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Want to be able to spawn in and customize npcs well beyond even what the chargen gives you?
Want to just find that one bloody human npc with the short green hair?
Well brother(or sister!), we at N.P.C. Inc. have got good news for you!



(tldr description: "If the vanilla chargen and Create-A-Friend had a baby, this would be it" - random comment)

1.2.1 Has Been Released! See Below for more details

We go into lots of detail about the inner workings of this valuable asset via in-game tabs, so instead here are some highlights:

-Choose from 20,000 different randomly generated NPCs-
--customize those NPCs to an extent never seen before! (queue outer space echoes)

-All playable species should be supported, modded or not-
--If it's playable, it's customizable. If it's not playable, with a few in-game keystrokes it can become customizable.


When choosing an NPC, their npctype is incredibly important. We have added most of the vanilla npctypes for your convenience and it has been designed to handle any npctype, modded or not. If the npctype you want isn't found on the list you will be able to add these modded npctypes with a few keystrokes. We guarantee it or your money back! Certain restrictions apply, call our 24-7 customer service for more details.


Want to color an apex's beard a little differently than the rest of his/her body? Want the glow of a novakid's hair to be a tad more blue? No problem. You will be able to safely color each (customizable) part separately. On top of that, body parts can have hue and saturation applied to it. Avians can finally have something other than white faces, and humans can be as blue or as green as you see fit.

-Armor / Weapon modifications-
(Non-Crewmembers only, see below for crew customization)
Want a guard that uses a sword/shield and a capture pod? How about creating a worthy foe with a grenade launcher and a warhammer? All NPCs with combat behavior will use weapons you give them. Want the npc to stick to ranged? Provide it with only a ranged weapon. Want to have a spartan warrior? Give it a spear + 1h pistol and a shield! Want to have a pokemon master? Give it two capturepods.

-Stat modifications-
--There are a few (and growing) amount of stat modification commands you can use to make your npc behave a certain way. These commands are for the more advanced users, and are not required whatsoever to make any of the above work.

-Customize Crewmembers-
Crewmember customizations are ignored by the vanilla companion system. However paired with the clientside mod, Crew Customization +, your crewmembers will keep the armor you provide.

How To Craft:
  1. Get a T3 Inventors Table
  2. Craft an Employer's Station
  3. Craft a Panel Version (looks similar to a deed), or Floor Version (looks like a floor teleporter), or Cloaked Version (its nearly invisible)

How To Use:
  1. Place the spawner in the location you want your npc to be. Ex, a checkout counter for a merchant, or a guardpost for a guard
  2. Interact with the spawner to bring up the interface
  3. For best results, we recommend reading the information provided in-game via the 'info' tab in each category.
  4. When finished customizing your npc, press the activate button to spawn it in.

How To Manage:
  • When finished, the npc you created will spawn and be managed by the spawner object, similar to how a deed manages a tenant.
  • While bound to a spawner, you are able to modify the npc as many times as you wish, just remember to press the activate button after any change.


1. I spawned in an npc and it disappears/explodes either after it warps in, or after I interact with it. Whats going on?
-There is an incompatibility between the species and the npctype. Changing the species to one that the npctype was meant for or switching to a more universal npctype will fix this.

1.2.1 Changes And You! (Not Broken Edition)

New Line of Spawners
Rather than forcing everyone to upgrade at once, the new line of Npc Maker products *the 3100 series* will be available to purchase as separate objects. This will allow you to port over your colonies at your own pace.

New - Npc Maker 3100: Cloaked Edition
The miracles of modern technology has brought all the power of the traditional spawners down to the size of a near-invisible 1x1 dot. This object should be useful for those that like their wall space.

Spawning Changes
  • Spawner objects will now initially spawn only villager variants. This is to prevent any accidental damages from angry NPCs.

ItemSlot Changes
  • Items provided by an NpcType, or by an imported/saved NPC, will now be visible as "ghost items". These can be viewable, but cannot be taken.
  • These itemSlots have two states. Active and Inactive. To prevent an itemSlot from affecting your Npc, click the itemSlot with an empty cursor. The itemSlot will be emptied, and will appear shaded. To reactivate the itemSlot, click it again or add an item from your inventory.
  • The active/inactive state of an itemslot will be reset when selecting a new npcType.
  • Right-click the itemslot to completely reset the itemSlot. This will force it to use whatever item may be provided by the NpcType or it will remain empty.

Override Changes
  • (3100 series only) Added new override command "set questparticipation [[true | false]]". Setting this value to false will prevent the spawned npc from participating in quests. Useful for those who do not want to see exclamation marks every 5 minutes.

Npc Cards
  • Click the Export slot on the top-right corner of the pane to export your NPC as an item. You can then store / trade / use these cards with other players and spawners.
  • The item is a modification of a vanilla item and therefore can be safely traded in a vanilla server.
  • Remember though, the actual visuals will depend on the visual mods each player has...particularly when dealing with items that have been modded in different ways.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed rare but gamebreaking bug that bricked players from their worlds*
  • Fixed itemSlot bug that prevented users from adding certain weapons*
  • Users will be notified if they cannot view a spawner pane, due to not having the appropriate race/npctype mods
  • Naked crewmember's shouldn't be a thing anymore...unless you want it that way.
  • Added some checks to prevent an error brought about by another mod
  • Vastly stabilized the pane menu. It should load and respond much more quickly.*
  • Fixed the broken green text when pressing enter after changing your npc name or using override functions*
*pertains to 3100 series only
Stay tuned for the upcoming addons relating to and crewmembers!

Check out my other mods:
The Tenantator: Deed & Tenant Management Tool
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Dabro682 May 8 @ 2:38am 
Thanks for making a fun mod.
Depression Hurts, Eat More KFC  [author] May 7 @ 4:22pm 
@Tahmis if I ever start playing starbound again, sure.
Tahmis May 6 @ 9:12pm 
Do you plan to update this mod for the Peacekeeper NPC personality?
Jeanyar2punto0 Apr 30 @ 5:46pm 
IS there a way to make The Npc spawned change their dialog?
Depression Hurts, Eat More KFC  [author] Apr 29 @ 4:07am 
@C0rvus This mod alone only affects the creation of an npc yes. However it also allows the creation of NPC card items, these items hold the created npc data. This NPC card can be used with another mod I made called The Tenantator (link in the bottom of the mod description). The Tenantator does what you are asking, and will inject the NPC card you created into a tenant deed, even if it doesn't match the aesthetic requirements.
C0rvus Apr 28 @ 8:27am 
So this mod is only about the appearance of the npcs? Would it allow me to assign a tenant to a room they usually couldnt be put into (such as Hylotl in a room with almost all apex furniture?) If so, this is exactly what I am looking for.
Starcat5 Apr 17 @ 7:55pm 
Still haven't tested "protectoratecourtyardlounger", but the various crew member npctypes are the Ready to Hire variants. This will make getting a specific crew member MUCH EASIER. Deleting original question.
Starcat5 Apr 15 @ 8:33pm 
Unrelated, but now I'm wondering if "protectoratecourtyardlounger" will interact with Florin cages or other such objects. It would make jail dioramas more lively if it worked. :bro:
Depression Hurts, Eat More KFC  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:14pm 
@KwispyBagel Its compatible in the sense that it will function just fine, however it does not have inherent access to FU's species and npcstypes.
Depression Hurts, Eat More KFC  [author] Apr 13 @ 1:11pm 
@Emily Underplaid you can type in "detach" in the overrides tab. That will remove the spawner while keeping the npc.