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Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Ultimate Guide for Rising Storm
By Garmo and 2 collaborators
This is the best guide for Rising Storm. It has everything you need to know plus more! Need more help? Just add me on Steam or ask a question in the comments. PLEASE RATE UP THE GUIDE!

I also, sadly have 4000 hours and three years of experience on this game!

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Important Info for New Players
This game is all about Teamwork!

  • Want to get a lot of points? Want to be an effective player? You must play the objective, and play the roles right. As a squad leader with a big squad, you can go a full match without killing anyone and still have the most points in the game. How? You played the role right. To learn more about the squad leader role, go to that section of the guide. Wonder why you may have way more kills than someone but be below them on the scoreboard? It is becasue you have been killing enemies out of the cap zone, or you yourself have not been in the cap zone. Kiling/dying in cap zones give you a bonus. You could have 10 kills and be near the top of the scoreboard if you been in the cap zone entire time and killing enemies in and having yourself in the cap zone. You could have 30 kills all from killing enemies out side of the cap zone and you yourself being out, and be at the middle of the scoreboard.

    Here's a good example of playing the role right.
  • Hit the default key "T" to view the HUD. By hitting T, you can see where friendly artillery is, and where the objectives are. Get in a habbit of hitting it often.
  • Not pick any other role other than "Rifleman" if you are under level 15. (You can view what level you are and other stats by hitting ESC, and going to "Profile Achievements".
  • You must listen to the Team Leader!
  • You need to communicate! Call out enemy locations, mass movements, etc... Work together and follow orders.
  • "TL" means Team Leader.
  • "SL" means Squad Leader.

Basic and Advanced Tips -Overall-

  • Move cover to cover! Try to avoid open fields, or other areas with little amount of cover. If you see a lot of dead bodies in one area, STOP going there. Obviously someone has it covered. If in streets, stay to the side of buildings, or on the side walks. Try to avoid by standing out in the center.

  • DO THIS. He stands away, making him be in more cover, and more concealed.

    Don't set up on the sandbags or other defenses like this. Your head is poking out for all to see and you will get picked off fast.

    Stay off to the side from the building or pre made defense for more cover, and you are also more hidden.
    • Enemy artillery coming down? Don't run through it. I know this is common sense but sadly, people do it anyway! I know, It's very sad and shocking! You don't want to die, you don't want the enemy Team leader to keep killng and getting points off of you! Stay away from explosions and call out where it is falling on the map so other people know.
    • You have so much ammo, more then you need. You most of the time will never use it all up, so do not be afraid to fire away. Becasue of the thick jungles on most maps, enemies can hide and be moving up through any bush. Fire bullets all over through patches of foliage to make sure no one is there and supress. See enemy smoke? Fire rounds through it, discourage the enemy from moving up, and kill those who do! However, you are giving away your postiton by firing so much.
    • Resupply your machine gunners! You are helping yourself out by getting a easy, free 5 points, but more importantly, you are giving a highly important man on your team more bullets, meaning, he can shoot more and longer, meaning more enemies dead, meaning you have a better chance at winning.
    • Do not use the cover system. It is buggy and hurts you more than helps you. As you learn more and get better, you will learn on your own when it is the best time to use it, but that is rare. It'll mostly just get you killed. However, it does steady your weapon meaning better accuracy. Up to you though.
    • Fixed machine guns can be a huge help, but also a killer to your own teams tickets. If the enemy are already close and flooding the point, firing bullets all over near you, stay off the gun. Don't get on it as you will be shot off really fast. To use them effectively, get on them early on before the enemy arrives so you can mow down unexpected enemies and the first wave or few of attackers. You can duck by hitting the default key, "C" and fire at the same time. To reload and duck at the same time, hit "R" and "C" right away. If timed right, you can kind of glitch it.

