Overlord Defense
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Update: Mar 23 @ 6:26pm


* script: minor balancing tweaks
* fix: elite soldiers and flamethrower operators are not immune to blast damage anymore, oops
* particles: minor particle tweaks
* calls: US naval artillery does more damage now and has increased blast radius

Update: Mar 11 @ 9:00am


* script: overall balancing tweaks to make it easier in solo, especially the first couple of waves
* vehicles: BMW R75 sidecar added
* vehicles: PAK36 rotation range increased from 30 to 57°
* calls: added BMW R75 sidecare drop radio call
* fix: vest of veteran flamethrower operator was not consuming when wounded through blast
* fix: M8 Greyhound and Sherman cannon not shooting through walls anymore
* fix: fixed misc sniper weapons animations
* fix: M2 mortar used the wrong map marker
* map: several map fixes here and there

Update: Mar 11 @ 8:45am

Update: Jan 20 @ 10:04am


* map: fixed intersection between bunker platforms and cliffs which causes the AI to get stucked
* map: removed the PAK36 at the entrance of the village - it's now up to the player to add one
* map: added an armory at the southern village barn
* map: moved the southern village mobile armory to the castle
* script: overall balancing rework to make it easier in solo - still very challenging though!
* script: increasing the US mortarmen spawn score by 50%
* script: starting RP increased to 60 RP
* AI: flamethrower veterans added in later waves
* AI: Sentry veterans added in later waves
* textures: fixed Mortar mapview marker
* weapons: fixed ability to carry 2 mine detectors. Made no sense as not set as consumable
* weapons: fixed Flamethrower types to heal armored vehicles
* weapons: MG42 has higher speed penalty
* weapons: portable mortar projectile blast radius increased by 22%
* weapons: M7 Grenade Launcher ballistics reworked
* equipment: Teller mines are not avoided by AI driving vehicles anymore
* equipment: reduced cost of bandages from 10 to 5RP
* equipment: bandages are now respawnable
* equipment: sandbag resource commonness doubled
* equipment: PAK36 resource requirement lowered from 3000XP to 2500XP
* vehicles: Sherman tank immune to smaller projectile like grenades and slightly more penetration from AT weapons
* items: fixed player not spawning with a vest at the start of the round

Update: Jan 13 @ 8:18am


* fix: few collision and pathing issues of ruins buildings fixed
* script: Naval artillery called on camping units in a marked area at the beach
* script: extra scripted reinforcement to add some more balancing possibilities on top of the player ai compensations which usually isn't satisfying enough with a lot of players
* weapons: some more overall weapon balancing
* animations: proper weapon animations taken from the Pacific DLC, instead of the vanilla ones
* vehicles: deployable vehicles can be destroyed by bumping them with vehicles
* vehicles: PAK36 added - effective vs. tanks
* vehicles: FLAK36 requirement raised (XP and RP)
* vehicles: wehrmacht transport truck is now also a mobile spawn point
* equipment: PAK36 deployable added
* equipment: Teller mines reworked to work as deployable vehicles instead of throwing projectiles. That way, they can be shot or removed with the mine clearing tool
* equipment: mine clearing tool added to the armory to remove mines

Update: Jan 13 @ 8:17am

Update: Jan 13 @ 8:13am

Update: Jan 4 @ 1:06pm


* map: extended the map by 2 bases, similar to Misty Heights in vanilla and added some Pacific DLC props
* vehicles: overall rebalance / price adjustment
* weapons: Flammenwerfer reworked to match vanilla
* weapons: some balancing tinkering overall
* particles: some particles rework/add overall to match more today's vanilla
* AI: sight range increased in mounted and vehicle guns
* equipment: bandages added
* equipment: morphine added in medic crates similar to pacific
* equipment: repair wrenches added
* vests: removed all "vests" from the armory to have only the strongest vest as optional purchase, player respawn with a mid-tier vest that simulates health, similar to dominance mode
* script: wave phases time increased by a minute each
* script: player can choose between "hard" and "veteran" difficulty, which are similar just that the latter has FoV enabled for more realism (default difficulty) which also makes the experience much tougher
* misc: lot of small fixes here and there

Update: Jul 19, 2017 @ 3:28pm


* Fixed crash due to changed vanilla particles.

Update: May 21, 2016 @ 8:16am


* Fixed crash resulting from special letters in translations