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Update: Jun 25 @ 6:03am

Updates / Changes / Misc.

  • Removed Ducats - You will still keep the Ducats you already own, but they'll no longer be able to be purchased from merchants (unless their inventories haven't been refreshed from the previous version). This was the #1 complaint the mod was getting due to the Barter skill and certain gear traits that lowers the cost of buying and raises the price for selling, making Ducats easy to exploit for infinite money. Unfortunately there just seems to be no way to have Ducats bypass those traits.
  • Made tweaks to the Luck, Gold and XP Potions. Rebalanced their durations and prices, making them more varied and affordable. Added a Gold Potion III to the Mapworks' blacksmith inventory.
  • Moved Health and Mana numbers on HUD inside the orbs so they no longer block other UI features, and changed the font to make them more legible.

Update: Apr 22, 2019 @ 6:03pm

Bug Fix

  • Fixed crashing problem caused by using the Crab Leg while having a pet with modded textures.

Update: Mar 6, 2019 @ 4:21pm

Removed the Critical Hit animation from Indicators Premium

Update: Feb 15, 2019 @ 3:16pm

Update 4.2

New Mods
  • The Double Agent - Another new class created by DarkStar. It's a meleeing tank class that has an interesting new twist on the Chargebar.
  • Ancient Items - Each type of weapon and armor now has a new item group to loot, called Ancient. They're as rare and powerful as uniques, with randomized stats.
  • Final Fantasy Weapons Revised - A rebalanced version of Final Fantasy Weapons. Adds 8 new unique weapons from the Final Fantasy universe.
  • Variant Pets - Added 23 new starting pets from this mod: Bard Golem, Bat Rabbit, Cave Spider, Corrupted Mercenary, Dark Templar, Dogbeer, Elekk, Estherian Shade, Flying Manta, Goba, Guardian of the Wild, Hobsprite, Imaginary Pet, Mech Construct, Pandaren, Ravager, Swamp Golem, Syl, Teddy Bear, Tutara Rogue, Undead Dragon Baby, Velociraptor, and Weichi.

    There were many I didn't include because the starting pets menu is becoming bloated, so I only added the ones I liked the most. I also added 33 pets from this mod that you can find as fish, along with many new skins for the older starting pets.
  • Loading Screens Creature Set - This adds some new artwork of monsters from the world of Torchlight during the loading screens, created by Torchlight 2's concept artist Mike Franchina.
  • Loot Error Fixes - There are many bosses that drop champion loot, and champions that drop normal monster loot. This mod fixes this.
  • Effects List Overhaul - This mod makes penalties on items stand out better with red font and better word choice. Also adds missing descriptions on some effects and decimal numbers to percentage stats, providing more detail to the player.

Updates / Changes / Misc.
  • Updated Ripper's Armory - Fixed a major bug where the majority of unique items in this mod weren't able to spawn. This effectively adds hundreds of new weapons to the loot table - be on the lookout for high-level versions of the unique items from Zelda and Kingdom Hearts (prefixed Fabled, Epic and True). Also updated with brand new weapons that were added over the last couple of years.
  • Updated Unique Beams - Beams were slightly thickened and now reach the top of the screen. Particle effects were added to the purple beam for Golden Keys and Transmutation Stones.
  • Brand new Enhanced Pets can be purchased, and the Boss Auras now have a chance to spawn when killing the appropriate Boss.
  • Created a few new Boss Spells and changed the rate of Bosses dropping them to 50%, from the previous 67%.
  • Buffed some Easter egg items to give them more value - e.g. Minecraft swords, Buffadon's mask and MacReady's shotgonne. You'll be more likely to actually want to use these items when you find them.
  • Added a rare potion that awards the player 5 points in one of the four Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Focus, Vitality).
  • Added some new sounds from Phanjam's Sound Pack - Using Health potions, Identifying items and activating a Shrine Buff.
  • Added a new animation for Critical Hits from Indicators Premium.
  • The recipe used with Transmutation Stones (Essentials Armory) now has a tiny chance of giving you a Legendary item.
  • Tweaked the Pause menu - When you pause the game you'll now see information displayed above your character: Name, Fame level and XP level. You'll also see stats to the side: Time Played, # of monsters killed, player deaths and Quests completed. Also moved the Options menu under your character. This was inspired by Moved Options Menu by Aherin.
  • Tweaked the Player Inventory UI - The Helmet and Amulet slots are now centered above the character's image and the ring slots have been moved to either side.
  • Increased the size of the pet selection menu to accomodate the extra pets. The window now has 3 columns and 4 rows, instead of 2 and 3 respectively. This was inspired by the menu from Variant Pets.
  • Removed Free Entrace Resurrection. Resurrecting at the entrance of a dungeon now costs 4% of your Gold.
  • The Preacher class now shares class set items with the Berserker.
  • Fixed conflict with SynergiesMOD that caused the Embermage's Death Bounty skill to not work properly.

