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Homeworld Remastered 2.3 Players Patch
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Update: Mar 7, 2020 @ 8:10am

Full Change List
The full change list is here:

Build 14
HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* Fixed an issue where Ion Frigates wouldn't always align verticaly with their target.
* Other than cruisers, all captured units can now be retired immediately like hw1c.
* Increased the unit limits for the Capital Phalanx, Frigate Line, Fighter Screen, and Wall strike groups/formations. They can now hold a total of 66 units, which appears to be the max in the HWR engine.
* Fixed the player colors on the Kushan Destroyer ion turrets.

Campaign Improvements
Homeworld 2
* Sajuuk's hyperspace transit and recovery times now match the Dreadnaught, previously it was very slow.

* Fighters and corvettes in evasive stance now do 20% less damage (Aggressive 120%, Neutral 100%, Evasive 100%->80%).

Ion Frigates:
* Weapon Accuracy vs corvettes 0.24->0.06

Kushan and Taiidan
Scout's Speed Burst:
* Duration 30->10 (closer to hw1c)
* Recharge 120->40
* Can now be activated without full energy.
Attack Bomber's Plasma Bomb Launcher Research:
* Now required to unlock bombers in multiplayer, like hw1c.
* Cost 400
* Time 40
Assault Frigate's Gun Weapons:
* Tracking speed 25->40
* Damage vs corvettes 0.2->0.16 (performs the same, but more consistently after the tracking speed buff)
Ion Cannon Frigates:
* Weapon Accuracy vs corvettes 0.24->0.08
Missile Destroyer's Missile Volley:
* Fire Delay 50->70 (closer to hw1c)
* Damage vs capitals 2.0->2.5
* Damage vs platforms 0.32->1.5
* Damage vs resourcing 0.32->1.5
Resource Collectors:
* Small unit caps: 18->20. Normal unit caps: 22->24. High unit caps: 26->28. Huge unit caps: 30->33. Total resource class unit caps have also been increased accordingly. (Harvesting buff to better balance hw2's ability to dock heal fighters and corvettes for free)

Update: Dec 15, 2019 @ 10:18pm

Build 13
Gameplay Options and Features
* Added an option to change the Stance Buttons Order. This changes the order of the stance buttons in the UI to match HWR (Aggressive/Evasive/Neutral) or hw1c (Aggressive/Neutral/Evasive).

HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* The retaliation range has been reduced significantly on many special ability units. This is to prevent them from moving towards a distant battle on their own, which often leads to them dying without utilizing their special ability. This affects Hiigaran/Vaygr Minelayer Corvettes, Hiigaran Marine Frigates, Hiigaran Defense Field Frigates, Vaygr Infiltrator Frigates, Kushan/Taiidan Repair Corvettes, Minelayer Corvettes, and Support Frigates.
* Kushan and Taiidan Support Frigates now keep units docked in Passive tactics and launch units in Offensive tactics. They can also now carry docked units through hyperspace like hw1c.
* Improved the AI's judgement of ship effectiveness values, so it can better build the appropriate counter ships.
* Fixed Vaygr Battlecruiser gun muzzle effects
* The Kadeshi Fuel Pod tactical overlay icon now uses a frigate icon rather than a probe icon.
* Fixed Vaygr Battlecruiser gun sound effects.
* Fixed Kushan and Taiidan Defenders gun sound effects.
* Fixed Taiidan Repair Corvette gun sound effects.
* Kushan Drone Frigate's drones no longer produce fighter pilot combat audio.
* The survive 40+ minute challenges now play the correct audio.

Campaign Improvements
* When hyperspacing at the end of a mission, ships are now set to Defensive rather than Passive similar to the classics.
Homeworld 2
Mission 9:
* After the dreadnaught repairs complete and it undocks, the 'dock dreadnaught' warning bug no longer occurs.
Mission 13:
* Dreadnought weapon beam effects are now fully visible.

* Movement speed while being repaired lowered from 95% to 80% (its 65% in v2.1).
* Friendly fire reduced from 50% to 45% to make it a bit harder for scouts to EMP themselves.
* Hiigaran scouts can now EMP frigates with just three squads, rather than six (Hiigaran EMP isn't very accurate vs fighters, so its now a bit better vs frigates than vaygr for some race flavor).
* Vaygr scouts can now EMP frigates with just four squads like hw2c, rather than six.
* Kushan Drone Frigate's drones now attack in a sphere while the frigate is moving.

Update: Sep 28, 2019 @ 10:38am

Build 12
* Kushan Drone Frigates no longer make such a loud explosion when all their drones die.
* Kushan Drone Frigate drone logic improvements.