    • You can jump on grenades to save your teammates. You will die, but your body will stop the shrapnel from tearing apart your buddies near you.
    • Don't sprint around corners. Instead either walk around them so if an enemy is there, you can hipfire and or aim down your sights faster to get a shot off. Even bette,r just peak by hitting "Q" or "E".
    • To save more stamina, instead of jumping over trenches, hit the default key "Left Alt" to dive over them. You can save more stamina this way.
    • If you would like to have a better chance at not being one shot killed, stay standing up when running around. This will make you a larger target, yes, but the bullet will have a less likely chance of hitting a vital organ. If you crouch run, you are a smaller target, but all of your organs are compacted in one place, meaning a bullet is more likely to take you out in one shot. Also, standing up and running allows you to be slightly faster. Up to you and your knowledge of common sense when to do which though.
    Identifying Friends from Foes
    Americans run with both hands on their weapons as you can see below. Japanese run with one hand on the weapon.



    Health and Bleeding
    -The amount of blood loss is in aggregate, so if you stem a bleed but get injured again, you will have far less time to deal with it before you begin to bleed out. Your actual health also makes a difference. Every round you get hit by will wham a huge amount off your health, and if you bleed, your health drops further

    -Surviving an injury will not give you any penalties other than being more fragile, i.e. smashing your legs in a fall will, once you have recovered after a few seconds, not inflict a penalty on movement speed or stamina nor will an arm injury impede your ability to aim. However, you will have less health which in turn means you will be easier to kill.

    -If you hit T when shot, you will notice on the bottom left corner there is a model of you. If it is red, you need to bandage ASAP or you will bleed out. If its yellow, you have some time to take cover before bandaging. Keep an eye on the colors changing. If its a minor hit, in the hand or legs, usually, you will not need to bandage. Just think of this. the color RED = Dead.

    -Assuming you don't die outright, you are almost guarenteed to get some form of bleeding wound, when you are injured, be it being shot, clubbed, or stabbed. You have between 1/2 and 3 seconds usually to respond before you enter the bleed-out state and die.

    -If shot in the shins or the wrists, you most likely won't have to bandage. But it all depends.

    - For the Japanese, it is possible to recieve a bullet to the head or shot through the heart (and your to blame...) More information of this subject on section: "Banzai Tactics and Tips"
    Do What the TL and SL's Say
    You are under their command. Even if the TL is not communicating, listen to whoever seems to know what they are talking about, and who majority of the team is following. if they say "move up and get in the point", get in the cap zone! If they say "flank the far left or right", do it! As a team, as a squad, you need to work together to acomplish the larger objective.
    Keep communication to tactical and strategic coms only. Try to avoid the random racism and politcal crap in voice at least. Take that to the text. We need to keep the people focused on the gameplay and it is more fun this way rather than hearing music and mic spam going on.

    Call out enemy troop movements, enemy postitons, follow the team leaders orders, work together!
    Reading the Grid
    If you do not know how to read the grid cords, it is really simple and useful. Hit M, look on your map. You will see letters on the left side, and numbers on the top. You jut imagine lines going down kinda like a rubics cube, and try to match up the box you are in. To be even more specific, use the keypad numbers as you can see on your keyboard. Just find the box you are calling out, then imagine the numbers 1-9 in the box.. So the number 7 would be in the top left and 3 would be in bottom right. Just imagine and fill in the spaces.

    In this picture, I am in E 6 keypad 5

    To use keypad thing on the grid, just imagine this on the map in each grid. Picture those numbers.

    It is really easy, and but for some players, they may not know. To be honest, I would have never learned this if I never played Arma and asked 3 years ago. I was afraid but everyone kept telling me to go here and that and I didnt know so after team killing with the arty, I decided to learn. So, now you know if you did not.
    Plan/Learn the Maps
    Please note that no other guide on this game has this in their guide. It has taken me hours to do, so please, please give me feed back and rate up.

    This will give you a birds eye view of each objective. Since it was pretty high up, some buildings or details may have disappeared, but other than that, it is the exact thing. Some objectives such as F on Saipan may be hard to make stuff out since it is inside of a structure. That's up to you to do what you wish once there. I am just telling you the best way to get there.

