Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Update: Feb 18, 2015 @ 9:11pm

Typhoon Ver 1.4 changelog:

New and Improved

- Added a new skybox texture, moving cloud sprites, and a rework of the 3D skybox, which includes new textures and new buildings.
- Changed the bus at back-road/CT-mid to a shipping container. The shipping container is cheaper in terms of performance, and has a better-defined collision model.
- Upgraded the doors in apartments.
- Added a frame (and thus some structural integrity) to the plywood wall at squeaky.
- Added a lamp and some decals to the wall of yellow building along Second-Mid
- Made the large blue warehouse a bit more detailed.
- Changed the textures around the garage doors in Mid, make more logical sense now.
- There are now moving clouds in the skybox.
- Put some lights above the two door ways, with glow sprites.
- Increased the number of, and tweaked the style of, most of the glow sprites in the map.
- Added some more detail to the fenced off area under pink building on T-ramp.
- Slightly changed the aesthetics of the buildings in the level.
- Removed the bicycles from the map. Terrorists are going to have to walk now.
- Replaced the ute from the yard on long-A to a shipping container.
- Put another shipping container at the the end of the road next to the parking garage, outside the map.
- Renamed this update to 'The Shipping Container Update'
- Some minor brushwork changes to the parking garage.
- Put a clip brush around the stairs at B site, to improve movement when going onto the site.
- Increased the brightness of the lights in Brick to improve visibility.
- Added stain decals to some of the signs along mid.


- Removed a few minor props to improve performance.
- Made many props fade out to improve performance.
- The tram tracks now link up to each other at the corners.
- Clipped the toolbox in A-hut, bomb can't get stuck behind there now. Also put a piece of plywood, to prepare for the map's relaunch as de_plywood.
- Fixed some black textures along mid.
- Fixed an errant decal at Drain on A-site.
- Gave some props point lighting rather than per-vertex lighting, to save on file size and performance.
- Minor texture re-alignments.
- Further nodraw/texture optimisation.

If there is anything in this update that you think is out of place, let me know in the bug report thread, here.

Update: Sep 14, 2014 @ 12:48am

Typhoon Ver 1.3 changelog:

New and Improved

- Re-did the ceiling of brick, added struts, some vents, and other details.
- Some fancy brush/displacement work has replaced some crates in garage.
- Added glow sprites, tile boxes to construction. Closed the toolbox lid, and got the ground ready for tiling.
- Put a fire-pipe room in long hall.
- The tiling all around mall is now a bit more exciting.
- Spruced up lots of the textures in the map, particularly around A site. Gave them bump and specular maps, and changed their material properties, to improve wallbangs.
- Made the tarmac on second mid into a displacement, so lumpy.
- Prettied up the tanks in brick.
- Some more props and brushwork at aircon.
- Changed the windows on green building. Also put a lamp there.
- Chucked in a few vents around the place.
- Added a sign and some more boxes around sandbags.
- You can now run over the sandbags without jumping.
- Changed the windows on parking lot.
- Stained the big blue wall of garage on A site.
- The loading screen now has little icons pop up.
- Changed the sounds and soundscapes in brick.
- Put some crates in the ute in garage.
- Loosened the cables along the rafters in garage.
- Made a few props '+use'able. Have a look around.
- Added a floormat outside the door in garden. Too many pirates walking dirt in!
- Changed the door textures at the bathrooms.
- Put a nice protective tarp over the produce in the back of banana.
- Added another chicken to chicken.
- Put some pallets, and a bit more junk around vines.
- Added some more glow sprites to lights around T.
- Removed boiler from laundry.
- Added a few more A/B/arrow signs.
- Changed the fan above apartments entryway, to save on models.
- Chucked a few light models under the awnings around T.
- Tweaked some of the store fronts in mall.
- Put some more decals/overlays around the place, including stains along the awnings at mid.
- Placed an arrow next to the letter 'B' at T-spawn, to stop silly terrorists getting lost.
- Put the street number above the power station door on Long-A.
- Changed some orange arrows into red ones.
- Made A-site drain a bit bumpier.


- Made the flood water slightly (0.7 -> 0.64) less reflective.
- Moved an incorrectly placed drainpipe on old grey building.
- Corrected some obviously misaligned textures in the 3D skybox.
- Swapped out vents in storageroom to save on model memory.
- Removed some bad prop-fading.
- Fixed all the ugly doorway textures.
- Fixed up the roof a bit in mall entrance.
- Replaced the box and fire extinguisher in apartments with a far more boring box.
- Removed unnecessary prop inside bank.
- Replaced a fairly expensive overlay with a cheaper decal along all the awnings in mid.
- Lots of other prop removal/replacements.
- Updated spectator radar image slightly.
- Toned down the dustmotes in apartments.
- Fixed some stupid texture issues.
- A few lightmap optimisations.

This is beginning to look like the definitive release version, I've done pretty much all of the things I wanted to do. Regardless, I'd love to hear feedback or bug reports, in the appropriate suggestion thread, here.