Update: Sep 28, 2019 @ 7:49am

Build 11
HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* When salvage corvettes in a formation are given multiple different salvage targets, they often crash the game. To prevent this crash, salvage corvettes will no longer be able to join formations/strikegroups.
* Ships have always held their formation in aggressive stance, but now they also hold their formation in neutral stance like hw1c.
* The Taiidan Defense Fighter no longer shoots down missiles from allies.
* Fixed Hiigaran Pulsar Corvette weapon sound effects (they were missing).
* Vaygr Battlecruiser Trinity Cannon now has enhanced sound effects based on the original intended sound from hw2c.

Campaign Improvements
Homeworld 1
* Enemy Kadeshi ships now have red hyperspace windows like hw1c.
Mission 3:
* After salvaging the first frigate for research, most of the remaining frigates can now be captured like hw1c.

* Following the Homeworld 3 announcement in August, we decided to release build 10 early as a 'work in progress'. Some balance changes were experimental and were further refined in September for build 11. Combined balance change details for build 10 and 11 are here[github.com]. A summary of the changes is below:
* Decreased the sensors range of all scouts and probes by about 20%, and 30% for the cheaper Kushan/Taiidan scouts. Scouting is easy in HWR compared to other RTS games, so this is intended to make information harder to obtain.
* All probe costs have been increased to match hw2c for this same reason.
* Sensors Distortion Probes are now a bit more effective at reducing enemy sensor range.
* Lowered death/scuttle blast range on frigates, motherships, and shipyards (so fighters and corvettes can better survive capital ship battles).
* Damaged resource collectors latched onto RU drop-offs now heal 2.5 times faster (so they don't clog up resource drop-offs for so long).
* Bombers can now hit subsystems on moving targets better.
* Mine Duration 200->60 (to avoid stalemates)
* All cruiser weapon ranges have been reduced by 500.
* Increased the firing angles a bit for all Ion Frigates and the Vaygr Trinity Cannon (so they don't have to line up so precisely with their targets).
* Hiigaran hyperspace time reduced from 9.5 to 7 seconds for all non-production ships to add some race flavor.
* Hiigaran EMP is more useful vs corvettes now.
* Lance fighter damage has been doubled vs subsystems to match hw2c.
* All probes can now travel through hyperspace gates, but can not move again after they exit the hyperspace gate.
* Vaygr Hyperspace Gates can now hyperspace to a destination on their own. Slightly increased the built in sensors distortion ability, that helps it hide from probes.
* Kushan and Taiidan research costs went up too high in build 9, and have been reduced accordingly in build 10/11. Fighters -1100ru, Corvettes -1500ru, Frigates -1100ru, Capitals -3200ru, and Non-Combat -800 for a total of -7700ru.
* Non-attackable subsystem icons now appear in the UI for Kushan/Taiidan Motherships and Carriers after researching Fighter, Corvette, Frigate, and Capital Ship research.
* Kushan and Taiidan fighters and corvettes can now be EMP'd with just one squad of Hiigaran/Vaygr scouts, rather than two squads like before.
* Kushan and Taiidan Defenders are now better vs fighters.
* Kushan Cloaked fighters can now repair themselves when idle and not taking damage.
* Kushan and Taiidan Salvage Corvettes can now kamikaze.
* Kushan Drone Frigates can now attack while they are moving. Previously the drones rarely ever fired while the frig was moving. Drones frigates are also now less demanding on your PC hardware, they spray less bullets that pack a harder bunch.
* Kushan and Taiidan Heavy Cruisers no longer take hyperspace damage when they hit a hyperspace inhibitor mid-jump. Hiigaran/Vaygr Cruisers have always been immune to such damage.
* Kushan and Taiidan Proximity Sensors can now guard ships like in hw1c.

Update: Aug 31, 2019 @ 4:44am

Build 10
Gameplay Options and Features
* Added a Dual Command mode to allow one player to control two fleets. Change your race to a Dual Command race, and then change a CPU ally to the same Dual Command race. You will start with two fleets, double the starting RUs, double the research costs, and will have double the unit caps.
* Observer mode has been improved. When prompted to continue watching, click yes to observe.
* Added a Camera Rotation Speed adjuster. This lets players increase the camera speed to rotate faster with the right mouse button.
* Added a Max Tactical Overlay level that keeps unit feedback lines and ability spheres on all the time if desired.
* Added an option set the Default Tactical Overlay. This adjusts the default level of detail for the tactical overlay around units.
* Added an option to Show Base Production Times. This displays the base production times for ships and research items in the production popup menus. The value of research modifiers are also shown.

HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* Prevented attempting to hyperspace ships inside a hyperspace inhibitor. This resolves the exploit to reset marine/infiltrator frigate capture progress for free, which previously rendered them useless. This hyperspace in gravity well exploit has finally been fixed!
* When salvage corvettes latch on and return enemy frigate/capital ships to their mothership or carrier, an exploit allowed those ships to be scuttled right before they were captured. This prevented salvage corvettes from capturing frigate/capital ships, however the salvage scuttle exploit has now been fixed!
* Addressed kamikaze exploits that allowed cheap ships to kill expensive ships, and that allowed squadrons to kill targets and then dock-heal for free.
* When a docking squadron is under attack, they sometimes glitch out and stop moving. Affected Squadrons are now automatically issued another dock order to dock with the closest ship.
* The Kushan/Taiidan Gravity Well ability previously continued to lock down strikecraft in an area after it had moved away. The area of affect now stays with the Gravity Well.
* Fixed the bug that allowed Kushan/Taiidan players to build two research ships at once on separate carriers.
* The score screen now treats ru spent on subsystems the same as ru spent on research for the building and research score total.
* Slightly changed the advanced research module icon to differentiate it more from the regular research module icon.
* When a private message is sent, everyone in the lobby hears the audio alert even when they are not the recipient. As a workaround the audio alert has been removed, as the chat window already visually flashes for the recipient.
* Hiigaran Marine Frigates, Vaygr Infiltrator Frigates, and all Minelayer corvettes are no longer included in the military selection priority. This prevents accidentally de-latching capture frigates, or messing up mine walls.
* ‘Platform Complete’ audio is now played for Vaygr Gun Platforms and Missile Platforms.
* In the carrier only gamemode, all races now start with the same number of carriers.
* The 'No Cruisers' game option text now displays in your current locale language rather than always in English.
* Reduced the Kushan probe death explosion to an appropriate size.

Campaign Improvements
Homeworld 1
* Bentusi Trade research costs have been increased to align with normal research costs. However if your in a bind, you may be offered a discount.
* The RU available on each mission has been tweaked to account for the Kushan research cost changes below.

* Following the Homeworld 3 announcement in August, we decided to release build 10 early as a 'work in progress'. Some changes are experimental and will be further refined in September. A detailed balance change list will be included with build 11.

Update: Aug 17, 2018 @ 6:32pm

Build 9
HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* Kushan/Taiidan Repair Corvette heal beams now originate from the correct locations (previously they were healing from their guns).
* 'Resource Controller Complete' audio is now played for Taiidan Resource Controllers
* 'Frigate Complete' audio is now played for Taiidan Ion Frigates
* 'Generator Complete' audio is now played for Taiidan Cloaked Generators
* Fixed a bug that prevented the Crates gameplay option from granting ships.
* Homeworld 1 Mission 13: Resolved a build 8 problem that prevented ships from docking in the Office.

Update: Aug 3, 2018 @ 11:58pm

Build 8
Gameplay Options and Features
* Added an Observer mode to spectate multiplayer matches.
* Added an AI Attack Damage adjuster to multiplayer and player vs cpu. This can be used to increase the AI's attack damage for a more challenging game.

HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* Addressed the major Cross Race Docking Bug. Fighters and corvettes will now only dock with ships from their own race. Previously, regenerated Hiigaran/Vaygr ships would be unable to launch from Kushan/Taiidan Repair Corvettes, Support Frigates, and Resource Controllers leading to major game lag and multiple glitches.
* Kushan/Taiidan repair units now have a continous beam like hw1c
* Kushan Ion Cannon Frigates are now pronounced correctly as 'Cannon', previously they were being pronounced as 'Cannit'.
* Improved parade formations for resource collectors, to reduce collisions with the motherships.
* Expert Taiidan AI now harvests resources at the same rate as the other races. (it was 10% higher by mistake)
* Kushan/Taiidan accuracy reduction abilities are now painted orange in the tactical overlay