    ****KEY**** The GREEN lines are the route the attackers need to move up and take the objectives from. The BLACK numbers are telling which way is better and should go first and fast. The BLUE lines are positions where the defenders should hold. Some may not be exact positions, but areas and key points to make sure are defended

    This section is more for the attackers, as that is what needs to be coordinated more.

    - This map is the hardest to attack on Rising Storm. It usually comes down to tickets if you take the objectives fast.

    [GET FIRST][/b] B



    TIME AFTER C! IMPORTANT! - So once you get C, say you have 5 minutes or more left, stay in C. Do not move up. You maybe have a 20 lead on tickets but tha will drop fast if you keep attacking. Stay inside of C for a minute or 2 and just kill kill kill. You will die less, and kill more, therefor, you will catch up on tickets, or bleed the Japs, or defenders out completely. If you have 8 minutes or more, stay in there for 5 minutes or longer. If you are close to the defenders tickets, or if they are at 140 or below, you can easily bleed them out to 0. Just stay in C and don't advance. You can always get overtime on E or D if needed. But, be careful ,you need to time the re-attack carefully... I say with 2 minutes left or 1:30 left, you should be fine.











    C and D





    Get D and E first.






    Red lines show defenders. Yellow show attackers. Changed color due to this map being at night.











D [previewicon=4698898;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00024.jpg][/previewicon] E [previewicon=4698905;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00025.jpg][/previewicon] F [previewicon=4698910;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00026.jpg][/previewicon] [h1]OTORI SHIMA[/h1] A [previewicon=4701254;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00010.jpg][/previewicon] B [previewicon=4701257;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00011.jpg][/previewicon] C [previewicon=4701261;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00012.jpg][/previewicon] D [previewicon=4701264;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00013.jpg][/previewicon] E [previewicon=4701281;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00014.jpg][/previewicon] F [previewicon=4701332;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00015.jpg][/previewicon] G [previewicon=4701334;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-30_00016.jpg][/previewicon] [h1]MAGGOT HILL[/h1] A [previewicon=4701472;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00050.jpg][/previewicon] B [previewicon=4701475;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00051.jpg][/previewicon] C [previewicon=4701483;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00052.jpg][/previewicon] D [previewicon=4701485;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00053.jpg][/previewicon] [h1]Phosphate Plant[/h1] A [previewicon=5011305;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00041.jpg][/previewicon] B [previewicon=5011306;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00042.jpg][/previewicon] C [previewicon=5011322;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00043.jpg][/previewicon] D [previewicon=5011323;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00044.jpg][/previewicon] E [previewicon=5011345;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00045.jpg][/previewicon] F [previewicon=5011346;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00047.jpg][/previewicon] G [previewicon=5011347;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00046.jpg][/previewicon] H [previewicon=5011369;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00048.jpg][/previewicon] I [previewicon=5011375;sizeOriginal,inline;35450_screenshots_2015-12-28_00049.jpg][/previewi

















    Phosphate Plant










    That being said, that is common sense. Why go in front where all of the defenses are, where most, if not all the defenders will be watching. Try to get up behind them. Stick to the side of the map and move up behind them. This is a good way with SL1. If you are lucky and get SL1, you need to try to get up behind the objective. You can then spawn in 10+ guys behind them and mess them up. But, you need to have a squad to attack. It won't be as effective if you all jut sit back and spawn camp. You need to get into the cap. Attacking is kinda easy other than that. Just check out the "Planning/Learn the Maps" section of the guide for good path ways to go.

    Defending is fairly simple. You hold an objective on the map. Let the enemy come to you, and shoot them. Stay in the cap zone and you will hold it. As mentioned above however, we do not need the whole team in the cap zone unless it is being taken. Try to hold the flanks, get a crossfire on the center, or even push up on the flanks, get a U shaped going on shooting into their spawn and all. Really gotta be aggressive on the flanks. You can not let them get behind you and cut your spawn off.
    Team Leader -How to Play-
    Many people will tell you to stay at the radio 24/7. They are dumb and wrong. If everything is on a cooldown for a minute or more, why sit at the radio and do nothing? Get into the fight and use your SMG to kill a few. You do not need a mi, but it is highly recomended. More people will listen and many may not see you typing in chat. Although, there is a few team leaders better than most who don;t use a mic or communicate at all, just try not to do that. Those guys just been playing for a very, very, very long time and know what they'll doing without help or anything haha. You need to communicate. Check out the "Planning to Attack/Defend" section of the gudie for some good orders. It's all visual though.

