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Hearts of Iron IV

Millenium Dawn - GFX Update
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Update: Jun 15 @ 10:40am

Initial Upload

Update: Jun 12 @ 9:41am


- Replaced AMX-32 for AMX-30B2 Brenus along with the icon.
- Added Leclerc XLR icon.
- Added EMBT icon. This is basically a Leopard 2 with Leclerc turret that was revealed in 2018.
- Added VABs, AMX-VCIs, AMX-10Ps, VBCIs and the upcoming VBMR Griffon and ATOM IFV icons.
- Added AMX-13 and EBRC Jaguar icons for recon/light tank.
- Added more Mirage F1s, Mirage 2000s, Rafales and a developed Mirage 4000 interceptor icons.

Update: Jun 10 @ 9:50am


- Added 4 transport helicopter icons.
- Added Toyota HMV icon.
- Added F-104J, F-1, F-4EJ and F-4EJ Kai, completing the jet fighter tree of the JASDF (for now)

I can't remember the rest, but I do know that Russian fighter icons were updated, including the carrier borne aircraft. German MBT icons are added in, along with some Greek vehicles. Credits to Tolis for this.

Update: Jun 9 @ 12:34am


Mod has merged with MD: AMERICAN EQUIPMENT FIX. Yaaaaay!

- Infantry tree has been updated with new guns for icons! But no helmets for your troops.
- Vehicle tree has been updated. Lots of new Abrams rolling in.
- Added new Stryker icons to replace the old ones.
- Added the iconic American Hornets and Super Hornets. Go wild in Iran.
- Added new helicopter icons. Now you can enact your version of Black Hawk Down.

Update: Jun 8 @ 9:50am


- Properly named Type 75 Kai
- Properly named AH-64DJP

Update: Jun 8 @ 9:34am


- Replaced one Leopard 3 icon to Leopard 2A7+ icon.

- Swapped GAZ Tigr and BPM-97 around.

- Added Handley Page Victor icon for bomber.
- Added VC-10, TriStar, A400M Atlas icons for transport.

- Added a lot of new tank icons
- Added Type 60 and Type 73 APC icons.
- Added Type 87 ARV icon.
- Replaced the Type 89 IFV icon with the one that uses JGSDF tri-colour camo.
- Added new icons for some aircraft.
- Added 5 attack helicopter icons.

Update: Jun 7 @ 6:47am

Mod is now 1.7 compatible!

- British Challenger II Black Knight now has a new icon based on the Challenger II LEP.
- Localisation changes in the British vehicle tab.

- The old helicopter icons have been replaced by 8 brand new ones.
- New Tu-22M icon added in.

- CV aircraft icons updated with 3 new icons. Now you can have your glorious F/A-18s in your aircraft carriers!

Update: Jun 5 @ 9:41am

- Added Gen 5.5 BAE Systems Tempest into the air tab
- Added 6 new icons for the British helicopters.

- Updated and changed some icons and names around
- Sprut and PT-76 added for recon. Rerolled Bumerang as a future MGS.
- Added new icons for most Russian airborne IFVs.
- Updated and changed some icons and names for the air tab.
- Replaced the interceptor icon with the actual MiG-31 icon.
- Added Gen 5.5 MiG-41 and LMFS icons.

- Updated and changed icons and names around in the vehicle tab.
- Added new icons - M2A4 Bradley, MBT-70, Dragoon APC.
- Added Griffin III IFV and AMPC.

Update: Jun 3 @ 9:44am

- UK MBTs fixed and updated
- Added the actual Challenger I icon
- UK APCs fixed and updated
- UK IFVs edited. Added Warrior WCSP icon.
- UK Recon edited. Added Scimitar icon
- UK Air tab changed. More Typhoon, Tornadoes and Harrier icons added.

- Added SAR-21, MMS, BMCR to infantry tab.
- Added new APCs, IFVs and MBTs to vehicle tab.
- Updated the air tab to reflect the RSAF's equipment.

Update: Jun 3 @ 8:57am

Initial Upload