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Update: Jan 16, 2019 @ 5:56am


-rised the roof of the shutter shack and clipped it off as opening the shutter would cause players on the roof to get stuck on the func_door
-rotated the right most entrance to last lobby to kill a sightline and make the area more interesting to play around
-reworked the area near this entrace slightly to make movement a round the area smoother
-removed some unnecessary props
-clipping improvements

-resizing: reduced the length of last by 128hu and added 128hu to the lobby
-this should make lobby feel less claustrophobic and make attacking last easier
-reworked the pillar/pipes near the left entrance slightly
-removed the crates on the lower floor of last
-extended the walls between spawn and the point so players need to walk further out of spawn to contest the point
-reduced the capture time from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds
-moved the crate back againts the wall on right entrance to last and swapped the small ammo to its place
-lobby ceiling lifted drasticly to allow more room to jump around
-reworked the crates on the right side entrance to lobby for smoother movement
-clipping improvements

-some optimization
-a couple of new signs around the map and visual improvements

Update: Jan 4, 2019 @ 12:54pm


-reworked left side to make it more viable as a rollout to mid and to add more visibility of enemies pushing/flanking through there
-buffed the small health kit on the left on mid house to a medium, matching the rightside
-medics can use the new structure on left to reach mid roofs when beamed with scouts
-added a ramp to the left side from lowground
-lifted up and extended the balcony to make it more viable for contesting highground
-clipped a spot that allowed all 9 classes to jump on top of mid roofs

-added a new highground behind 2nd accessible from valley, this should allow for easier jumps onto the defending team
-blocked off the dead space corner on the left when entering valley from mid
-lifted the bridge building above valley higher so jumpers are less likely to bump into it
-enlarged the middle entrance to 2nd from mid
-cleaned up unneccessary objects so jumpers are less likely to bump into something mid air
-enlarged the door from valley to the point and opened up the window above the door

-dropdown be gone! replaced dropdown with a lower entrance to last
-reworked right entrance to last to allow more cover for attackers from snipers holding far back
-rised the ceiling drasticly, jumpers should have a better time highbombing now
-closed the window on the middle entrance to give attackers a bit better element of surprise when trying to sac through
-removed the door facing to the left from the middle entrance

Update: Dec 11, 2018 @ 11:59am


-replaced clunky model rubble pile with displacements for smoother movement

-rised the right side enterance from mid to 2nd slightly to make it more viable for both attacking 2nd and contesting mid
-this also removed some unnecessary height variation inside mid house.

-all sort of small texture and detail tweaks
-replaced some custom content with ingame textures
-added a few upgraded posters by Square!

Update: Apr 1, 2018 @ 11:46am


-added more clipping to prevent wall-bugging
-finishing touches to detailing

Update: Jan 17, 2018 @ 11:40am


Workshop release!

-added a small health pack on both sides of mid
-minor detail tweaks

-added a small health pack behind the metal cover
-replaced the small stairs leading towards point with displacements for smoother movement

-minor detail tweaks