    1. Get to the radio promptly
    2. Call out to Squad Leaders to place marks (Targets of Opportunity)
    3. Marking Artillery Targets myself
    4. Call up Recon plane
    5. Call in required type of Artillery
    6. Calling Out Intel
    7. Inspiring the Troops

    If recon is not available, rely on other teammates to give you intel. Order your squad leaders to give artillery marks at each new objective as fast as they can.

    Marking arty targets is actually one of the easiest yet hardest things to do. When attacking on a map the optimal location to place arty is behind the cap zone. Artillery is more used for cutting off the enemy reinforcements to the cap or to supress more from moving up. If defending, try to get danger close arty marks about 50m to 80m outside the cap zone. This will prevent almost all Japanese from getting into the cap. It can also funnel the attackers into a certain area you want them to come through for a certain time.

    Types of arty and when to use it

    There is Mortars, Artillery, and Naval. Mortars have the shortest resupply timer, but the smallest shells and explosive radius This is good for basically every kind of support for attacking and defending.

    Artillery is a bit more deadly than mortars and has stronger shells and larger radius. With those benefits, it sadly has a longer time limit on when you can use them again. Use it wisely, and only if needed.

    Naval barrage fast, the radius is whole cap zones and more, and the shells are gigantic. Try to avoid using naval unless iti s last objective, lockdowns, and or depending on the map and objectives to take. Here is an example of when to use it. On the map Betio, on the objectives C and D, it is very useful to call in a naval right after you take B between C and D. Orer your team to stay inside the B huts, and await the order to charge. Once you call it in, wait a few seconds, and once the last shell is falling, as the shell is falling, ORDER THE CHARGE! The naval will kill most of the enemy team and soften up everything they had going on in there. You should be able to take D and C very easily. Other than that, try to avoid using naval as it usually takes 6-8 minutes to use again depending on the map.

    Force Respawning

    Force respawning is essential on winning. If used correctly, you can hold and take any objective. Hands down this is how it works, if anyone tells you different they do not know what they are talking about so ignore them!!!! Try to avoid usuing it if the next wave of respawn is at 6 seconds or below. Unless it is the last second of of the last respawn before you run out of tickets, or the game is almsot done, last objective etc etc... But if it is not, try to save it for when you really need it and 6 seconds or more on the respawn timer. Force respawn does have a few penalties. Since you are throwing more troops into the battle faster, more will die faster, therefor the tickets will drop down. So if the game is going on tickets or you want to be careful with tickets, try not to use it as much as you can.

    How to aim the grenade

    Use your hand as your tool. The arm and hand points to the direction the grenade will go. It will slightly go to the right. In time, you'll learn how much, and how far it can go and how much you need to aim up for certain things etc etc..

    Use grenades to clear out buildings, and larg groups of troops. If there is a guy hiding in bushes, or a machine gunner somewhere on the other side of a wall, pull the pin, hold for a few seconds (I usually hold for 2-3) and throw it at him. In time, youll learn how long you should hold for different distances and all so it will blow up on top of him.


    Do not underestimate underhanding the grenade, it can save your life. Usefull places to underhand is to find a thin wall that can be 2-4 feet higher than you or safe barrier to hide behind to avoid the blast. Maintain a short distance and right click to underhand.

    American Grenade

    The American grenade seems to have a slightly longer timer until it explodes by about one to two seconds. It also tends to be more deadly and more of a death radius of its explosion.

    Japanese Grenade

    The Japanese grenade has about a 4 or 5 second timer. It tends to be less deadly, but also can be planted as a trap by pressing 3, looking at the ground, and right click. More about traps down in the Japanese section.

