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Custom Hero Chaos(Summoner Online)
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Update: Mar 28 @ 7:05pm

Fix Brewmaster Primal Split's suicide issue.
Now the Tobmstone will not work on Roshan (Because it may cause game crash)
Adjust Russian Translation.
Rebalance loser curse, it will reduce hero base attribute.

Update: Mar 27 @ 11:40pm

Delate all cheat player's rank score and inventory items. Mark their actor to 99999 as punishment.
Fix some cheat issue (Malnipulate Bet Value).
Fix liquid fire.
Nerf Summoner Items effect (-25%), nerf summoner items attribute bouns(-30%).
Remove liquid fire and observe the game crash issue.

Update: Mar 27 @ 5:34pm

Nerf Summoner Items(-35%).
Now the Sky Staff and Star Force will deal full damage to Summon Creep
Try to fix cheat problem. If you find cheat again
Please email me for detail
(Screen shot, his steamId (32 bit), and other information)
I will ban this ID, in next release. Thanks

Update: Mar 27 @ 3:36am

Aether Remnant now is Unremovable.
Please email me for Cheater detail
(Screen shoot, his steamId (32 ), which round he get money, and other information)
I will ban this ID, in next release. Thanks

Update: Mar 27 @ 2:29am

Summoner Online
Add new set of item: Mask of Dominator , Hood of Dominator , Crown of Dominator
Passive:Dominator Increase summoned creeps damage, health, attack speed and armor.
Based on hero attributes.
Add new it consumable item: Book of Summoner Unlearns a random ability and get a summon ability.
Fix Invoker tornado and add back to game.
Copy Multicast from Swashbuckling Buccaneer
Copy Russian Translation from Swashbuckling Buccaneer

Update: Mar 24 @ 6:54pm

Buff Sky Staff and Star force
Remove Tornado

Update: Mar 23 @ 7:03pm

Add new item in shop Torn Page of Retraining Book
Do some balance adjust based on Big Data:
Buff Star Force and Sky Staff
Nerf damage and duration of frostivus 's bedlam
Nerf infernal blade
Buff Sun Ray , Earth Splitter, Midnight Pulse, Static Field and some Invoker Abilities.

Update: Mar 22 @ 6:20pm

Fix bug caused by Scepter and Change Ability Order
Remove ability Nature's Guise, and replace by Nature's Grasp
Add big data to calculate win-rate. Will balance the game base on it.
Remove Frostivus Burning Army, replace by original Burning Army
Add Scepter for Arcwarden and Tiny.

Update: Mar 20 @ 9:39am

Add scepter ability for Kunkka Rattletrap Enchantress Treant Ogre Magi Earth Spirit.....
Remake ability eclipse, now it would not need ability Beam anymore
Fix Jingu Mastery , Moment of Courage and Abaddon Frostmourne add back to Ability Pool
Nerf spider creep's toxin radius and duration.

Update: Mar 18 @ 5:33am

Sorry, Rank server is attacked by hacker in March 18.
We re-roll data to March 17.
And compensate 150 coin for all players.