Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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How to Win on Rising Storm [Alllies]
By Garmo
This guide will teach Allied players on Rising Storm how to sucessfully win with speed and with the lowest loss of tickets. I hope it is very easy to understand. Please rate a thumbs up to give me feedback! Thanks!
Flanking can be used many ways, if done correctly. What I have seen worked the best in this game is don't go up the middle. It's 100% you will die within one minute. Stay to the flanks but don't just think if you go a bit to the left or right you will be safe. Go as far as you can go, to the edge of map. Work your way up until you're behind the objective and cut you're way in. This works best in numbers, so be a squad leader and make sure you stay back behind cover. This works great and helps the team out enormously. A few guys can stay back and kill the enemy team as the rest charge in. Cut them off so no one can get in the cap zone while the rest of the guys can move in. You can surprise them on the sides and just shoot them all in the backs. You must be fast and have numbers though for this to work.
Be Patient
Do not just run around mindlessly. Stay behind cover as much as possible, even if it takes awhile to get up but at least you'll be alive and able to fight. If you have a good team, they may listen to you. Tell them to all go prone and crawl though the field so you can get up close, throw grenades and run in. Last time I done it, it worked amazingly and surprised them. Just make sure the ground is flat. If you go going down or up hill, it won't work out good for you. If you are defending, don't keep going out in front of the cap. Don't sit back either. Stay in the cap or on the flanks and make sure they can't get passed. Only move up in great numbers to try to buy some time or gain some ground.
Do What the TL and SL's Say
If the team leader tells you to get in the cap, get in the cap. You are a lower rank than he is so you better do what he says. Don't be a worthless player and sit in the back just because you don't wanna die. Be a machine gunner or sniper then. No matter what they say, do it even if you know its a bad idea or you just don't want to. You could have always became a squad leader or the team leader to tell people what to do you're self. If everyone listens, you can attack or defend in a more organized way and most likely win more battles!
How to Play in Certain Roles
Rifleman: You are not a sniper or marksman, you're the main fighting force out there. You got the numbers and gear. Get as close as you can with the enemy and take the objectives together.

Autorifleman: You are somewhat the same as a rifleman... just with a fully auto weapon. Lay down supressive fire and clear out buildings.

Machine Gunner: Don't move up as fast and far and the rifleman and autorifleman's do. Stay back, and just keep shooting, even if you don't see anything. As long as you're shooting, the enemy won't come over which means the guys up front can get in easier. Call out for ammo by hitting the default key "V" and click "Request Ammo". If the team that is on is nice enough, they will get you some.

Sniper: Stay in the back and cover everyone. Keep the crosshairs on MG nest, windows, doors, etc. Go on the far sides of the map and be sneakt. once you get behind the Japs, you can pick them off like ducks. Aim mostly for their machine gunners first out of everyone. They are the huge threat as well as their SL's and TL.

Engineer: Destroy objectives, fences, barbed wire so you're team can move up easier and faster. Throw you're satchles in bunkers, and behind cap zones so you can blow a huge area up and possibly keeping back a few guys.

Flamethrower: You are very, very important. You may have to get close to the enemy but once you do, you got them. If attacking, clear out buildings and cap zones. If you are defending, stay crouched in the trench and when they get close, stand up and spray fire everywhere. Keep doing that so the enemies can't advance and you will most likely get a lot of kills.

Squad Leaders: (If you never played as a squad leader, do the training first!!!) Command you're squad around. You are incharge of everyone in you're squad. Stay alive too. You are the most important role out on the battlefield. As long as you are alive, you're squad members can spawn on you and get to the action much much faster. Give the team leader artillery marks so you can get artillery support for you're team.