    For Japanese, you can also use suicide grenades which grants you extra points depending how many Americans you take down. All is needed is to hold down mouse 1 (Hold the left click) and while holding press the middle mouse button (The scroller) while still holding down mouse 1 which triggers a *ping* and starts the four second timer.

    UPDATE: For a sucessful suicide grenade kill, you will not lose that ticket.

    From the point of the suicider, honestly, it's pretty awesome.

    From the point of the Americans however, it scares the Hell out of them. Like this clip here:

    It is worth it, just be mindful of other team mates.
    How to use Smoke Grenades
    Smoke grenades are needed to cap every objective. No matter how good a team is you will need smoke. This section needs to be in the guide because sadly, most people don't use it right... ( I know, how can you not use smoke right?) Smoke is more effective when attacking. All squad leaders and team leader need to use it by pressing 4 and throwing it inside the cap. You can't have smoke 10m or 5m out of the cap. You need to have it inside so it messes everyones view up. You can get in the cap than easy and kill the shocked and confused defenders. When defending, pop smoke up in the spawn and the exit of certain areas where the enemy will likely spawn camp or be camping so you can safely get into the cap.

    Cons ussing smoke:
    It blocks everyones view. But honeslty, attackers shouldnt be staying back at all. Once you get close enough to get smoke up in the cap, everyone on the team needs to be moving into the cap, or behind it depending what role you are and all. Only snipers and machine gunners (Not including Automatic Rifleman) should only be moving up behind. Everyone else should be moving into the cap zone.

    USA Team
    This section will have some perks of playing on the Allied team, their classes, and weapons.

    USA Weapons and Unlocks
    I am leaving out the first tier because I mean, everyone can see it.

    M1 Garand

    Tier 2 (25) - Cleaner gun, and 10 inch bayonet.

    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun, 16 inch bayonet, and the ping trick. Hit 6 to ping.

    M1903 Springfield
    Tier 2 (25) - 10 Inch Bayonet, cleaner gun.

    Tier 3 (50) - 16 inch bayonet, cleaner gun.

    M1918A2 BAR
    Tier 2 (25) - Grip, cleaner gun.

    Tier 3 (50) - Bipod, cleaner gun. (Most players will tell you to not use the BAR with the bipod)

    M1919A6 Browning Machine Gun
    Tier 2 (25) - Cleaner gun
    Full View

    Changing Barrel (Press 6)

    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun

    Springfield Sniper Rifle
    Tier 2 (25) - Cleaner gun, 2.5x scope, new retical. (M1903)

    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun, 8x scope, USMC M1903A1.

    (Just did tier 3 because it's exact same thing)
    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun

    M1 Carbine
    Tier 2 (25) - More ammo, 50% faster reload speed, cleaner gun.

    Tier 3 (50) - Bayonet, cleaner gun.

    M12 Trench Gun
    Tier 2 (25) - Cleaner gun, 16 inch bayonet.

    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun, 16 inch bayonet,extra shells.

    Thompson M1928A1
    Tier 2 (25) - 30 round magazine, Recoil Compensator, cleaner gun.

    Tier 3 (50) - 50 round drum, grip, cleaner gun.

    Tier 2 (25) - Blueish/Black tint, orangy handle, more ammo

    Tier 3 (50) - Chrome+White finish with an American flag engraving on the handle.
    USA - Each Class
    : You are not a sniper or marksman, you're the main fighting force out there. You got the numbers and gear. Get as close as you can with the enemy and take the objectives together.

    : You are somewhat the same as a rifleman... just with a fully auto weapon. Lay down supressive fire and clear out buildings.

    Machine Gunner
    : Don't move up as fast and far and the rifleman and autorifleman's do. Stay back, and just keep shooting, even if you don't see anything. As long as you're shooting, the enemy won't come over which means the guys up front can get in easier. Call out for ammo by hitting the default key "V" and click "Request Ammo". If the team that is on is nice enough, they will get you some.