Campaign Improvements
Homeworld 1
* Fixed a rules of engagement bug that caused many Turanic, Kadeshi, and Junkyard ships to sometimes stop attacking unexpectedly and behave passively.
* Updated research costs to match multiplayer, and research times to 1.5x slower than multiplayer (the campaign research is slower paced). These hadn't been updated since HWR v1.0. Mission resources were also adjusted to support the changes.
* Captured Turanic Standard Corvettes can now be repaired.
* Captured Turanic Ion Array Frigates and Kadeshi Multi-beam Frigates can now be retired immediately.
Homeworld 2
* Fixed a rules of engagement bug that caused Keeper ships to sometimes stop attacking unexpectedly and behave passively.
* Applied some research cost/build time changes from the 2.0, 2.1, and 2.205 patches. These changes were made in multiplayer, but were accidently missed in the campaign. The campaign research stats now better match multiplayer.
* The base health of Vaygr missile platforms, destroyers, cruisers, and flagships have been slightly tweaked to align with multiplayer as they did in hw2c.
Mission 5:
* Lowered the Vaygr captial ship health upgrade to be closer to hw2c. (this was unintentionally altered in the 2.0 patch)
Mission 13:
* Lowered the Vaygr corvette, frigate, and captial ship health upgrades to be closer to hw2c. (these were unintentionally altered in the 2.0 patch)

* Balanced dock repair times for fighters and corvettes (addressed a bug that caused squadrons to dock extremely fast. hw2 ships now repair slower, closer to their hw2c rate. hw1 corvettes repair 4.5x faster than before, to balance vs hw2.)
* Removed evasive stance bonuses from non-combat/utility ships (evasive stance re-routes power from weapons to engines, however this is not possible on non-combat ships and had no effect in hw1c)
* Tweaked rotational speeds on some units, for example to aid in positioning motherships around asteriod patches.
* Tweaked ship damage vs resourcing units, to be closer to the classics.
* Thousands of ship vs ship tests have been performed with Gearbox's developer balance testing tools, to fine tune combat performance.

* Damage vs corvettes -30%
Pulsar Corvettes:
* Damage vs frigates -10%
Minelayer Corvettes:
* Cost 800->400 -50% (buff, hw1 are 275)
* Damage bonus in aggressive stance 1.32->1.1 -17%
Defense Field Frigates:
* Health 20k->25k +25% (since this ship can't be upgraded, Taiidan Field Frigate is 30k)
* Health 85k->90k +6% (+13% over v2.1, closer to hw2c when upgraded by popular demand)
Resource Collectors:
* Upgraded Health 5000->4000 -20% (to match hw2c)

* Damage vs corvettes -30%
Missile Corvettes:
* Damage vs hw1 fighters +110% (now performs similarly vs hw1 and hw2 fighters)
Command Corvettes:
* Build time 30->45sec +50% (slows down the replenishment of these powerful units)
* Attack/accuracy bonus range -51% (forces these ships to be on the front line so they can be countered)
Minelayer Corvettes:
* Cost 800->400 -50% (buff, hw1 are 275)
* Damage bonus in aggressive stance 1.32->1.1 -17%
Hyperspace Platforms:
* Build Time 45->20sec (these took too long to setup)
* Speed 650->600 -8% (to match hw2c as they should not be faster than a probe)
* Health 85k->90k +6% (+13% over v2.1, closer to hw2c when upgraded by popular demand)
Resource Collectors:
* Upgraded Health 5000->4000 -20% (to match hw2c)
* Resource capacity 208->200 -4% (Now matches Hiigaran to better balance harvesting. Vaygr still start with one extra collector to make up for their Flagship's long collector drop off route. Harvesting for all four races is now balanced vs each other.)

Kushan and Taiidan
* Overhauled Kushan and Taiidan. These races were rushed into HWR at release, and repeatedly band-aided over the previous patches. All ship speeds, health, costs, build times, and research costs/times are now consistently translated into the HWR engine, with a robust design methodology. Kushan and Taiidan now feel much more like hw1 classic, while being better balanced against Hiigaran and Vaygr.
* Harvesting for all four races is now balanced at the 10, 20, and 30 minute marks. Previously hw1 was behind hw2 at 10mins, and ahead at 30minutes. Harvesting is also now better balanced on maps with different asteriod layouts.
* Generally research costs have gone up, while research times have come down. This improves balance vs hw2 upgrade costs, while allowing hw1 to tech up faster, eliminating some pain points.
* Adjusted base health to remove hidden armour modifiers from all ships other than frigates. Relic only applied armour modifiers to frigates, however Gearbox used them sporadically on hw1 units.
* Race specific unit abilities now perform closer to hw1c.
* See the complete build 8 change list here[github.com] for details on all the Kushan and Taiidan changes. There's too many to list here with Steam's character limit!

Update: Mar 8, 2018 @ 4:12pm

Build 7
Gameplay Options and Features
* Added a Mission Difficulty adjuster. At the start of each campaign mission, extra enemy AI reinforcement ships and RU are added based on your fleet size and RU. This dynamic scaling difficulty can now be adjusted.
* Added a Camera Pan Speed adjuster. This lets players increase the camera speed to move around maps faster with the arrow keys and edge of screen mouse pan.
* Added a Camera Max Zoom adjuster. This lets players increase the maximum distance the camera can zoom out before having to use the sensors manager.
* Added a Build/Research/Launch Panel adjuster. This lets players set and save the size of the Build/Research/Launch menus in the options. Previously these were adjustable, but their size was not saved across games.

