Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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Ultimate Guide for Rising Storm -REBUILDING-
By [40-1] Garmo
This is the best guide for Rising Storm. It has everything you need to know plus more! Need more help? Just add me on Steam or ask a question in the comments. PLEASE RATE UP THE GUIDE!

I also, sadly have 5000 hours and three years of experience on this game!

Excited for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam? Join the community group! - http://steamcommunity.com/groups/RisingStorm2

New Players READ
If you are below level 10, please only play rifleman. This will let you get a decent feel for the game and learn a few of the maps so you can be more effective on the battlefield. From there, try machinegunner or snipers. Avoid playing squad leader, team leader, and flamethrower until about level 50+. Let those roles be played by those who "earned" them and know how to play better.

COMMUNICATE! Be a help to the team and communicate by either pressing "U" to type to the team or holding "CAPS LOCK" to voice chat to the team! Make friends and give good tactical info to help the team!

Identifying Friends from Foe
Both Japan and the United States uniforms can get confusing in the heat of battle. Here are ways to distinguish from friendly to enemy.

  • The united States has a more green/olive green color to their uniforms while the japanese have a yellowish brown.
  • When sprinting, Japan only runs with one hand on the weapon. The United States sprints with both hands on the weapon.
  • Their helmets are also very different in both shape and features. Japan has a more brown/yellow color as well sometimes with foliage on top. The Japanese helmets are also plain colored. Some head wears may just be a bandana as well. The United States have a more greenish colored helmet and some with a camo pattern design.
Attack Strategies
Attacking may sound challenging and can be... But in all of truth, it is far easier than defending. The key is having a team leader who communicates GOOD information to the team and squad leaders, and squad leaders who can follow those orders and stay alive. The rest of the team just needs to be very aggressive, basically simple charging as groups into the objectives.

The key is simply flanking and speed. Very rarely push down the center and attack the front of the objective. That is where most of the defenders will be expecting you and will have their guns pointed. Try sticking to literally the edge of the map and move up around the objective on the sides and attack the back. The second part is speed. American or Japanese, it doesn't matter. If you can get around the defenders and hit them hard and fast before they can get ready, you'll cap easily. Especially when you have a charge of 10-15+ players at once with some artillery support, you will easily cap.

Team Leader
You need to order the squad leaders and the team to flank the objective. Tell them to get around the objective and hide behind it. If you are sure you can cap it without artillery, do it. But I suggest you call in artillery, and then have the team charge in from the sides and back. This will catch them off guard since the defenders will expect you to hit the front. Order the team to spam grenades over to the back of the objective as well. Grenade spam is a great way to clear and cause quick chaos in an objective.

Squad Leader
As a squad leader, you need to stick to the flanks. You must get around the objective and hide behind it so you can spawn people in from the back. This is how you can get the team attacking from multiple directions at once, and catch the defenders off guard. This tactic can also help in getting troops to the next objective right away once you cap the current one. This is very, VERY, very easy to do, and it is ashame many squad leaders don't have common sense to do this in the first place.

Rest of the Team
You just simply need to follow the orders of your TL's and SL's and play the objective. You need to be quick, and stay as a group. When a team charges as a large group at once into an objective, it will almost gaurentee a capture since there is just so many people pushing in at once.
Defending Strategies
Defending is all about the flanks just like attacking. You need to lockdown the flanks to prevent the attackers from getting around you and hitting your back. You need to stay either inside the objective, or in front of it at all times. NEVER EVER behind it. When the attackers push and start overruning the objective, you must throw grenades on their locations. When the entire team spams grenades, it has the effect of a artillery barrage... When players throw grenades every life and everytime they get them, it can be a constant artillery barrage and is very effective.

Team Leader
Order the team to the far left and right to hold the flanks. Save artillery for when the enemy drops theirs, and then you drop yours danger close on the side they are pushing to stop that push and prevent them from getting in.

Squad Leaders
You just need to stay alive either inside the objective, or on the flanks to spawn people inside or near. Never sit behind it as that is where the enemy's artillery will most likely drop which will likely kill you, and more importantly, prevent your squad from even reaching the point. If you sit on the flanks, your squad can still spawn in and get into the point without having the enemy's artillery cut you off.

Future Plans
Add a birds eye view above each objective on each map to help players learn the maps, and team leaders for strategic orders/movements to help acheive victory...

Add about 10-20 basic/advance tips plus photos and videos to help!

Detailed commander and squad leader sections

Weapon unlocks section

More detailed tactics for both usa and japan seperately.
What Happened to this Guide?
So everyone knows that a guy named The Asian Driver deleted everyone from the group and making anouncements saying that the group is "fake" and not "official".

FIRSTLY, the Rising Storm 2 group I made was never claimed, or meant to be official. In the groups description it says that the group is a COMMUNITY GROUP MADE FOR FUN and to SHARE THOUGHTS on the game. It never said it is official, never said it was the actual group. That is on his own carelessness and blindness for thinking that. He blocked me and is too childish to have a conversation with me to explain why he is mad and or what is going on. He is out of control.

Secondly, he deleted a guide that took 2 years to make. He removed everything from it. He deleted all the group members as we all know, and he is spreading lies about me over his missassumption about the situation.
AGAIN! The group was never claimed to be official, and never was... The only reason Asian is♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥off is becaues of his own carelessness to read the groups description which states that the group is not official and just a community group for fun

You can hate me, I do not care. All I want is everyone to get along and to know the truth.

I also do not hate him, I just wish he woulda explained to me why he is so mad and hope we can make up and become good friends once again like we were for at least 2 years... Again, he is literally over reacting over nothing besides his own carelessness and awareness of reading clearly stated info...

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Nippon Man 5 hours ago 
Damn,every new player should read guides like this before jumping into the game and rushpick tl or sl without knowing what to do. When i first started I did the same it's just a few minutes and you get more info about gameplay.Many things missing yet but hope this will be more complete and shared amongst newbies!
[40-1] Garmo  [author] Jan 21 @ 8:20am 
Ayyyy! Started to re-create some things!

Gonna add pieces at a time...
8114 Jan 18 @ 1:18pm 
Do it!
[40-1] Garmo  [author] Jan 18 @ 12:08pm 
Hmmm... Actually, I'm getting motivated to do some stuff. I just gotta do like 2-3 big main projects on this and the rest will be easy to do.

Recreating this actually is a possiblity.
[40-1] Garmo  [author] Jan 18 @ 12:07pm 
I'm thinking about recreating sections of this guide.... So at least there is some use to it....

Won't ever be as great as it once was.. Maybe.. It was just so much effort... Years of work lol
][Memento][mori][ Jan 18 @ 6:05am 
I just started playing the game, i love it and sorry that this kind of stuff happend.
[40-1] Garmo  [author] Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:49pm 
Haha thank you.
8114 Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:48pm 
Welp AsianDriver is getting a bayonet shanked at them, even as a TK if so next time I see him on the game =3=
[40-1] Garmo  [author] Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:46pm 
Its a long story. A few years ago I was a admin on a server, and the only active one. I tried cleaning the trolls out and instead, they made a pact and got me removed and spread a lot of fake news about me... Made my name really bad over nothing but lies and exagerations. And eventually, they hit here and got the guide removed. You can read about it on Reddit. It's all lies
8114 Dec 30, 2017 @ 12:39pm 
WHY would anyone even do such a thing, I mean the guide helped people, don't they think it's maybe smart to teach new players the ropes? ._.