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SynergiesMOD (v.1212)

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Synergies is full Overhaul and balance mod for Torchlight 2. The mod won BEST OVERHAUL OF THE YEAR from ModDB's mod of the year award, as well as was labelled #1 free download of the summer from PCgamer magazine!

This MOD, being a full conversion mod, adds a lot of new content to the game. More specifically it adds :

Towns in Synergies
- Synergies adds 2 Custom made towns ( Table Mountain and Selrock) each one of them has it's own specific vendors.

Changes to the Balance of the Game
- Reworked difficulty settings. Synergies is built around Veteran and Elite, but the MOD itself is much harder than the Vanilla version of the game
- Random affixes on each monster that you encounter, making them unique.
- Reworked Skill unlock Rate, they unlock at a earlier rate, but take longer to progress between points, ending at or above vanilla standards.
- Reworked Fame Levels, a total of 50 to unlock!
- Reworked Enchantment Stats, lower stat enchants allow for end game progression and better balance.
- Vanilla Characters Skills have begun to be reworked to address the balance changes. We plan to continue tweaking them.
- The ability to store gold and to transfer it between your characters through the money changer!
- The ability to summon your Stashes everywhere
- Respec and Stat potions
- Gear is better, monsters are harder, all bosses are harder.
- Green and Blue magical items have better affix rates, Uniques have better base DPS and Armor.
- Two handed and dual wielding have better bonus's to bring them closer to the benefit of wearing a shield.
- Monsters spawn more numerous throughout the game

Crafting in Synergies
- A whole new crafting system (Soulcrafting), only found in Synergies for end game armor!
- Chaos Ember Crafting
- Craftable Damage absorption gems (up to 7% in DR)

Synergies Legendary Items
- Over 300 new Legendary equipment, 30 in general play through, 90 in tier0 content and 240+ in tier1 content!

Endgame Dungeons in Synergies
1) Derinkuyu Raid (Tier0)
Derinkuyu is a custom dungeon only found in Synergies. In here you will find 18 Synergies exclusive Bosses that each drop a Synergies Legendary equipment.
Getting to the bosses is really hard because you have to fight your way through hundreds of unique monsters. Each and every one of the portals is guarded by a Guardian Spirit, can you defeat him ?

2) Or'ak Basin Zone (Tier 0.5)
This is the Troll homeland. This place is filled with Ancient Trolls that try to kill you. In here you will find Synergies Legendary equipment and Legendary Skulls in order to make your character stronger, this zone is also subjected to a minor debuff making it harder to progress through without a end game loadout.

3) Darknessfalls Raid (Tier1)
Darknessfalls is an outdoor raid dungeon that will sport all the newest and hardest boss encounters in the dungeon, and be the place where you collect all the highest end game items within synergies. The zone has a debuff to the player allowing for more growth and longevity in the loot searching.

Alternative leveling dungeons
4)The Realms of Discord are a series of small dungeons all chained to each other. It is currently the best place to level up your characters because every monster scales to your level

5) The Unstable Embers (alternative leveling)
6) Clockwork series of swarm maps

Custom Classes in Synergies
- Synergies offers currently 3 custom Classes, these are :
1) The Necromancer - the spell casting, melee capable minion master is back at it in SynergiesMOD!
2) The Paladin - The close in your face fighting style, being developed by Ghostblade!
3) The Warlock - A duo chargebar using Melee capable spellcaster that is extremely unique in its design. Take on the Nether or Hell itself, play a warlock!
We are currently making plans in order to add more classes to the game.

