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Overlord Defense
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May 10, 2016 @ 12:47pm
Mar 23, 2019 @ 6:26pm
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Overlord Defense

The Overlord Defense mod is a package that adds in a purely defense-based map. Includes two factions designed for the map, the US Army and the Wehrmacht, and vehicles for both.

It's the middle of the year of 1944. You, as a soldier on the Atlantic Wall, don't expect much to happen - the Allies have only just started their advance into Italy. But suddenly, one morning, you spot a massive fleet off the coast. Despite the naysayers, you ready up for the assault.

Can you face off the waves of attackers? The seemingly endless amounts of men and machine? Can you change history, or will you make it?

Welcome to D-Day.

US Army:

Last fighing across the mountainous terrain of Italy, the US Army has adopted a very assault-oriented strategy. All their weapons are nimble and quick to aim, but they lack sustained fire and suppression abilities. Their command structure allow for an extremely heavy air presence, with close air support and transport planes available at short notice.
Arsenal: M1A1 Thompson M1 Carbine M1 Garand B.A.R M1919A6 LMG M1903A4 M7 Anti-Tank Launcher Mk.II Grenade Sticky Bomb M2 Mortar Deploy M1A1 Bazooka M7 Grenade Launcher Colt M1911


The Wehrmacht, beaten back on the Eastern Front and forced out of North Africa, has adopted a much more defensive doctrine. Many of their weapons are heavy and slow to carry around, but have quick reloads and large magazines capable of suppressing even the largest assault.
Arsenal: MP-40 StG-44 Gewher 43 Kar98k MG-42 Kar98k ZF42 Gewehrgranatgerat Panzerschreck 54 Flammenwerfer 35 Model 24 Grenade HMG42 Deploy Flak 36 Deploy Panzerfaust 60 Walther P-38
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Satan May 15 @ 4:45pm 
I hate this mod, it's terrible in terms of balance. I get that you're kinda supposed to lose but once the tanks get involved it's just a slaughter. It'd be better if you lost a bit, you know, slower.
But because this mod caused me so much pain, I decided I'd beat it no matter what.


(you pretty much have to do /RP and spawn a shit ton of soldiers at the beach, it forces the US to go into choke points swarming with Germans)
项_Pro May 6 @ 3:03am 
The US so strong, Germany can not stop panzer no anti-tank no armoured vehicles. In others, RP hard to get,I hardly to buy special weapon
Stefan Apr 19 @ 12:38am 
This is supposed to be impossible so you are right @ToXxy
ToXxy Apr 18 @ 2:25pm 
You know the map is bullshit when you get overrun even after spending tens of thousands of RP to build stationary weapons everywhere and spam reinforcements.

The US gets way too many units, way too many of them are elites. They get way too many vehicles and the tanks are way too resilient. Germany gets fuck all troops, the trenches are too deep to fire from, most stationary weapons either get quickly blown up by grenade/rifle grenade/bazooka spam or tanks, or their users are killed. No tanks either, and the AI never calls down armored cars.

Stationary stacking makes no sense (PAKs up to 2 but everything else (including cover?!) only stacks up to 1. Getting more RP is difficult because you have to recover loot from the open field through the unending assault. Even if you save up tons of RP (as I did), then fail and start building as soon as the map restarts with the carried over RP, you only have a minute or two to build, barely enough for anything.
Francobolo Feb 1 @ 2:37am 

Lord Tomat Jan 15 @ 2:16pm 
It is possible to beat this map?
V.Luck Dec 6, 2019 @ 1:35pm 
亞瑟王的劍 Nov 2, 2019 @ 8:01am 
Kalevia_Leijona Jul 27, 2019 @ 9:37pm 
A generally awesome mod. I know difficulty is reality on D-DAY, BUT it's bullshit that ONE Sherman needs FOUR Panzerfaust to destroy. Why not modify it to 2 shots for tank and 1 for armoured car? Meanwhile u may introduce additional USAAF bombing and artillery fire.
H1tm4n 47 Jun 24, 2019 @ 5:07am