    : Stay in the back and cover everyone. Keep the crosshairs on MG nest, windows, doors, etc. Go on the far sides of the map and be sneak up behind. Once you get behind the Japs, you can pick them off like ducks. Aim mostly for their machine gunners first out of everyone. They are the huge threat as well as their SL's and TL.

    : Destroy objectives, fences, barbed wire so you're team can move up easier and faster. Throw you're satchles in bunkers, and behind cap zones so you can blow a huge area up and possibly keeping back a few guys.

    : You are very, very important. You have to get close to the enemy but once you do, you got them. If attacking, clear out buildings and cap zones. You job is not to capture, but only to clear it out, and keep charging up to prevent the next counter attack. Let the team cap it. If you are defending, stay crouched in the trench or doorway and when they get close, stand up and spray fire everywhere. Keep doing that so the enemies can't advance and you will most likely get a lot of kills. Basically, you are meant to die. Your goal is just to kill as many Japs as possible before you are dead.

    Squad Leaders
    : (If you never played as a squad leader, do the training first!!!) Command you're squad around. You are incharge of everyone in you're squad. Stay alive too. You are the most important role out on the battlefield. As long as you are alive, you're squad members can spawn on you and get to the action much much faster. Give the team leader artillery marks so you can get artillery support for you're team.

    Team Leader
    : (If you never have played as a team leader before, do training of it first!!!) You're job is very important too. Comand the team around. Stay near radio's and call in artillery behind the cap. Not on top or in front. That way you're team can move up as the artillery falls. If you have used recon and artillery and it's on the timer, don't be a worthless soldier, get away from the radio and fight.
    How to Stop the Banzai Charge
    If you do not have a fully automatic weapon or fire, shooting kind of won't do much if eanything to banzias, especially when they banzai in groups. Don't afraid to use your bayonets. I mean, you worked somewhat hard to earn them. You killed Japs to get them. As they are about to stab you, move to the side, and stab them in the back. You can litteraly take out a whole banzia charge doing this as long none of them are cowards and shoot you. Just stab stab stab. Throw your grenades in the smoke and at screaming as that is where a banzai charge will likely come from and screaming usually means banzia charge! Explosives will get the job done, always.

    If you got fire, just light them up. easy kills, easy kills, not much to say here. You should be smart enough to kill banzais with this weapon.

    If you got a thompson or BAR, just shoot them as much times as you can. The BAR does not let you melee, so be ready to run if you need to. The thompson can melee so shoot your mag. and wack the rest.
    Japanese Team
    This side is not done yet.

    The Asian Driver-


    We are powerful but lack superior firepower. But with the combination of a strong leader (better with a mic), a team that can follows orders from their superiors, and have the ability to adapt and overcome situations, it is the most powerful force to be reckoned with.

    As a Japanese soldier, your purpose is not to die, but to win the war/ drive the Americans out of our lands. So here are a few tips.


    Bushes are your friend and enemy in every match. Hide in bushes with thick vegetation and plant a booby trap in it to give the American a nice surprise. Watch out for any human characteristics within the bush because Americans are very difficult to spot with their green uniform such as the picture below me.

    Picture here

    For the Japanese side, maps such as Hanto, we are half ghillied; making us look like bushmen. Therefore, increases our concealment. More put on later

    Picture here


    I will not get into great detail into this. The weapon you choose will depend on sacrificing accuracy or damage. If possible, it is better to take a American weapon when you are sure that the enemy won't attack. Remember, your life is more important than a gun.


    The American dynamite satchel comes with a long fuse and looks like a huge, yellow brick. It packs a punch but it is diffusable. By pressing the "Ctrl" button, you can become a life saver on destroyable objectives.

    But, the Japanese satchel (or AT Mine) cannot be diffused and once placed on the destroyable objective, it's time to either run away, or spread those cheeks.


    A very effective tool in your arsenal. By now, you will know that after you prime the grenade, there is a four second timer for all grenades except for the Type 91 grenade for the Light Mortar class which is nine seconds.

