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Xeno's InvaderZim Mod
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May 4, 2017 @ 1:50pm
Jul 20, 2017 @ 3:16pm
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Xeno's InvaderZim Mod


-Make sure you have a character extender, such as Xbawks, or any other that may work for you in order to use this mod or any other race mod. Without it, the race will not show up in character creation.

-Make sure to check the change notes to see what updated under the modicon. Most updates add quite a bit of stuff so check them out frequently!

-Additional special Irken equipment and items are found in the irken assembler.

-Vortians are newly added. They don't have much stuff compared to the Irkens. They're going to have a lot of default basic human placeholders until next update.

-Dedicated servers should be able to use now.

-Dedicated server not working? Try looking over these steps to help get it up and running

Human Race:
Gaz, Tak, and Dib hairstyles

Irken Race:
Comes in different shades of Green
Different Eye colors
Some variations of antennae however not much. You'll have to keep clicking through the variations to find them.
Custom Mech deployment animation.
Erichius rain on abandoned Irken planets.
Irkens have a status weakness. Food poisoning has been removed in exchanged for PAK upgrades, and Irkens inability to remove them or else suffer from 10 minutes of Doom.
Custom dungeons

Vortian Race:
Comes in different shades of colors
Different Horn types
Different Eye colors
Enemy npcs

Armor and Weapon Features:
GirSuit (Created by cipherGeneticist)
Dib's Glasses
Irken Invader Uniform
Tier1 Irken Elite Armor
Tier1 Vortian Armor
Tier1 Irken Headpiece
Tier1 Irken Sword
Tier1 Vortian sword

Tier2 Irken Technician Armor
Tier2 Irken Driver
Tier2 Irken grenades
Tier2 Irken JetPacks (Augment compatible)
Irken Brain Extractor

Tier3 Irken Demolitionist Armor
Tier3 Irken Pistol
Tier3 Irken Spear

Tier4 Irken Spec Ops Armor
Tier4 Irken Shotgun
Tier4 IrkenRailPistol
Tier4 Irken Stun Spear

Tier5 Irken Guard Armor
Tier5 Irken Assault Rifle
Tier5 Irken Reinforced Driver

Tier6 Irken Trooper Armor
Tier6 Irken Spacesuit (Augment compatible)
Tier6 Irken Spacearmor (Augment compatible)
Tier6 Irken Violium Driver
Tier6 Irken Stun Claw
Tier6 Irken Charge Gun
Tier6 Irken Rocket Launcher
Tier6 Irken MG
Tier6 Vortian Armor (found in acceleractor)

Armors are also dyeable for two colors only. Purple or Red.

AI, Vehicle and Ship Features:
Custom SIR unit and Lard Nar SAIL AI
Irken NPCS and visitors
Irken Tenants
Enemy Irken Defectors and Vortian rouges
Added all tiered custom ship upgrades.
Custom Sir Pet
Custom Irken hoverbike
MegaDoomer X-3 Combat Stealth Mech
Irken HunterMech body
Irken HunterMech claw
IrkenMech Legs
IrkenMech Boosters
New Irken Planets. With a chance of being a lava (red oceans) or erichius varient (purple oceans).
Captureable Malfunctioning Sirunits

Furniture, and Items:
Includes starter items within ship locker at start
Irken PAK which provides an energy boost, augment slot and breath protection.
Irken Crate
Irken Monitor
Irken Pod
Irken Bar Stool
Irken Bed
Irken Sign
Irken Oven
Irken Fridge
Irken Ceiling Light
Irken Rubbish Bin
Irken Ceiling wires
Irken Weapons rack
Irken Reinforced Blocks
Irken Wall blocks
Irken Airlockdoor
Irken Pipes
Irken Platform
Irken VendingMachine
Flag edited
Irken Chests (Now found throughout Irken planets)
Jarred Brain
Extreme Brainjuice
Irken Soda
Irken Chips
Irken Popcorn
Irken Donuts
Irken Nachos
Irken Sandwich
Irken Burger
Vort Dog
Shloogorgh Fries
Suck Munkey
Irken Assembler (A new Crafting table which can be built with C key and upgraded)
Added Irken Terraformer
Resistium Ores
Irken Table