HWR Bugs Fixes and Improvements
* Improved the spacing in the build/research queues for better readability.
* The 'Research Ship Complete' audio is now played after each additional Kushan/Taiidan Research Ship Hub is built.
* Kushan Research Ship's with all six hubs, now spin like they did in hw1c.
* Kushan/Taiidan corvettes now respond quickly to certain attack orders, without a long delay.
* Removed Kushan/Taiidan repair ships from military selection priority.
* Fixed the player colors on the Kushan Heavy Cruiser ion turrets.
* In the Strikecraft & Support Only game mode, Kushan Drone Technology research is now disabled as intended.
* In the Strikecraft & Support Only game mode, Vaygr carrier health now matches the other races as intended.

Homeworld 1
* Updated the parade formations to better handle salvaged ships.
* Fixed the turanic missile corvette's missile burn effects.
* Increased turanic ion array frigate speed to be relatively similar to hw1c (a bit slower than Kushan Ions).
* Properly balanced kushan ships vs swarmers to better reflect hw1c gameplay. Corrected swarmer behavior so they dock correctly, and don't stop attacking unexpectedly.
Mission 3:
* Increased the cryo tray health to be closer to hw1c gameplay. (Gearbox increased the health on most Kushan/Taiidan ships to balance vs Hiigaran/Vaygr upgrades, but forgot some campaign only ships).
Mission 7:
* The enemy AI reinforcements now work properly based on your starting fleet value.
* Fixed an issue where the multi-gun corvette research sometimes doesn't get enabled.
Mission 8:
* Increased kadesh multi-beam frigate health and speed to be relatively similar to hw1c.
* Lowered the accuracy of the kadesh mothership ion cannons vs moving fighters and corvettes.
* Kadesh ships now properly defend the final area like in hw1c.
Mission 10:
* Fixed the camera location at the start of the mission.

* Hyperspace exit damage lowered from 25% to 10%, when running into a hyperspace inhibitor
* Probe cost 70->100 (half way between hw1c and hw2c)
* Addressed the gun alignment on the Hiigaran Shipyard and Vaygr Scout. They were shooting to the side of their targets, and rarely landing hits vs small targets like probes and fighters.
* Hiigaran Ion Cannon Platform/Vaygr Heavy Missile Platform damage -16% (same as hw2c)
* Kushan/Taiidan Multi-Gun Corvette Research Time 40->25
* Kushan/Taiidan Multi-Gun Corvette Cost 300->235 (general buff, and to balance vs hw2 corvettes)
* Kushan/Taiidan Heavy Corvette Research time 30->20
* Kushan/Taiidan Heavy Corvette Cost 285->240, Build time 22->20 (general buff, and to balance vs hw2 corvettes)
* Kushan/Taiidan Missile Destroyer damage vs hw1 corvettes -40%
* Kushan/Taiidan Missile Destroyer Speed 130->145 (relatively closer to hw1c)

Update: Jan 12, 2018 @ 12:24am

Build 6
Gameplay Options
* Added a Vast unit cap option. This is double the size of Huge, and only recommended for very fast machines.

HWR Bug Fixes
* Fixed the build/research/launch menu scaling problem, that primarily affects 4k resolutions
* Fixed the build and research queue pause buttons, so that they no longer get disabled
* Fixed the race specific research tabs, so that they are hidden based on the race your playing
* Fixed Taiidan's Emperor voice, when playing the 'Homeworld 1 Deathmatch' game type (it was playing Vaygr's Makaan voice)

Homeworld 1
Mission 3:
* Increased the cryo tray health (Gearbox increased the health on most Kushan/Taiidan ships to balance vs Hiigaran/Vaygr upgrades, but forgot some campaign only ships).
Mission 4:
* The objective is now complete as soon as the carrier is killed, rather than after the explosion animation finishes (to prevent a timing error).
Homeworld 2
Mission 2:
* The mothership's engine speed now matches the audio cues and hw2c.
* The transport ships' speed now increases after events as they did hw2c.
* Increased Captain Soban's weapon damage to match hw2c.

* Hiigaran bombers now check their line of fire like the other races do, to avoid friendly fire incidents

Update: Dec 3, 2017 @ 1:35am

Build 5
* The patch name is now visible when hosting games in multiplayer.