food potion. Will not work on PF indom, celestial or demonic babies. Restores 100% food over 15 second period

Changed demonic monkey poop to throwable grenade. When the monkey poops, pick it up and chunk it, or add it to your fabled tropeo inventory
Polished buffoon monkey riding equus. Monkey now has proper animation, and when it does, it spawns a tameable clown monkey
Polished buffoon monkey. Added new glowing eyes, and changed its poop attack to a special attack
Jacked up nova cloning cost to match Ascended Celestials
Reduced primal smithy inventory slots to 1000
Polish pass on buffoon giganto
Picking up wild PF eggs will cause some PF creatures of the same tier to aggro the player
Increased gatling projectile damage of alpha (5x) and apex (10x) velanosaur
Alpha thorny dragon spines do damage and torpor like a potent tranq arrow
Apex thorny dragon spines do damage and torpor like a toxic tranq arrow
Increased base damage of all primal metal arrows
Added explosion code to explosive arrows so it should scale with % damage of bow
Adjusted third person view on fabled roll rat
Rebalanced narcotic, weapon, and ammo engrams level reqs to better reflect against current vanilla engram levels reqs
Alpha and Apex Indoms can now spawn above wild level like wyverns
Nova and Creator bosses can spawn above wild level like wyverns
Increased damage resistence for creator boss
Creators Revenge can spawn above wild level like wyverns
Increased damage resistence for creators revenge boss
Celestial boots now grant 125% movement speed instead of 200%
Fixed rider position and TPV on elder moshchops, and slowed it down by 25%
Rebuilt projectiles for Elder, Alpha, and Apex defenders so they actually hit stuff
Rebuilt projectiles for Alpha and Apex Enforcers so they actually hit stuff
Rebuilt projectiles for personal attack drone so they actually hit stuff
Added Tek Space Whale saddle Engram learn to Origin Argent
Added Tek Grenade Launcher Engram learn to Origin Rex
Added Tek Claws Engram learn to Origin Rex
Added Tek Alarm Engram learn to Origin Raptor
Added Tek Cruise Missile Engram learn to Origin Wyvern
Added Tek Shoulder Cannon Engram learn to Origin Penguin
Added Tek Hover Skiff to Origin Direbear
Primal Tek Dinos now do step damage to foliage
Added cementing paste to tek dino loot drops
Added cemeting paste to tek dino death harvest
Greatly increase demonic megatherium swim speed
Demonic Megatherium explosion slam no longer harvest bodies, but blows up rocks
rebuilt alpha and apex enforcer projectiles so you can aim them and they fire straight

Fixed wyvern issue not being able to eat or force feed
Removed unused toxic wyvern, ptero, and argent saddles engrams, and fertilized egg references
Fixed origin spino standing attacks
Fixed typo in check heal IV on omegas
Fixed Primal carno costume drop
Fixed name of light enflamed buff
Alpha otter passive tame removed
Fix demonic roll rat dismount immunity bug
Spirit dinos should no longer provide spirit buff to baby dinos, or when dead
Chaos dinos should no longer provide chaos buff when they are a baby, or when dead
Elder defense unit can now be properly knocked out

New Engram Levels
Primal Stim:18


Primal Stim:64

Primal Sniper: 85
Primal Bullet:85

Metal Arrows:
Primal Bow: 88
Primal Arrow: 88

Update: Jun 26, 2020 @ 1:22pm


Fixed Necrotic Wyverns causing crash on death
Fixed Necrotic Wyverns not being able to remote use items in inventory
Fixed Omega Reaper missing saddle slot
Fixed Omega Reaper not getting any bonus levels on taming
Primal Fear stone arrows now take about 10 seconds to add torpor
Primal Fear tranq darts now take about 7 seconds to add torpor
Primal Fear tranq bullets now take about 5 seconds to add torpor
Primal Fear metal tranq arrows now take about 2 seconds to add torpor, and have had their torpor amount properly doubled

Update: Jun 25, 2020 @ 4:32pm


fixing expansion items not in primal smithy
fixing taming nerco wyverns
fixing boss mod crashing hopefully