Arma 3
PLP Containers
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Update: Dec 31, 2019 @ 3:19am

Updated to v2 - Reboot! Edition

Added: Cardboxes
Added: Cashboxes
Added: Chem Barrels
Added: Flight Cases
Added: Fuel Containers
Added: Handrail
Added: Hard Cases
Added: Mailboxes
Added: Metal Canisters
Added: MilCases
Added: Modular Racks
Added: Open Variants
Added: Pallets
Added: Payload Variations
Added: Pistol Lockers
Added: Plastic Barrels
Added: Pushcart
Added: Rifle Case
Added: Rifle Lockers
Added: Storage Tanks
Added: Suitcases and Bags
Added: Trash Cans
Added: ULD Containers
Added: Vending Machine (Damaged)
Added: Vending Machines (Toys)
Added: Weapon Holders (Display Only)
Added: Woodboxes (Dark) Textures
Changed: Config files
Changed: Several Textures
Fixed: Damage values
Fixed: Several rpt errors
Fixed: Weapon Holders

Update: Sep 22, 2018 @ 6:37pm

Updated to v0.8b

Added: Bottle Containers
Added: Dust Bins
Added: Garbage Cans
Added: Lockers
Added: Multibox Variations
Added: Outdoor Trash Cans
Added: Plastic Bins
Added: Plastic Coolers
Added: Rubbish Bins
Added: New Classes for Eden Editor
Fixed: Complete configuration overhaul
Fixed: Partitioning fence door not working in binarized maps
Fixed: Several texture fixes due to new lighting

Update: Jun 5, 2016 @ 10:07am


- Added: Eden Editor Support
- Fixed: Pallets not visible in Zeus

Update: Mar 18, 2016 @ 1:24pm

Updated to v0.7b

- Added: Openable Versions of Door (Thanks Auss!)
- Added: Multibox (Column)
- Added: Multibox (Utility)
- Added: Rugged Crate (Grey)
- Added: Trash Bins (Big)
- Added: Service Barrels
- Added: Fuel Crates
- Added: Made Warehouse Shelves static objects
- Added: Labels for useable Cargo
- Fixed: Error (Cannot load texture)
- Fixed: Several objects missing in Zeus
- Fixed: Firegeo LODs
- Fixed: Several textures

Update: Oct 16, 2015 @ 11:26am


- Added Trolleys in several versions
- Added (In)visible Weaponholders in several versions
- Added Slat and Peg Walls (Weapon Displays)
- Added Partitioning Fence (Grey)
- Added Pallet (Wood) in several versions
- Added Woodbox (Long)
- Added Wood Barrel (Dark)
- Added Sling loading support for Containers and huge Woodboxes
- Fixed Wood Barrel (Light)
- Fixed HighSec Trailer
- Fixed Several Roadway-LODs
- Fixed Several Textures


- Added Pallet (Plastic, Blue)
- Added Pallet (Plastic, Grey)
- Added Barrel (Biohazard)
- Added Barrel (Radioactive)
- Added Wood Barrel (Dark)
- Added Trashcan (House, Small)
- Added Trashcan (House, Bathroom)
- Added Trashcan (House, Generic)
- Added Trashcan (City, Park)
- Added Objects in moveable versions
- Added Mapbuilder-Support
- Several Texture-Tweaks
- Several ResLOD-Tweaks
- Several GeoLOD-Tweaks

Update: Aug 22, 2015 @ 6:38pm