Arma 3
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Update: Jun 22 @ 10:42am

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Update: Apr 12 @ 10:13am

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Update: Jan 7 @ 1:44pm

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Update: Jan 1 @ 9:04am

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Update: Oct 4, 2017 @ 2:20pm

* Fix: Fixed a critical issue that causes stances not to work.

Update: Oct 1, 2017 @ 3:11pm

* Change: Locked vehicles can be entered by remote controlled AI (same as "Locked for Players" in Eden).
* Change: Advanced Weather Module: Takes current weather data as default values; Rainbow slider.
* Change: Add objects to Zeus: Only adds objects to the Zeus player that used the module.
* Change: Adjusted name of Patrol/Loiter module to emphasize that loiter is not restricted to choppers.
* Change: displayName config parameter is now used when selecting ammo types when using the Fire Mission module. This improves user-friendliness and allows easier selection of muntion types.
* Feature: Attribute window: Sliders show actual value as a tooltip.
* Feature: Achilles_fnc_showChooseDialog, a revised version of Ares_fnc_showChooseDialog (the latter is kept for compatibility reasons).
* Feature: New useful global veriable: Achilles_var_latestModuleLogic.
* Feature: Option to give suicide bombers vests to make it look more realistic.
* Fix: CAS Bomb Strike: Module was listed twice and cluster bombs were not available.
* Fix: Hotkey for remote control and switch unit features did not work while the map was open.
* Fix: Set map position to camera position after loading interface.
* Fix: Fix weapons not being removed when Pylon Loadout is changed (by @CoxLedere).
* Fix: Fixed an error when suicide bombers were used when the disabling type was selected.

Update: Jul 6, 2017 @ 3:44pm

* Change: Removed Zeus wind sound effect for remote control (by @CreepPork).
* Change: If Ares is enabled at the same time, Achilles will just spawn a warning message and not block Zeus entirely.
* Change: Skill slider range is no longer hard-coded. It takes the range as in 3den instead (see BIS forum[]).
* Change: Renamed vehicle attribute button "AMMO" to "LOADOUT" to make clear that ammo has to be adjusted with the slider.
* Change: Dynamic Loadout interface makes use of the new getCompatiblePylonMagazines command (=> better preformance).
* Change: Faction whitelist option was temporarly removed due to instabilities (actually it was already removed in 0.0.8, but not mentioned).
* Change: Swich Unit hotkey was changed due to conflict with MCC (new hotkey: Alt + 2xLMB).
* Change: Improved Achilles initialization for Zeus Game Master missions.
* Change: Replaced Achilles_fnc_addCuratorInterfaceEventHandler by CBA event handler system with "Achilles_onLoadCuratorInterface" and "Achilles_onUnloadCuratorInterface" as keywords.
* Fix: "Switch Unit" module does not work properly for drones => introduced exception handling.
* Fix: "Switch Unit" and "Remote Control" were triggered by 2xLMB without an additional key in certain cases.
* Fix: "Switch Unit": face of the controlled unit were overwritten by the player's settings.
* Fix: Debug logging was still present for the bomb strike module.
* Fix: Achilles_fnc_arrayMean had no exception handling for empty arrays.
* Fix: Paradrop: Exception handling did not work for 3rd party add-on chutes (= unit had 2 chutes instead of one; see Steam).

Update: Jun 15, 2017 @ 4:17pm

same, but with cleanup

Update: Jun 15, 2017 @ 4:14pm

* Change: Carrier base gets added automatically; Deletion will affect all carrier parts (the carrier is not movable though).
* Change: Intel: The map only opens for the player that picked it up. Who actually gets the intel as well still depends on the settings.
* Change: Heal and injury modules check for ace_medical instead of ace_main (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Promote player to Zeus; This module is only available for admins when the execute code module is disabled; The rights are lost when the player respawns or disconnects (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Function Viewer Module (Dev Tools).
* Feature: Switch Unit, an alternative to remote control, which gives full control over the unit (hotkey: LSHIFT + 2xLMB).
* Feature: Side as a group attribute (new attribute button).
* Feature: Change Zeus vision mode brightness (feature inspired by ACE3; ALT+PAGE UP/DOWN by default)
* Feature: IED and Suicide Bomber modules (by @CreepPork).
* Feature: Implemented Achilles_fnc_addCuratorInterfaceEventHandler.
* Feature: Added "allow fleeing" parameter to AI ability module.
* Fix: USS Freedom: Spawned twice in certain cases.
* Fix: Vanilla cycle waypoint issue for copied units (waypoint ended up on map origin).
* Fix: Ammo slider (vehicle attributes): Did not handle dynamic loadouts correctly.
* Fix: Align object horizontal (default key: X): Did not execute Achilles_fnc_HandleCuratorObjectEdited.
* Fix: Dynamic Dialog Side Control: Clicking on current selected side led to unintended behaviour.
* Fix: Canceling selection option: Did not work properly for a few modules.
* Fix: "Selection option" and "specify position" modes missed exception handling: Exiting Zeus interface.
* Fix: "Specify position" in recent tab was also executed for Zeus modules and multiple times for groups.
* Fix: "Create/Edit Intel" did not handle newline characters (Hotkey: LSHIFT+RETURN).
* Fix: Create/Edit Intel: Dialog title did not describe the exact action (create, spawn or edit).

Update: May 28, 2017 @ 4:35pm

V.0.0.7d (Achilles Expansion (alpha version)
* Change: Several critical modules can no longer be added to Zeus (prevents unintended deletion).
* Change: Specify position (spawn attribute) was improved (it is now a valuable tool for placing objects on a carrier).
* Feature: Dynamic loadout as a vehicle attribute (ammo button).
* Feature: Deep copy works for dynamic loadouts.
* Feature: Spawn USS Freedom.
* Fix: Specify position (spawn attribute): Did not work for "Recent" tab.
* Fix: Vehicle respawn system was broken after 1.70 update.
* Fix: Set Date module was broken after 1.70 update.
* Fix: CAS modules: Most planes did not show up after 1.70 update.
* Fix: CAS modules did not support planes with dynamic loadouts.
* Fix: Earthquake module: Missing text in dialog (by CreepPork)