    Mainly I want to focus on sacrifice when seeing a live grenade. ONLY in RIsing Storm can you dive prone in front of a live grenade, and cover the blast radius with your body.

    For the team, if you see a live grenade, DO NOT RUN! Sacrifice yourself to save many other of your comrades.

    To learn more on Japanese suicide grenades, please look up on the section titled, "Grenades".


    A quote made by a narcissistic genius that I live by everyday:

    "True power is not about the domination of the weak. True power is by having the strong bending to your will."

    - The Asian Driver

    The American soldier is a formidable foe to handle with. But, the human subconcious mind can be very gullible if played correctly. If you have enough time to type or speak in the public chat while hiding in a safe area, say terrible and degrading comments about them. From my experience, if at least 15 people in the team are typing or talking publicly about the enemy's demise, it is a guarentee win of the match. Either because they had lost the will to fight, or they left the game because we are a bunch of D- bags, either way, you win the match but there is no guarentee that you would win the campaign/game.
    How to Handle Light Mortars
    Although there are many guides to the light mortar class, I would think that this one deserves the most recognition.


    Be sure to like and favorite Stoklomolvi for his hard work.
    Japanese Weapons - WIP -

    Ariska 38

    Tier 2 (25) - 3 Extra Clips, Cleaner gun
    Tier 3 (50) Cleaner Gun

    Arisaka Type 99

    Tier 2 (25) - Cleaner gun.
    Tier 3 (50) - Monopod, Looks cleaner

    Type 100

    Tier 2 (25) - Lower fire rate, cleaner gun
    Tier 3 (50) -Bayonet and cleaner gun

    Type 99

    Tier 2 (25) - Bayonet and a cleaner gun

    Tier 3 (50) - Cleaner gun, and a scope

    Type 96

    Tier 2 (25) - Bayonet

    Tier 3 (50) 2.5x scope, Similar to Tier 3 97/99 rifles

    Type 97
    - almost done

    Tier 2 (25)Polished with New scope

    Tier 3 (50) Same polishing and scope with additional monopod and Bayonet

    Type 89 Grenade Discharger

    Tier 2 (25) Cleaner weapon

    Tier 3 (50) - Extremely polished


    Tier 2 (25) New design and cleaner, Grey

    Tier 3 (50) New design, cleaner, goldish handle

    Nambu Type 14

    Tier 2 (25) Extra Mag, spit shined

    Tier 3 (50) Extra Mags, polished
    Banzai Tactics and Tips UPDATED Picture included soon
    Banzai is the most powerful feature in the game... If used correctly. Banzaiing reduces 50% bullet damage and if done in groups, reduces it even more. If you need to run through a open field or to get to another position and enemies are near by, banzai. You can take more bullets and get there without shooting. If you start bleeding during a banzai charge, don't worry about it. you dont have to bandage at all.


    Whenever the Americans start capping an Objective, no matter where you are, you must banzai into the cap and push them back. If you are dead, the second you respawn, you need to banzai as fast as you can and just scream and stab everything you see. NOTE that you do not need to banzai all the way back out. Just banzai into the cap zone. Once in, you may start shooting back.


    Banzaing is more effective when attacking. Use it as your advantage. The Japanese mostly only have bolt action rifles, bad SMG's, and decent machine guns, but none of these outmatch the American weapons. The best way to take objectives is to group up the team all on one flank or same grid, stay down and quiet until the order is given to banzai! Before the order is given, squad leaders need to throw smoke up all over the cap so you can scare the Americans and get some cover to get in the cap. Once the order is given, Scream in public voice chat " BANZAI " and rush the cap. This scares the Americans a ton, and boosts the Japanese morale.

    Banzai Charge Tactics as a Group-

    Only three easy times you need to Banzai charge to raise the chances of capturing the objective:

    1. If the Commander launches artillery on top of the objective, then the team needs to coordinate and move closer to the objective, when the artillery reaches to 1-0 salvos, then charge.

