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MarniiMods: Wildlife
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MarniiMods: Wildlife

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Click the image above to join the discord or this link:
This is where i am the most active and will be posting upcoming content and other mod updates.

This mod aims to add different types of animals to your arks. There will be many additions to this mod such as bought assets, modified atlas animals, modified ark creatures, custom creatures, materials and items.
Creatures will be released in different batches, sometimes it may be smaller updates adding one while others will be larger updates adding several.

The current creatures in the mod are:
- Lions and Lionesses
- Cows and Bulls
- Snow leopards
- Roosters and hens
- Exotic birds
- Cats
- Hares
- Geckos
- Owls
- Shadowcats
- Frogs
- Camels
- Snakes
- Ravens
- Mountain Goats

All information can be found here
Google doc link []

Potentially upcoming in new patches:
- New items
- New feline
- New highly requested animal
- Highly requested companion

I will not be changing old blueprint names. I use _MM_ in all my future content. Im sorry if any creature mods conflict with mine

IF you have problems with creatures not spawning or you cannot find a creature on maps then use Simple spawners:


MarniiMods:Wildlife has been made a required mod for the Known world map project, a beautiful creation by Noot!

Big THANK YOU to Alex, Savvy, TranzCenDentz, JustKatt, Werewolf, MilitaryCowboy & Fireking for their Patreon support! You are amazing people <3
Special thanks to Noot and Bongosolos for always having my back and being there to test or give support at all hours of the day and thank you to Cad_Wah for creating several graphs and teaching me bits about it, its truly appreciated!

Comments and discussions are turned off - all information can be found in this link & the discord