Arma 3
FIR AWS(AirWeaponSystem)
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Update: Apr 29 @ 2:10am

Air Weapon System
- AI tailhook function added

Update: Apr 22 @ 9:19pm

Air Weapon System
- AMS-Lite fixed. now Xi'an can use gun turret and laser designator after using AMS-Lite.

Update: Apr 15 @ 10:56pm

Air Weapon System
- several issues of vanilla aircrafts with AWS fixed
= tailhook actions for UCAV sentinel restored
= Auto unfold wing feature restored for F/A-181,UCAV sentinel
= AMS-Lite added for F/A-181 Stealth variant
= fixed missing eventhandlers for vanilla aircrafts

Update: Apr 14 @ 11:14pm

Pilot&Crew Pack
hotfix for some helmet shadow issues since latest A3 update.

Update: Mar 10 @ 2:19am

Air Weapon System
color&material adjusted for F-16,F-2 fueltank

Pilot&Crew pack
new materials for helmets
camo variations for HGU-84/P

Update: Feb 28 @ 9:12pm

v3.5 "Sky Racer"
- smoke generator, smokewinder added
- weapon info panel for Caesar BTT
- FIR Pilot&Crew pack is now move into FIR AWS and part of FIR AWS. remove old Pilot&Crew pack is recommended.
- equipment reworked(texture and material)
Targeting Pods - LITENING, LANTIRN
ECM Pods - Intrepid Tiger 2,AN/ALQ-119/131/184/167/188
LAU-118 HARM launcher
TGP mount for F-16
ACMI pods

Update: Jan 20 @ 7:43pm

- EWP integration for various aircraft(F-15C/D,F-14B/D,F/A-18F and F/A-181)
- more weapons for EWP

Update: Dec 27, 2019 @ 10:22pm

- BAS"Briefing Assistance System" added
video guide :
mission source(2 sample missions) :

Update: Dec 23, 2019 @ 8:28pm

- ALQ-99 ECM pod now has rotor on nose, and it's rotate automatically.
- maintenance

Update: Nov 14, 2019 @ 10:47pm

-AWS function command added
how to use :
[object,itgt,ams,ecm,ew] call fir_fnc_aws_enablefunction; in vehicle init box.(fixed-wing and rotor-wing supported)
parameter list
1st : vehicle name, or this
2nd : I-TGT (Boolean, true/false)
3rd : AMS-Lite (Boolean, true/false)
4th : ECM (Boolean, true/false)
5th : EW (Boolean, true/false)
- AGM-158 JASSM added(unused data from Encore update)