Update: May 26, 2017 @ 5:43pm

Update 4.1

New Mods
  • New Pets - 2 Pets added from Anarch's More Pets Mod: Banshee and Brackenwitch.

Updates / Changes / Misc.
  • Added an extra inventory page for each equipment tab. You can now carry double the Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Gems and Spells.
  • Blacksmiths now carry Armor potions for each armor type that increase in strength as the game progresses.
  • Fish that give stat boosts (better block %, attack / cast speed, dodge chance, elemental damage, etc.) for 15 minutes can be bought from Blacksmiths and Collectors of Fine Things.
  • Removed Trinket2Gem Recipe so Soul-crafting in Synergies now properly works.
  • Changed Rare2Skull Recipe so it no longer conflicts with Ember Gem Upgrade.
  • Removed Stat Venom potions to free space for the Mapworks' Multi-Purpose Merchant. Also halved the price of the Restat Potion and created a Restat Potion II that refunds 100 Stat points.
  • You can now return to your Waypoint Portal from the Mapworks' World Map as well as the Map Selector. Thanks to doudley.
  • Changes to Transmutation Ember: There's only one level of Ember now (now called 'Stone') and it can only be found after killing Bosses. Added the Unique items found in Arkham's Armory and Reiner's Gear to the Recipe's spawnclass. Also now the item level is ignored when crafting so you can use any level of ingredients and get any level of weapon or armor back.

Update: Apr 4, 2017 @ 9:12am

Update 4.0

New Mods
  • The Preacher - New class created by DarkStar. You play as a Monk-like warrior that specializes in hand-to-hand combat and party support. It also has some of the Estherian faces and hairstyles from the Preacher Skin Add-on.
  • Arkham's Armory - This adds a bunch of new weapons to loot, many of which are based on items from Warhammer 40k, Elder Scrolls and Warcraft.
  • Ripper's Armory - Another loot mod that adds many weapons and shields from the Kingdom Hearts and Zelda universe. Also has a collection of Katanas.
  • New Pets - Mini Tyrael, Beholder Invasion and Thug Life by Gao. Also added CorgiEXE, the Warbeast from SynergiesMOD and the Gel from Starter Pets.
  • New Spells - 4 new Spells from Themed Summon Spells: Summon Deathflingers / Glaivethrowers / Marksmen / Spectral Archers. Also 2 new Spells from Ability Spells: Summon Master Sidekick and Absolute Block
  • Power Skulls - 5 new Skulls to hunt for that boost XP, Luck, Gold Find, Cast Speed and Attack Speed.
  • New Fish - Rainbow Fish, Velociraptor from Phan's Big Pets, and 9 of the Pets from Monster Hero.
  • Fishing Add-On - Adds new Fishing Holes throughout the game as well as displays them with a unique icon in the Automap.
  • Master Angler - Adds 2 new Legendary fisherman items to craft as well as loot that increases your Fishing Luck (Bait and Lure).
  • Legendary Weapons Update - Buffs each Legendary Weapon to make them truly stand out from Uniques but does not make them overpowered.
  • Ultimate Boss Chest - Buffs Boss chests so they always drop a random Unique, a Set item, a little extra Gold and more. You're now properly rewarded for defeating Bosses.
  • Smarter Gambler - Improves your odds at getting better equipment from the Gambler. No more White and Green items.
  • Vendor Boon / Vendor Fish - Vendor Boon adds more items to Boon the Collector's inventory. Vendor Fish is a consumable item sold by Chewtoy (Mapworks merchant) that permanently lowers your Pet's travel to Town time to 1 second. Save some Gold for this item.
  • Improved Target Dummy - Target Dummies now display damage over time.
  • Block Indicator - When you or an enemy successfully block, a floating Shield icon appears above the attack.
  • Chaos Burst Builds Charge - The Chaos Burst skill for the Outlander now builds Charge.
  • Smoother Teleport - The Frost Phase skill for the Embermage is now quieter, navigates better and has a little more range.
  • Aura of Enhanced Targeting - This adds a potion to the General Merchant that after drinking creates a visual green indicator above your pet and summons, a red indicator above enemies, and makes breakables shimmer. The effects end when you exit to the Main Menu. Purely aesthetic mod.
  • Unearthed Arcana - I added a few cool features of this mod (nowhere near all of it): New Loading Screens, fixes for the Engineer and Outlander Charge Bars, 2 new levels of Fame, 3 new Emotes, a World Map for the Waypoint in Mapworks, more sounds for Heroes and NPCs. Also includes 2 new stats to track in your Arcane Menu: # of Critters you step on and Secrets found.

