Mount & Blade: Warband

Mount & Blade: Warband

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A World of Ice and Fire
Setting: Medieval
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Jun 16, 2017 @ 6:54am
Sep 19, 2020 @ 3:41am
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A World of Ice and Fire


Be prepared to create your own house and challenge the Seven Kingdoms in this adaptation of A Game of Thrones.

A gritty world awaits you full of treachery and traitorous kings lords and knights. Will you survive the slaughter and take the Iron throne, or will you succumb to the traitorous ways that goes forth in Westeros and Essos.

Learn how you can keep multiple versions of each modification so you do not lose your previous save games by watching the video below.

Current version = 7.12

  • This mod will only run with Directx9.
  • If you have issues with textures then please make sure shadows on plants are turned up full and shader settings are on highest.
  • This mod defaults to hardcore mode, if you are finding it difficult then change your settings found within the camp menu.
  • Issues with crashing then make sure load textures on demand is ticked on.

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7 hours ago
Party Movement speed
May 16 @ 9:41am
Cant find Valarr Blackfyre
Blossom Fart
May 16 @ 9:53am
The AI is retarded
< >
NHL12 May 16 @ 9:40am 
anyone have a glitch where their character is like naked and level 1 lol... new campaign so dont mind but... never had this glitch before

anyhow i am ready for the next version, BRING IT :lunar2019grinningpig:
Ban, the Fox Sin of Greed May 16 @ 2:03am 
@mivpus thats not a native feature, its part of various mods, I believe the original mod (which is packed with many other mods/overhauls) is freelancer mod. I honestly cant remember if its in this mod or not but i'd venture to say it is.
mamt.colson May 15 @ 5:02am 
@Major Marquis Warren if you kill a faction leader then a lord from that faction will be picked to lead them e.g kill Robb - Northern lord made leader, kill Doran - Dornish lord made leader
Abkhazian May 14 @ 12:43pm 
@MajorMarquisWarren You can kill any lord and king in this mode but for second question, ı dont think so.
mivpus May 14 @ 10:25am 
The mod does not show up for me in my mod list
Major Marquis Warren May 14 @ 9:31am 
Can you kill Renly in this mod? And if you do so, do the Stormlands lords join Stannis?
mivpus May 14 @ 9:21am 
Can you enlist as a soldier in a lord's army here in the same manner as in the base game?
Plate of Nuggets May 10 @ 11:44am 
bro my save got fucked and every asset from the mod disappeared
Nuıvo Gwetherindoliel May 7 @ 12:04am 
Oberyn Martell's spear must be added.
Fallen Lord May 6 @ 3:16am 
There are solutions to your problem that you are experiencing. There are solutions both in general and specific to newer graphics card. You can find some possible solutions in the Wiki section I wrote under FAQ.

If you join the mod’s Discord and ask your question there, I will provide you with further potential solutions. AWOIAF mod Discord is one of my stomping grounds and much, much easier to communicate on.