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Aviary Structures by MythN7
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May 16 @ 2:23pm
Aug 17 @ 1:06pm
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Aviary Structures by MythN7

Mod ID: 927199201
Clean Stackable.

Mod Description:

Build the ultimate dino enclosure, with gated openings in the ceilings, floors, and walls. You can freely walk, fly or even swim in and out of the your base. This structure provides a secure enclosure for your dinos to be kept.
(There are a few issues still with dinos escaping if you leave them on wander while you go in and out of visual range of my structures.)
This enclosure supports dinos of all sizes and yes, even those that require a Behemoth sized entrance.
The entrances can be set to automatically open and or close for any approaching friendly players.

List of specific features you can do with this mod.
-(Some other mods may have structures that snap to my structures that shouldn't, or not snap when they should.)
-(There are additional snaps that do not work with many vanilla structures that are left in because they work well with some mods.)

-My foundations snap to and from vanilla floors (foundations).
-Vanilla ceilings snap to my foundations.
-There is a cantilevered foundation that is specifically designed to extend far off the edge of cliff faces allowing my custom elevator to take you down or up long drops.
-Tall Walls now have 8 door slots, while the huge wall now has 1 front huge door slot with 5 tall door slots around the rest of its perimeter.
-Wall plugs are available if you don't want doors, allowing you to fill in the slots of the wall to pick an assortment of design options, more will be added over time.
-Huge gate is placeable directly on ground as well as snapping to the huge wall.
-Processing Area crafts all of my custom mats.
-You can process mats for all tiers, so some of the mats avail are not yet used in any crafting, so take caution for that.
-INI setting of health and damage class.
-Damage class of the structure is now displayed by the ui text where it shows structure name and owner.
-Flat ceiling and inner floor count as ground for building on freely as supported.
-Flat ceiling has a safety rail you toggle to prevent jumping off by accident, as well as when it's down you cannot run off unless you jump over it.
-Final planned out levels, and crafting costs and health values in place for the initial release.
-Elevator Plug and Solid plug for the holes in the floor and ceilings.
-Elevator Pillar that can snap to the elevator plug, and always be in sync no matter what you extend it to, tall wall, huge wall, dome, flat ceiling.
-Huge elevator platform, that comes with a 15 slot inventory and can support 10,000 weight. It's about the floor area of 3 of the biggest vanilla elevators, and travels almost twice as fast.
-Both my crafting stations have the allowed transfer items set to only the items that are needed in those machines, so the transfer all button works very well.
-The processing area also has the ability to convert materials over time while you are out of its visual range and even if you are logged out as long as the server you play in is still running.
-Iris snaps to the hole not the elevator plug, still needs fixing for looking right as attached.
-The inner floor can snap to the bottom of the dome not just the bottom of each wall.
-For finding all my engrams in the learning tab of the ui, I added the name Aviary to the end of all my items names, so you can search for my stuff without knowing the parts name.

Thank you for your patience and support.


All unique 3d assets used in this mod were made by creator MythN7
To help with keeping some details in sync with the game for aesthetic purpose use of some core game assets were used when needed. They were originally created by staff of Ark.

Link to my portfolio:

Purpose for the Mod: To get some content out in the world with my own custom 3D models and textures, as well as becoming more familiar with how to address artistic assets for this type of platform.

Special Thanks.

- To Sound Lounge by tBone located in Saskatoon, Canada, for many of the custom audio sound effects used in my mod.

-To the Steam Users:
JollyRoger for many hours of playtesting with me on private servers while the main features were being setup.
-To the users of Discord:
P0k3r, (OzSF)- B.Cheers, blitzfire911, KGM6911, Orionsun

If you like the mod please give it a thumbs up, or donate, it would really help encourage me to update more often.

This product and its residing code is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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Sep 6 @ 6:13pm
Sep 2 @ 7:58pm
Jun 28 @ 4:14pm
Why is the structure damaged by dinos that cant even break stone?
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garytganu 22 hours ago 
@MythN7 [author] your comment I currently only have 292 total ratings, 13 of which are negative.
The old version had just over 1000 ratings at about 18 negative, and over 100k subs.

so to me it sounds like A hell ove a lot of people liked the older version so bring back that one as well and have 2 mods for people to choose from. i did like the older version better. i was the one who keeped asking for outer snap points on the roof so we can build out from. P.S not a bad mod though.
MythN7  [author] Sep 19 @ 8:03am 
Yea, the updates and progress on the mod have drasticly slowed down because of needs to spend lots of time on other projects and work to pay bills and such. As well as with the comments coming in being almost none with only a handful of people liking the mod, I currently only have 292 total ratings, 13 of which are negative.
The old version had just over 1000 ratings at about 18 negative, and over 100k subs.

So with the appearance that the mod has become unpopular I have been also using chunks of my spare time to actually play games and not just spend it all modding.
StarOfTheSea Sep 18 @ 10:55pm 
Thats awesome as this mod is the best, just wish wildcard would give you the cash to make it official
MythN7  [author] Sep 18 @ 9:48pm 
@StarOfTheSea well for my mod it wont happen again, I am only a few updates away from it being fully complete.
StarOfTheSea Sep 18 @ 8:51pm 
I was subscribed yet I was notified of no warnings maybe worth mentioning that to stream as I am not the only one who did't see this, also I had to got through all the mod pages to frind this one it wasn't easy again something you may want to take up with steam. I know as a content developer its not easy but some of us got no warning at all , just letting you know for next time and maybe to let steam know that there may be an issue, its not the first time and sadly with steam it probably won't be the last
MythN7  [author] Sep 18 @ 5:23pm 
@StarOfTheSea I put warnings in the comments and in the main description weeks ago and the night before I removed it.
Thats why I always like to be subscribed to the main thread of all mods I am subscribed to, so that I get a new message icon in the top right of steam when there is a post in the main discussion.
Here is where you can see it if you were not aware of that option.
StarOfTheSea Sep 18 @ 5:09pm 
I had the out dated mod but never got a warning just logged in and it was gone I never had any issues with it and it worked just fine, oh well back to buildin anther one :(
MythN7  [author] Sep 14 @ 12:23pm 
I have also added a link to the crafting costs explained for all the walls of all tiers in the all structure data discussion tab.

Upon the next update, existing crafting costs for the walls will change to what you see.
This also will match more with the upcoming health tweaks.
MythN7  [author] Sep 14 @ 12:18pm 
Tomorow I am going to be removing the 2 out dated previous mod versions.
I have put warnings in those mods descriptions from weeks ago and again today so its not a shock to anyone that actually looks at the mod page.

Just wanted to mention it here for those who are looking for why the mod is gone if they dont follow the comments and dident see the warnings.
drsewell Sep 14 @ 6:30am 
Jess - Place the foundation - wall - floor - elevator ring (not sure what its called but its the only theing that looks like a ring) - then place an elevator track (it'll snap directly opposite the entrance) then snap the elevator to the track.