    2. If the Commander launches artillery behind the objective, then the team needs to coordinate a massive banzai charge immediately (Not in small groups such as 4-6) because, some enemy troops have right, left, or both flanks.

    3. If the Commander launches artillery on the right or left side of the objective, the WHOLE TEAM must banzai charge the opposite direction of the artillery; confusing the enemy.

    Banzai Charge Tactics as a Person-

    Easy, do not make yourself an easy target for the American. Zig-zag toward the enemy or make your movements unpredictable. If you miss stabbing or bludgeoning your target, you most likely still have ammo for your weapon, so, shoot your weapon. It takes more time and energy to continue stabbing the American. Plus,the stabbing animation makes you look like an idiot trying to mastrabate with a wooden ♥♥♥♥♥.

    *Tip: Type 38 is longer than the Type 99. There is about a meter difference between the two, so if charging at the enemy, you do not need to come nose to nose with the American to stab. The Type 38 is more like an upgraded spear.


    For a banzai charger, recieving critcal wounds such as the head or heart will become temporarily obsolete with smaller caliber bullets such as the m1 Carbine, Thompson and even the Colt pistol.

    Click on photos to enlarge

    As seen in these photos, when charging, it is possible to survive a headshot and heartshot.

    UPDATE: You can survive a neckshot too!

    (WIP: Experimenting if Japanese can survive nutshot.)
    Plant Booby Traps
    To plant a trap, you hit the number 3, to take out the grenade, face the ground, and right click. You can only plant on sand, mud and grass.

    The Japanese grenades allow you to plant them in the ground as booby traps. You can only have 2 planted booby traps at one time However, which means you can't have two more planted at one time without one disappearing. You can throw as many grenades as you want even with them still planted. The traps to stay after death as well. Make sure you plant them in craters, trenches, and between rocks or at the exit of doorways where it can funnel Americans and where they will be coming from. Place them in bushes or beside cover where one may try to take cover. The good thing is, is that it will not set off if you or a friendly player walks over it. Just don't plant booby traps next to each other, or it will cause a chain reaction and those other traps would be wasted.
    Say there is 30+ players on the team. If everyone would plant them all over and everywhere spread out, in every bush, doorway, path way, trench, everything, everywhere spaced out, that is like 64 traps all over. This will slow down their attack, place fear in every where the Americans go, and after beingk illed by them at least two times or more, it will annoy them. Once the Americans get frusterated, they will not fight as hard and confident... making their team less effective in whole. Also, you will be able to kill them from a safe distance away, unlike a grenade where you need to be close to them, risk team killing and or death. It's a free kill basically.
    Always plant them as you retreat and as you are jut starting to defend a new objective. You msut be fast so they don't see you, and or get within range of shooting you as you do so.

    REMEMBER, Americans can destroy and disarm your booby traps too, so place it down wisely.

    And there is no need to place 4+ booby traps in one tiny choke point, they would all explode; giving only one of your team mates the kill and would be a waste of grenades such as this photo here.

    Kill the Flamethrowers FIRST!
    More to come... I got busy and could not finish this section... Come back in a few hours please.

    As you noticed, flame throwers have huge backpacks. You must shoot him no matter what. Keep your eyes opened for them as they are one of the most effective weapons on the battlefield. Shoot them first. No matter who you see and where, you need to shoot the flamers first as they can single handedly clear out cap zones and win. It is up to YOU to save the lives of 10 or even 20 team mates by killing the flamer! Even if there is 3 Americans aiming at you. If you see the flamer, you need to get him first and sacrifice your life for the Emperor.

    Already on fire?

    Don't just give up. You can still get a shot off at him as you burn. You might hit him. You can also run up to him and try to catch him on fire with your body... It is hard and I never done it or seen it, but I do know this hurts him so maybe if you get lucky and touch him long enough, he'll burst up into flames as well :)
    It is my first guide of Rising Storm. Please tell me to add or fix anything in the comments. I'll apphreciated a lot. (I know there is grammar and spelling mistakes. I'll fix them later on.)

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