Team Leader: (If you never have played as a team leader before, do training of it first!!!) You're job is very important too. Comand the team around. Stay near radio's and call in artillery behind the cap. Not on top or in front. That way you're team can move up as the artillery falls. If you have used recon and artillery and it's on the timer, don't be a worthless soldier, get away from the radio and fight.
How to use Smoke Grenades
It is very simple and i am sure and hope everyone knows this, but for those that don't, here you go. The best way to use smokes is to throw them, get another at a ammo box, and throw another one. As you advance, keep throwing the other in front of the other so you can keep advancing. Once you get close, throw smokes on the objective wheather it is just a open field or a bunker. At least they can't shoot you. If you're team is defending, throw smoke by the spawn so you and you're fellow team mates can move up. Don't throw it to far that it will block MG's and snipers view.
How to Shutdown a Banzai Charge
Shooting is one way but it takes too many bullets! They most likely banzai in after artillery or through smoke. Throw grenades in a banzai charge and randomly shoot in it. Once you see them run through, run at them with you're bayenets and stab them. One hit stab and if you stab at the right time, you will kill them before they kill you. This sounds like a bad idea but after trying it many times solo, you usually come out on top... sometimes with a few kills since they dont expect it.
If you have a mic or not, you MUST communicate. Say if you got the MG on the flank or where ever he was so the teamknows that its safe to move up. Warn people of where snipers, MG's or large groups of enemies are at. If you don't have a mic you should get one. they are very usuful. If you see enemy mines, tell people so they don't keep going. Then shoot them to blow them up and announce that to the team so they don't have to worry as much about the mine.
Secrets and Tips
When crouching you are. a smaller target B. have less sway when aiming. tighter hipfire spread.
so unless you are dashing to cover as fast as your small scrawny legs can take you, crouch at all times. your fire will be far more effective.

Use your hands to aim your grenade throw! Many players, especially newbies don't know how to throw the grenade accurately and it ends up being the infamous 'deadnade' killing friendlies.
No more! You can aim your grenade quite accurately looking at your brilliant soldier's stretched arm; it's indicating the grenade's throw trajectory, in most cases. To land it into a window, make sure that your palm is aligned to the window's left.
Remember, however, that the grenade is thrown in an upward arch, so make sure there is room above you or the grenade will bounce off the ceiling.

A Japanese soldier runs with one hand on his gun. A American soldier runs with two.
A japanese soldier's helmet has more of a groove on the bottom of it. The American's just goes down. A japanese soldier usually has camo on their helmets, or backs. Sometimes they will have a bandana on. American soldier is a light olive green color. Some will have a mixture of colors all mixed together on them and their helmets.
Pictures -Coming Soon-
It is my first guide of Rising Storm. Please tell me to add or fix anything in the comments. I'll apphreciated a lot. (I know there is grammar and spelling mistakes. I'll fix them later on.)
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Garmo  [author] Oct 22, 2014 @ 11:52am 
Okay, will change it.
[2.FJg]Jank-Gefr. Oct 21, 2014 @ 4:27pm 
Note: Usually it is better to disarm enemy mines instead of blowing them up and risking your comrades' lives. Crouch-walk up to them (scary-close) and disarm with CTRL.
Garmo  [author] Apr 27, 2014 @ 7:48am 
@Cheatengineer yeah you just gotta time it. It works best on Guadocanal since you only got a bolt action rifle as a rifleman. It takes to long to shoot them and if they are close and zig zagging, just run back at them. they'll be lke wtf and bam u win
Cheatengineer Apr 26, 2014 @ 10:30pm 
That shutdown Banzai Charge wiht bayenet sounded grazy but you can stab almost 3 meters away.
Garmo  [author] Apr 26, 2014 @ 4:32pm 
yeah... i wanted the guide to be simple and not as long and complicated as the others. they seem to hard to understand so i hoped this guide would ne easier to get and all.
Cheatengineer Apr 26, 2014 @ 4:13am 
Very good basic instruction if you do not use these you lead your team to loss.
Garmo  [author] Apr 25, 2014 @ 12:33pm 
If you want a good server for territory, Search and destroy, for RS or HoS, try out the 2.FJg servers. Best and fairest admins and best server settings :)
Wren Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:02am 
Nice! Thanks!
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Not trying to be a jackass, but it's *your.
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