Other Changes
- The ability to find and Summon Mercenaries in order to help you with your fights, found in end game dungeons.
- New HP / Mana and Fame UI
- New pets associated with the Necromancer, Paladin and Warlock
- New Hero monsters
- New Elite monsters
- New Rare Dragons
- New Ancient Trolls
- New Roaming world bosses in the regular play through!
- New avenging Angels

Future of Synergies
Our goal is to completely convert Torchlight 2's balance into a more unforgiving and exciting experience. Ultimately we want to make an act 5 and likely act 6 for this game. Our Dev team is working on new Textures for models, maps, new classes, new sounds for the characters, and icons for the characters. Expect to be surprised by the quality of our releases and a dev team which is dedicated to being active both in development but community building. On top of that we the creator of this mod, Salan, has worked for over 13 months on this project, sometimes with excessively large updates on a weekly to daily basis.

Synergies Useful Links

Synergies Social Media sites

Synergies Rapid Respec

A Guide to Synergies

Synergies Latest Patch Notes

The current Dev team of Synergies:
Salan - All encompassing mod creator and developer, does everything.
Ghostblade - Class developer, Paladin, then something new.
Kelintor - Selrock zone developer, reworking his quest hubs and zones
MFS88 - Model and texture artist responsible for almost all of the unique models and textures
Hermundure - Artist working on Icons throughout the game
Greatname - Sound Develepment, new sounds throughout the mod!
Joe Chip - Forum moderator and documentor of all things synergies (like this post)
FluffyDough - Website development

Past Dev members of Synergies
Hampton - Strukto - Soryuu - Cy - Nursury - SupercolidingButton - Stormchaser - Catdog -

also art work allowed to be used by Attackgorrilla from team torcher includes the 5 rare dragon skins and Drek's skin: https://sites.google.com/site/tl2moddingteamtorcher/

SynergiesMOD adds or changes 18000+ files and is updated in an aggressively active manner. This mod is known to conflict with other large conversions, or compilation mods. Combining use of two large mods seems to work generally in Singleplayer but can cause SYNC issues with Multiplayer where the host of the game crashes to desktop. This is purely a mod conflict. Mods known to conflict with synergies and NOT work in the Multiplayer enviroment: TL2 Essentials (which shares close to 1200+ files with synergies).

Be aware that Synergies BINDS your saves, back up your save before playing synergies if you intend to remove it.

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D20orDie May 26 @ 12:13pm 
Thank you Salan for this amazing mod!
booglez69 May 24 @ 3:40am 
can use this with mega merge mod?
True_Historica May 23 @ 8:21pm 
I do not use 'bu
ilds' or really know much
of anything about
t that... I tend to just play the game.... I always thought it was just about fun, the feeling of completion and exploration... video games sure have changed since I was young... I just feel lost these days.
Salan  [author] May 23 @ 12:18am 
The mod makes it harder by changing the system completely. Its almost a completely different game, and the builds that work in vanilla generally need to be altered in synergies. It adds a whole lot of normal play through depth as well as a HUGE amount of end game content!
True_Historica May 22 @ 6:06pm 
I own Torchlight 2, I have played a bit, but... what is all of this? Synergies...? I am not familiar with 'mods' and from what I read.. it says here this 'mod' makes the game more difficult... that is not exactly what I was looking for... could anyone help me with all this?
Zok May 19 @ 9:39am 
anyone know of a working synergies compatible extra quickslot bar mod? like http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=138187773 . but up to date.
Salan  [author] May 15 @ 11:25am 
Squirrel that doesn't sound like a synergies bug. if it was I would have a ton of reports of it, and I haven't had any. Check your other mods.
Squirrelthing May 14 @ 6:58am 
Correction; the reason there was 10 skill points was because it only removed passive skills. What's up with that?
Squirrelthing May 14 @ 6:56am 
Encountered a very annoying problem. I wanted to refund my skills by using the skills potion thing you add in synergies. I used the potion but instead of refunding my 40+ skills points it just gave me 10 skill points without changing anything. Now I really feel like I'm cheating.
Jacen Solo May 14 @ 2:20am 
i'm not sure if it's a conflict with another mod or not but I have to use portal scrolls to get out of the Realms of Discord? Am I doing something wrong? I'm using Essentials and stuff but nobody has said about it conflicting w/ Realms of Discord.