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Primal Fear
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Primal Fear

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Thank you to LightSpinner94 for her continued hard work on this awesome WIKI!!



!!!! NOTE: Primal Fear is currently not compatible with any mod that overrides any vanilla creatures, such as classic flyers. (Primal Fear flyers can level up speed, so that mod is not necessary). This is due to the new spawn system, which piggy backs off of vanilla dinos to spawn Primal Fear dinos. While this is a draw back, the bright side is this method makes Primal Fear work on any map, even any new official map, without my intervention. !!!!

Primal Fear is a massive dino mod. This mod adds varying tameable tiers of dinos, as well as special boss dinos. Currently, you can tame Toxics, Alpha's, Apex, Fabled, Buffoon, Celestial, Demonic, Elder, and Elemental. The bosses include Primal, Origin, and the Creator. Toxic, Alpha, Apex, and Fabled dinos are math based, and are 3x, 5x, 10x 16x vanilla stats. Almost every creature has an alpha variant. Apex variants are carnivorous fighters, and Fabled variants are passive work horses.

Demonics are cast away creatures hell bent on becoming useful, powerful, mounts. They have sold their soul to evil in order to gain ultimate power. Celestial's are the pure and true counter part, set there as a counter balance.

On top of dinos, this mod also adds varying items to enhance game play. These items include a tranq system, healing items, dino blood, multiple sets of armor, tranq pike, taming helpers, wake up stimulate, and more!

Primal Fear is still a WIP mod. Please give me feedback on anything and everything. More dinos will be added and tweaks will be made over time.

This mod does NOT replace vanilla alpha dinos. If you want to do that, look here

All information for this mod, including spawn codes, taming food, and server balancing, can be found on the google doc here[][/h1]

This mod does not touch creature or player levels. It uses server set levels, whether that is from a mod higher in the load order, or override server settings.







If you donate and are part of the discord, make sure to let me know your discord username in the donation notes so I can add you to the donator rank!

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Flockerkill 5 hours ago 
no there is not to force the progression
in the past it was possible to tame fabled creatures with normal food is there no option to change it back
Flockerkill 6 hours ago 
all of this mods dinos (exept elders) are only tameable by kibble
is there any way to make it so fabled creatures can be tamed through normal foods not just fabled kibble?
Chief 7 hours ago 
I still vote Alpha and Fabled Angler fish with a cool radial menu after taming to change color of lights.

You welcome :steamhappy:
NovaStrike  [author] 9 hours ago 
@beverman Any Extinction dinos can't be Celestial or Demonics due to Wildcard's hard-coding them, otherwise, that'd be a thing a year or more ago. Titans are not feasible mounts due to their size, and impractical for leaving at your base, so we decided against making them tamable.
beverman 9 hours ago 
i have a good idee make a celes new dino celes mana demonic velo and a celes forest titan and a demonic ice titan
pls do it
mvg beverman
Darth Yorkie 11 hours ago 
Not to call anyone out, but some of you guys need to learn a little bit of respect for your Mod Devs... I don't think some of you realize how much time and thought they've invested into this project for all of us to use for free.

Their craftsmanship has enriched this gameplay experience for me tenfold and they deserve a little more from us. Be courteous, constructive, respectful, and friendly.

If you have suggestions for the mod, please post them in the appropriate discussion on the discussion board. If you have questions, please visit the discussions already posted or create a new discussion to ask for advice.

Thank you,

Darth Yorkie 11 hours ago 
@Elanderan If you're just having trouble finding elementals, please try the following command: admincheat DestroyWildDinos to force respawns. If you couldn't find females of the elemental variants, this should refresh your chances.

If you are on Valguero, I can shed some light on some decent locations to find these dinos.
Darth Yorkie 11 hours ago 
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoy the kibble system.

If you're using the S+ mods, use an S+ collector (fueled with propellant) to collect the eggs and modify your "Lay Egg Interval". I have my Lay Egg rate at about 20% of vanilla in order to utilize the Kibble system without being held back too hard with Vanilla intervals.

Remember: Asking for advice usually gets a better response than subjective criticism.

If you would like any advice as to Server/Singleplayer settings conducive to Primal Fear or how to go about establishing an automated egg farm, please feel free to ask. =)