Updates / Changes / Misc.
  • Changed Inventory to Inventory Upgrade. The Player Inventory and Player Stash now have 5 tabs: Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Gems and Spells.
  • Changes to the Target Health Bar UI - HP numbers are now displayed within the health bar, with the Monster's name displayed above. The monster's damage weakness is displayed on the left and his Level is shown under the health bar.
  • Balanced Tenebris - Buffed Deep Impact and got rid of all the Health penalties when using the Passive skills. I think these penalties incentivized not using the Passives altogether.
  • Added a monetary trading system to the General Merchant - You can now buy Ducats for 1,000 Gold (Copper), 10,000 Gold (Silver) and 100,000 Gold (Gold). They sell for the exact same price. This is so you can share money between co-op Players or your own saved Characters.
  • Added a button that hides and shows the side menu buttons (Inventory, Skills / Stats etc.) created by doudley. Also lowered the buttons on the left to be level with the ones on the right. This replaces Hide Menu Buttons in Combat.
  • Now using a new version of Clear Minimap also created by doudley. The minimap in the upper-right now has a square invisible outline as opposed to circular, making the map larger.
  • Added Gem and Fish selling merchants to The Mapworks
  • Lost Spirit 2.0 - New merchant similar to Boon the Collector. You must find a rare scroll to summon it. It sells Spells, Gems and Fish that are near your Level.
  • Added to Chewtoy's (Mapworks merchant) inventory:
    • Stat Potion - Awards the purchaser with 20 Stat Points.
    • Infinite Lost Spirit Vendor Scroll: Spawn the Lost Spirit 2.0 an infinite amount of times.
    • Summon Master Sidekick
  • Lowered prices for the Respec Potion and Infinite Waypoint / Identify Scrolls.
  • Added Target Dummy to The Mapworks. You use a to-scale dummy of The Alchemist as your punching bag for testing weapons and skills.
  • Also added a Target Dummy to The Minehead (Act 4 Town) and a Transmuter to the Estherian Enclave.
  • Added new recipes - Randomize Uniques and Rares, create items from Ripper's Armory, turn rare socketables into Skulls, and more.
  • Edited all Menu and UI files to realign the Ubuntu Font, properly centering the text instead of it being lowered.
  • Added Spell and Gem icons to appropriate merchant UIs and incorporated icons from Rainbow Redux: Fish.

Update: Aug 26, 2014 @ 2:53am

Update 3.4

New Mods
  • New Spells - Added some cool new spells from Attack Gorilla's Spell Pack, along with the Random Item Spell from Unlock all Spells, and some unique spells from the modded class Red Mage.
  • 5 New Pets - Baneling (Starcraft), Gusting Grimoire (World of Warcraft), Treasure Goblin (Diablo 3) and Big Bad Voodoo (Diablo 3) by Gao. Very high quality new pets taken from Blizzard games, with nice textures and sound assets. Unfortunately for now these pets can't cast attack spells; I added them anyways because of their high quality. The author should have them fixed soon.

    - Also added the Iron Beast pet by Kva3imodaAlso, which is a cool mechanical dog.
  • Lost Spirit (Spell Merchant) - Added a new merchant that sells 3 pages of Spells. Can be found in the extended Estherian Enclave area, as well as in Mapworks. Replaces the SpellVendors mod that added Spells to the Blacksmith inventories.
  • Wand Homing Projectiles - Wand attacks will now curve towards enemies.

Updates / Changes / Misc.
  • Updated Reiners Gear with the new Anubis armor set to hunt for.
  • Tweaked Boss Spells - Bosses are now much more likely to drop their spells, but the spells won't be found in other dungeons. Chewtoy in Mapworks now sells all Boss Spells exclusively.
  • Added 4 new Boss Pets Auras to the Enhanced Pets merchant - Boletus Rex, Ezrek Khan, War Titan and Winter Widow.
  • Added 3 other Enhanced Pets: Enhanced Claptrap - spawns a mini-army of machines to aid you in battle; Enhanced Navi - has dashing attacks along with some magical abilities; Enhanced Companion Cube - utilizes shields and buffs to tank enemies.
  • Changed textures for some of the pet Essences to more interesting ones, and removed some Enhanced pets that I found uninteresting.
  • Now using pet icons from Mamba's Pet Collection - old icons had a crashing issue when used with certain mods. Also incorporated the small icons for all the Essences.
  • Changed the mesh file (character model) of various merchants to spice things up.
  • Tweaked some Merchant menu layouts (e.g. Pet Essence and Fish sellers) so they have a working Buyback menu.

Update: Dec 7, 2013 @ 4:08pm

Removed Aegis Crypt and Eternal Mysteries to fix the Online crashing bug associated with SynergiesMOD. Hopefully this problem is put to rest.

Update: Nov 5, 2013 @ 10:53am

Removed The Endless Dungeon because it was causing an Online crash while playing with Synergies. Hopefully the problem will be fixed at some point.

Update: Oct 30, 2013 @ 5:43am

Bug Fix

  • The Enclave Soldier will no longer block the stairs to the Expanded Town Area