Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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Beginner and Advanced Tips for RS2
By [40-1] Garmo
This is Garmo's guide to make you a killing machine!

I have over 5400 hours on RO2/RS and 500+ on RS2. Time to pass the knowledge on to the future and make this game enjoyable for years to come.

RS2 Community group - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RisingStorm2

This guide is not done. It will be updated often with new tips and tactics... Weekly. It likely will not be done for months. No where near done to finishing.
Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is unique to other games like it because it adds the effect of fast paced action along with a slight realistic, tactical touch to it. You need teamwork and communication to win. Without it, you won't get far, and you won't get as much fun out of the game.

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Identifying Uniforms
Going to work on and Improve

At first, this game may seem overwhelming and all the uniforms look the same. If you know some backround history of the war and just some common sense, it shouldn't be hard to tell whos who up close. There are many instinctive ways both teams differentiate of each other.

United States of America (USA)
The United States runs with BOTH hands on their weapons. The only exception is when they are holding a grenade or their pistol. They are also more of a olive green color.

People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN) and the National Liberation Front (NLF)

Both the PAVN and NLF run with only ONE hand on their weapons. They are also more of a blackish/brown color depending on which faction they are.

Roles -Basics- [UPDATED]
Both Teams
  • Rifleman
You are the main fighting man on the team. Your main job is taking objectives, defending objectives, PLAYING THE OBJECTIVE! Kills come second. If you want to sit back and shoot, you shoulda got the machine gun or marksman role. As a rifleman, you need to be aggressive on attack, storming in and clearing the objective. On defense, you need to be in the cap zone and keeping the enemy out.
  • Machine Gunner
A very important role to the team in both defending and attacking. Your barrel must be overheating by the time you die with this class. You need to constantly fire downrange to cover your teammates as they push an objective. Supress the enemy's and keep their heads down so they can't see your troop movement or fire back on them. If defending, you need to find a nice place to lock down a section of the cap. That could simply be a single trench line and gun people down as they hop in, or it could be an entire field or doorway. You are the most effective person on defending and keep enemy's pinned and away.
  • Marksman
You are task with taking out enemy's at long range. you must protect your advancing teammates by taking out other enemy snipers and machine gunners at a distance. Can be super helpful, but overall this role is mostly useless... It can be fun though.
  • Radioman
Radioman are the commanders best friend. Without you, the commander would have to sit back far away from the fight and that can lead to having one less player in the cap zone. One less gun shooting at the enemy. You allow the commander call in support from anywhere on the battlefield. You must stay with him, and alive. Radioman is also a good way of getting an insane amount of points by doing very little. You also can provide smoke for the team which is very important.
  • Squad Leader
Squad leaders are without a doubt essential to the team. They both provide spawn points to members in their squad. They also are a huge part is cordinating the squad, and overall team in attacking a certain point from a certain direction.
  • Commander
90% of the time, depending on the commander's decisons and leadership will be why a team succeeds or fails. You should have a mic, actively be communicating helpful information to the team, and calling in good support. You must rely on your squad leaders to carry out the tasks and the team overall to listen.
Reading the Map
If you are confused when people say "Grid C6" or something like that in the game, all it means is a location on the map. It is also very easy to use. Just find the letter on the left side of the map, then look up to the top where the numbers are, then wherever those two meet is where that area is.

The picture below shows my location at grid F2. To get a more exact location, use the keypad method. All you gotta do is imagine more numbers and letters inside of that grid and make smaller grids within that. So in the picture, I am in grid F2 keypad 9 or F2 kp 9.

Learn the Maps -UPDATED-
In order to be an effective soldier and or a team leader, you must know the maps, and know the strong and weak points of each objective to successfully defend or attack it.

  • For those who like to lead, I am putting my notes in for each objective for you to use for yourself, and so you can modify them for how you want to lead. The ones I put down are what I noticed works the best, and how I like to lead personelly.
Blue = Defensive positions

Red = Attack directions
Hue City
Commander Notes - Before the round starts, I communicate to the team which objective to attack first, and how. It's up to you to go for A or B first. The tactic is simple. Full out bayonet fixed charged. The key is to focus all manpower on one objective, and charge it very fast before the enemy get sets up. Considering there are two objectives, and the round just started, the enemy team will be split about 50/50 and still spawning in or getting into position. They will not expect a chage with that many people hitting them so fast.
This is why you must get the team to storm one objective quick. Tell them to zig zag and keep moving if they take fire and no matter what, get into that cap zone. They must not stop as that will slow you down. it sounds crazy, but surprisingly 9 out of 10 times, it works.



I divided c into three sections since the area is so wide, and I want you to have the best visual representation as I can give you since if I zoom out to far, objects disappear.

Commander Notes - C is easily one of the toughest objectives in the game. You have multiple options to and factors that can change the course you take this objective and it is your judgement as to which one to pick from to fit best what is happening in the round. If the defenders are mostly on the left flank, you should drop napalm or artillery on their position while you get the team to attack the right and center hard. Very fast. If the defenders are evenly spread out on all sides, just choose a flank and push it with all the manpower you got. You will break through, and you just need to order the team to keep moving into C and clearing it out... (Ex. If you push the right flank, you need to get the team to push in, and keep moving in until you reach the top of the tower, and clear the left out.) The common mistake with people pushing the right is that they all sit in the cave because they are afraid to move up... which ends in them dying and acomplishing nothing. You need to get spread out and try to get to the top of that tower at all cost.

