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PLP Containers
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Aug 22, 2015 @ 6:38pm
Dec 31, 2019 @ 3:19am
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PLP Containers

Everyone loves Looting.

Reboot! Edition is a complete overhaul of this Addon; A sample mission with all assets placed in VR is part of the download.

This Addon will add hundreds of Containers in Cargo, Physx and static Versions.
See a list of the available assets in the Excel file that should be included.


Thanks Auss for helping me out with a door animation.

Base Model of Woodbox (Long) donated by devilslayersbane from BI Forums (Thanks for that one!)

Model/Texture of Bottle Container made by GamePoly
Model/Texture of Rugged Crate, Tool Box and Handtruck made by Luchador
Model/Texture of Forklift made by rahjea
Model/Texture of Fuel Crate made by CoSwiz
Model/Texture of Kappa Cases made by petrsvenda
Model/Texture of Lockers made by game-ready
Model/Texture of Mailbox (Flat) made by drumdorf
Model/Texture of Mailbox (Old) made by salexniks2
Model/Texture of Metal Canisters A made by PropBox
Model/Texture of Metal Canisters B made by vladvych
Model/Texture of Metal Dumpsters made by teardropclock
Model/Texture of Milcases made by forestcat
Model/Texture of Multiboxes and Service Barrels made by Boris_Mesaros
Model/Texture of Multiboxes made by alpenwolf
Model/Texture of Outdoor Trash Can made by Dekogon
Model/Texture of Pallets, Racks and Storage props made by alexsychov
Model/Texture of Plastic Bin made by cmc444
Model/Texture of Rifle Case made by yohanyohanson228
Model/Texture of Transport Cart made by rescue3dcom
Model/Texture of Tyres made by AtomStudios
Model/Texture of ULD (MD1) made by gooseman
Model/Texture of Vending Machine (Damage) made by AtomStudios
Model/Texture of Water Storage Tank made by Dekogon
Model/Texture of Wood Barrel made by tobbo

Most of these artists can be found on and

One or more textures used on the models included have been created with images from
These images may not be redistributed by default. Please visit for more information.

Any unauthorized modification of the released files is not allowed without any written permission by the author(s).
You are using those files at your own risk.
Author(s) of those files are not liable for any damage or loss of data caused by using of those files.
Usage of those files is also prohibited for any commercial purposes.
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MarkieMarky Nov 5 @ 6:37am 
To clarify, cant see containers
MarkieMarky Nov 5 @ 6:37am 
Cant find plp in eden editor?
StentoN Oct 7 @ 3:10am 
It would be cool if objects in EdenEditor had images
Ace Sep 24 @ 3:53pm 
Is anyone else unable to get the placement helpers to work?
Maple Mar 21 @ 4:46pm 
How do weapon helper works?
Ace Aug 25, 2022 @ 3:34pm 
This is a fantastic mod, but one thing irks me. ACE doesn't let me drag or move any of these objects, and attempting to set these traits in the Eden editor doesn't yield any results. Could you make an ACE compatibility patch wherein it lets us drag these objects around?
xX_UnrealGamer_Xx Jul 11, 2022 @ 9:28pm 
I just want to get to the point I am asking all of you for your help, I’m looking to work on a project with the help of the modding community that worked on mods from silent hunter 3/4 and other games, I know that what i’m asking is a lot to ask for so if you would give me a chance to explain

I would be grateful, I'm looking for about 25 people with experience with mod deployment for a project I have in mind to make a game that would be somewhat a spiritual successor to silent hunter 4 using the unreal engine 5

if you not interested I could understand
Pikachu May 22, 2022 @ 7:27am 
Thank you for a Great Add-on !

It would be even greater if you provided preview pictures for the editor.
Is it possible ?

Many thanks !
Hungry? Mar 14, 2022 @ 8:12am 
Moin Meister, Ich hab mal kurz eine Frage, kannst du mich eben adden ?
Zabese Dec 5, 2021 @ 5:03pm 
Hey poolpunk I am not sure if you allowed Euler from the 1st MEU to reupload parts of your mod into their "Map Pack" mod but I can see that your PBOs for a few of your mods are in there. Here is a link to their "Map Pack" mod (