Update: Aug 12, 2014 @ 5:11am

Typhoon Ver 1.2 changelog:

New and Improved:

- Gave the parking lot the same treatment as the shopping mall, it's much prettier now.
- Added some trim to the stairs at vines.
- Added glow sprites to many of the street and awning lights.
- Put in two new street lights along T-ramp, to lighten the place up a bit.
- Added mud to the ground along back road, garage, long-A, and short-A.
- Added a light near T-spawn, thanks catfood!
- Added power lines to the rafters in garage.
- Changed the roof and lighting in apartments entryway.
- Made the water slightly less reflective, which should make it easier to see things which are submerged.
- Changed some of the colours on green building, including a trim on the balconies.
- Replaced shipping container models with brushes, should improve performance slightly.
- Added floor mats at the two exits to CT, to keep the carpet clean.
- Reworked some of the cover on B site.
- Added some dustmotes in chicken.
- Put a vent on the green wall at vines.
- Added some spare tiles to the floor of construction.
- Clipped the corners off the pillars inside shop.
- Minor tweak to reflectivity of windows at brick.
- Added some more air conditioners to yellow building.
- Added an exit sign above CT stairwell, to make it clearer that it's a way out.
- Made the cab of the long-truck grey.
- Added some red lights to the rear of the truck at T.
- Rotated the door at aircon, to improve movement a little.
- Map no longer contains pizza. Probably one of the hardest choices I've ever had to make.
- Added a few decals around the place.
- Closed the shutter at the noodle shop.
- Added an arrow next to the door on T-ramp.
- You can now shoot the elevator button to trigger it. This will not make the elevator come down.
- Added a vent to the exterior to brick building.
- Moved an air conditioner on green building, and added a stain to it.
- Changed the red sedan in parking lot to a blue truck.
- Moved the new orange sign at mid a bit further off the wall.
- Added a small concrete block to the base of a pipe in terrace.
- Added a few more planks to the roof of construction.
- Removed coral from the mud around mid, should see a slight performance boost.


- Much of the maps concrete textures had their $surfaceprop set to 'default' rather than 'concrete'. This has now been fixed.
- Fixed some overlays near garage door not appearing.
- A prop in storage room is not longer levitating.
- Gave some props a fade-out distance, to hopefully improve performance.
- Fixed up some textures on the long-plat buildings windows.
- Removed the light decals from the wall in aircon. They didn't turn out too great.
- Further lightmap optimisations.
- Fixed a decal not appearing on a light on big garage.
- Tweaked the colour of some lights around mid. T-side is now more orange, CT side is now more blue.
- Clipped off some more areas of the map, to prevent unfair boost spots and exploits.
- The safety tape across the door at aircon and the stairwell at CT is now correctly non-solid.
- Fixed an ugly door in storage room.
- Made the glow sprites on the floodlights a bit dimmer, they looked silly.
- Made the T-spawn truck even louder.
- Clothes on the floor of mall no longer flicker.
- Lightened the dark green light at the end of dark-hall in mall. It's now brighter.
- Removed some redundant props, should hopefully improve performance.
- Fixed up some miscelanous texture alignments.

Once again, thankyou to everyone who has played the map and left feedback. If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions, it would be great if you could write them in the relevant discussion thread, here.

Update: Jul 31, 2014 @ 1:56am

Typhoon Ver 1.1 changelog:

New and Improved

- The exterior of mall has had a complete overhaul: added a trim to the exterior of the building, fixed up some issues with the big sign, added vents, and some decals.
- Improved T-Gate, with a bit more footpath, a new door on the red building, and some crates being unloaded from the truck.
- Made brick wall around A site prettier.
- Added a sign to one of the pillars on the yellow building.
- Truck at T spawn now makes engine noises. In addition, terrorists now have a chance of spawning inside of it.
- Replaced the safety fence at the stairs of CT with some coloured tape. That'll keep out those pesky terrorists.
- Added a little bit more cover at shop counter, made it a bit prettier overall.
- Widened the stairs in laundry and in CT, movement in those places should be a bit more fluid now.
- Added glow sprites to the lights in garage and in hut.
- The ceiling above the windows on yellow building has been changed a little.
- Made the facade of chicken building slightly more interesting.
- Added a dripping pipe and a puddle to the entryway to apartments.
- You can now shoot the chickens in chicken.
- Added lights to the ceiling of bank.
- Added elevator buttons and numbers. Both elevators are on the first floor. Do not use the elevators in the event of an emergency.
- Generally, more of the air conditioners in the map are leaky now.
- Added some general scenery to mall and B site.
- Added a green light to the exit sign at the end of dark hallway in mall.
- Theres a few more windows into the (inaccessible) blue warehouse.
- Made some minor tweaks to the navmesh, to accomodate the new world geometry, and give the bots a few more options in movement.
- Added some more custom textures and overlays.


- Fixed some prop fading on the lights in garage.
- Removed some boost spots and exploits.
- Fixed some overlays not appearing. Windows on red building should now have stains running down from them, and there is now a sign in CT spawn.
- Changed the thickness of lots of walls from 16 units to 8 units, for easier wallbanging, and more realistic map scale.
- Fixed some textures and tweaked the plants on B sculpture.
- Made it clearer that a door at aircon cannot be accessed (thanks /u/CS_Professeur!)
- Fixed the offset air conditioner textures on red building.
- Performed some lightmap optimisations, map file should now be about 400 kB smaller.
- Removed the cubemapping from a texture in the dark hallway in mall.
- Fixed an incorrectly aligned skylight texture in garage.

Thanks to everyone for their playtesting, suggestions, and support. If you notice any bugs arising from this update, it would be great if you could report them in the discussion thread, here.

Update: Jul 24, 2014 @ 7:06am