Left Flank


Right Flank





Cu Chi

The key to a fast cap on A is a full out charge. I usually order the team to go far left and stay in the rice field in grid I4 and H4. Avoid the buildings and town at all cost as they funnels you into death as they mostly all expect you coming from there. The key is going far left, move fast and quietly, get across the dirt road, into the gas station, and from there into the red polcie building. Order the team to charge and do not stop until you are in the red police building. Usually, whoever owns that building is the one who owns A. Try taking that. If you succeed, along with some luck, it should be easily capped within 60 seconds.






Basic/Advanced Tips
Most Importantly
  • Work as a team.
  • Communicate.
  • Follow orders.
  • Get along, and get on the same page as the team leader.
  • Without teamwork you will never get far.

You can win any map in under 10 to 15 minutes with quite ease. All it takes is a strong team leader who knows the maps, and a team willing to follow his orders exactly and as soon as they are given.

  • Just play as a rifleman until you learn the maps, game mechanics, and are a decent enough player to start trying out a new role. Let the more experienced players take those roles so the team can acomplish more and be more effective on the field. I suggest wait until level 10 until trying out other roles. That way you have got a pretty good feeling of how the game works by then. Wait until around level 30 or 40 before you start playing as a commander.

Play the Objective
  • You need to play the objective. If you are attacking, you should not stop moving until you are inside the cap zone. The key is being quick, aggressive, and as stealthy as quietly. Use the flanks and get around the objective for a easy surprise cap. The more people moving together on the flank or a charge, the more successful chance you will have to cap it. Too often, I see people run all the way up, stop literally five feet away from the cap zone, and then die because they were afraid to move in... OR they get into the cap zone, but they all bunch up in a cave, or small room and end up blowing up by a grenade. You need to get in, spread out, and claer the objective out for a better chance of taking it.

  • If defending, you should be in the objective, on the flanks so they can't flank and get behind you, and even in front of it to delay them and keep them off it completely. Do not ever sit behind the cap zone. Their artillery will nearly always fall back there and you will die. You have a much better shot sitting inside the cap zone in some structure or on the flanks... You'll also be more use to the team that way.

"Pocket Arty"
  • Grenade spam is a great way to create your own artillery salvo... Get in the habbit of constantly using your grenades on enemy locations. It is a highly effective way of stopping a enemy push onto an objective and also clearing them out quickly. Especially when multiple people do it.

  • Hipfiring is by far one of the most useful things to master. If you will take time doing anything in this game, take time learning how to hipfire something with ease up to 20m or more away in a split second. Just imagine a box a few inches away from your barrel. You will constantly hit targets once you memorise the box and with some practice. Hipfiring is very useful in close quarter combat and even mid range if you're good enough at it. Just start picking people off before they can even raise their sights and take a shot on you.

Get the MOST out of Cover
  • Sandbags, walls, windows, whatever it is you are using as cover, always try to stand a bit back from the edge and off to the side if you are able so you are maximizing the cover you have. If you stand to close, your weapon will stick out for all to see, and you can be shot from more angles. If you stand back, you are safer, more hidden, and will stay alive.
    Correct Way

    Wrong Way
Resupply Machine Gunners
  • If you walk up to a machine gunner and hit "F", you can resupply them. You get points for doing so and you allow hi mto keep spittin' lead at the enemy.

Grenade Aiming/Throwing
  • Many people will accidently teamkill by having a grenade bounce off an object and land only a few feet away. You should figure out where the grenade will go before you throw them... Obviously. Use the tip of your thumb to aim the grenade. The grenade will be in line vertically with the thumb.
    Also, do not use grenade while in tunnels or bunkers with friendlies.
    The risk of teamkilling is too great.
The NLF/PAVN tactics, classes, and special traits that only apply to this team.

Where to Place Tunnels
Tunnels are spawn beacons for the NLF and PAVN. They can only be placed by squad leaders, and are limited to one at a time. You can however move them around multiple times even if it was never destroyed.

  • Place them close to the main spawn.
  • Place in the wide open.
  • Place in direct line of fire of the enemy or anywhere that could be easily seen from the enemy.

  • Place them on the flanks or behind objectives.
  • Place tunnels in thick grass or trees. Somewhere hidden.
  • In the middle of the map where you have quick access to all objectives and or on the other side of the map.


And yes, there are tunnels in each of those photos.
United States
Not done.

Attack Tactics [US] -NEW-
Best way to Attack

Attacking is usually tougher than defending. Therefor, you need to have a smart teamleader and a team that can follow orders.