Major Bug fixes:
Compressed and made selecting antennae on Irkens easier
Fixed a bug where the Modular Irken Mecha Claw would freeze in place and render the mech unuseable.
Fixed Muzzlefire on irken shotgun and machinegun

Megadoomer might lag sometimes, and can be buggy. It's spawn effect is also invisible.
PAK protections fail briefly when teleporting back to the ship. (none game breaking but can be annoying on poison planets)
SpittleRunner's muzzle fire is invisible.
Flying vehicles have problems with clipping sometimes.
Upgraded tiered ship has graphical problems tier 5-8
Vending machine image shows double images when it shouldn't.
Possibly other bugs. (let me know if you run into any and I'll fix them)
Some crashes may occur

Resistium only spawns on Irken planets now.
Changed the color of the vortian teleport to blue.

Planned Updates
Add more NPC names that are more Irken-like.
More Irken food items
Add better dye colors for other colors besides red and purple.
More Irken and vortian Furniture.
Tier 1 and 2 ranged weapons.
Possibly weakness to contaminated or swamp water. Or add additional polluted water weather effect or polluted water pools.
Custom death animations.

I'm always open for more ideas. Weaknesses, strengths,weapons, armor, and anything. Suggestions are most welcome!

Special thanks to cipherGeneticist for making the GirSuit

Alternative Download

Chucklefish forum Download

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Madalovin May 25 @ 8:44am 
I do hope this mod gets updated eventually.
I'm looking forward to it being used back in my roaster. ^_^
Don Quixote Apr 20 @ 12:02am 
What's the word on the revamp? I tried this briefly and it looked AWESOME, but things are a little too out of date to use, especially with FU.
sonic_wolford Apr 10 @ 12:39am 
how do i get to irken settlement?
Talkinghornetsnest Apr 4 @ 9:09am 
-Comes to the mod to see if it's going to ever be updated again
-Sees that it's going to be revamped apparently

I've had this mod since it came out and I seem to have accidentally abandoned my original main and now main an Irken and I love the extra challenge it has with FU, however there were so many little issues that I could see past but eventually i was hoping for more or at least an update to fix them. I actually was in the process of fixing some of the issues myself in my personal game lol. But now I guess I'll wait for the revamp. I'm super excited! I can't wait to see what's done! (Especially a fixed ship cuz I looks very wonky atm)
Nydruz Mar 26 @ 4:43pm 
I'm not sure if you know of this, but there's a bug during missions that will replace the lines of your ship AI at times, even if you aren't a Vortian or Irken. I don't know if it affects all missions, but it's in the mining facility mission at least. Thought I'd bring this to your attention. Good mod otherwise.
Ranjira88 Mar 3 @ 10:23am 
so a revamp is in the works? thats awesome news! Invader Zim was one of the most Ballsy cartoons to ever Appear on Nick back in the days when they were not run by idiots right up there with Ren & Stimpy or Rocko's modern life (Gir 4 life) the Irkens fit into a game like StarBound very well. i'll be waiting to see what the new version looks like whenever you get the free time to make it
GrimdeGaming Feb 15 @ 2:56pm 
@RoboticMasterMind Alright man no worrys, I just wasn't sure what was up. If it was on my end or what. I saw the race and I know I wanted to make my own Zim invasion force xD. So I can't wait to see this Mod get back up and running sometime in the future. Hopefully it doesn't prove too stressful for you =D
V Feb 15 @ 2:44pm 
He will probably come around to that, if you wait. Files take awhile to transfer... sometimes XD :lunar2019smilingpig:
Hypsellis Feb 15 @ 2:41pm 
I saw you updated this mod of starbound website, why did you not update it here too ?
XenoMind  [author] Feb 15 @ 8:52am 
@GrimdeGaming that's because this mod is outdated and this version's way of uploading is broken. It's in the process of being revamped entirely when I get my commissions done.