What NOT to do
  • Move alone and slow.
  • Charge down to the front of the objective.
  • Sit back and shoot for more than 10-20 seconds.
  • Be aggressive. Move as a group.
  • Use the flanks. move along the edge of the map and get behind the objective.
  • Get into the objective. Don't run all the way up and then decide to stop 3 feet away from the cap zone. You need to get all the way in.
Overall basic idea
  • I've played this game for a very long time. I've seen what works and does not work. Most players think you need to move cover to cover and move very slowly because this game is "soooooo realistic" and they play like this game is SQUAD or actual real life. Though moving cover to cover is important in some cases, most of the time it only slows you down. The key is getting a large amount of players ready to charge the crap out of the objective by using pure manpower and aggression. To make up for the "no cover to cover" rule, use smoke to block the enemy's line of sight instead. Considering there are 10-20 of you charging one objective all at once, the defenders will not expect such a large, sudden push and as long as you keep moving together as one and zig zagging, you will make it quite easily to the objective. You must also consider that the enemy will miss a lot of his shots and since there are so many people pushing at once, even if one man goes down, that still allows another to keep moving up since the enemy was focused shooting another. If you have artillery support, even better. With artillery support, it is nearly a 100% chance you wil succeed in taking the point you charge. Of course many other factors such as the risk of one grenade or one enemy machine gunner being at the right place at the right time can ruin the charge or delay the assault, you can will break through quite easily. No matter what, unless enemy artillery, at least 2 or 3 of you will make it and get a foothold allowing for more teammates moving up. After you respawn, you must just keep charging in and piling in. Once inside, you need to chuck grenades on the enemy positions on the opposite side of the objective and keep pushing up to clear it out.

What Squad leaders should do
As a squad leader, you control where your squad spawns and where the tmea overall pushes from. Considering people spawn on you, it is best that you flank along the edge of the map to sneak around and behind the objective so you can spawn your squad in from behind them. You need to stay alive as always. Even better, if your team starts to cap the curent objective, you should get up and run to the next one so once you cap that you can already be capping the next one... And just keep doing that. It's really common sense but for some reason very few squad leaders, and evne players in general do this even though it is highly effective and easy to do.
U.S. Roles
United States
  • Pointman
You are vital to the team. Enemy traps glow red on your screen which means you can easily locate and destroy them before you or other teammates step on them. You also carry smoke which is essential in attacking and even sometimes in defense. You need to lead the way, clear out buildings, and keep clearing, clearing, clearing!
  • Combat Engineer
You can either be a flamethrower, or carry a rifle with C4 and a M34 WP grenade. Very useful in clearing out buildings.
  • Grenadier
Able to launch grenades and smokes from a distance. You must clear out enemy's inside buildings and people hiding behind barriers. I suggest switching the ammo loadout to the 6 HE and 2 smokes so you can provide smoke cover as well as blowing up enemy's downrange.
  • Combat Pilot
You need to take out enemy tunnels, and strafe objectives where enemy's are at. Even better, get someone on the ground to spot for you and if they say a large force is coming from a certain direction, get a gun run on that location to.
  • Transport Pilot
You can land troops far back in enemy lines. You nee to fly low, and fly fast to avoid being spotted as easily, and be more "stealth" with where you land troops. You must be careful, as the frame of the huey is like paper and everyone on the map will open fire on you. RPG's especially. If you fly low and land fast, they won't be able to spot you as easy, and shoot you as easy. The longer you take to land, the less of a chance you got of evening landing and getting out.
Loach Pilot
You have a radio for the commander to sit in the backsit to call support from the sky. You also spot enemy's and enemy tunnels when you fly over them so it can be very helpful for the gun ship in destroying tunnels and knowing enemy troop movements.
I will eventually add every weapon and what it is best used in and for.

Going to have a section to help people learn the maps faster by having a birds eye view of EVERY OBJECTIVE on EVERY MAP and draw attack defense tactics and plans to help commanders lead a successful team.

Add info about the damage and health system eventually... (going to take awhile)

Add some secrets and tips that many won't know and help people become better fighters over all...

And just anything really as time goes on and things are added, things are learned, and what I find best to use.

If you want to see an example of what this guide will eventually turn out to be, check out my Rising Storm guide. (It will be better and less cluttered) - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=247220178

Thanks for Reading
Please leave feedback and support in the comments! hope this helped you :)

Add me on Steam if you want to talk and or play the game with me.
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[40-1] Garmo  [author] Jan 13 @ 5:04pm 
Yeah... When you move and hipfire, the box moves greatly, but you can still find it... (I, however havnt mastered moving yet, but at close quarters, its easy obviously). But standing still hipfiring can be almost as useful as aiming down the sights even at pretty far ranges. It just takes time ot learn and memorize the box. Once that is done, you can much more easily take out enemies much faster if needed.
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Great Guide Garmo, that covers the game pretty well. I hope I'm not being an idiot and have missed this in your amazing write up but how about.......TL as VC, needs to be inside the cap with a radioman as the ambush mechanic is a cap saver on many maps. Its a bit buggy but if you test it it will work. First floor toilets in Cu Chi and 1st floor in A Hue. Also single shot (x key) is good at long ranges for barrel stability. Muzzel Flash is a dead give away. Top work for the community dude. Respect
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