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Better Trade Screen
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Feb 26, 2017 @ 4:14pm
Apr 7 @ 6:33am
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Better Trade Screen

The goal of this mod is to improve the trade screens in Civilization VI and help manage and monitor running trade routes.

NOTE CQUI AND HBUI USERS: This mod is already included in them, and may cause issues if you also use this mod.

Main Features

Sort Options
  • Can sort routes based on yields (Food, Production, Gold, Science, Culture, Faith), and turns remaining
  • Can multilevel sort by holding shift and clicking on sort buttons.

New Filter Options
  • Added City State, International, and City State with Trade Quest filters.

Trade Overview Screen - Overhaul
  • Added sort options from above.
  • Added filter options from above and others.
  • Correctly shows all Available Routes. Previously it only showed some of them.
  • Routes are colored based on their origin city, to better distinguish between various routes.
  • Routes are categorized based on their origin city or destination city. This is required to manage 1000+ possible routes late game.
  • Shows origin city and destination city yields on the same screen.
  • Shows City State Trade Quest icon on relevant routes.
  • Clicking on a route auto opens the relevant screen - Make Trade Route screen or the Change City screen.

Trade Route Tracker
  • Turns remaing to complete route is correctly calculated. Base game shows wrong info here.
  • Currently running routes are tracked (with turns remaining to completeion) in My Routes tab.

Trade Route Automater
  • Set a route to repeat itself based on the last destination.
  • Can set a route to repeat based on the top route from the sort settings.

General UI Overhaul
  • Yield values are colored based on their respective yields.
  • Yield values are aligned.

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Jan 25 @ 7:03am
The mod kinda disepear
Jul 21, 2020 @ 4:54pm
Is this mod compatible with Concise UI mod?
Hedgehog in a kayak
Sep 11, 2019 @ 10:43pm
< >
Lohffers Sep 26 @ 11:00am 
Love the mod! I am however having an issue in which the mod works fine upon creation of the game but after loading a saved game it acts as if disabled.
Love'n'Peace Sep 7 @ 2:12am 
So, I just wanna give a shoutout to my dumbass, I thought this mod was bugged cause I couldn't trade with anything after a while... It's cause I had the City State Quest filter on. I'm sorry. I'm dumb.
ChrisMartin Aug 27 @ 2:57am 
In my games the trade route stops repeating it self, after I have removed the "tick" and let the route end normally. Then the trader will be available for new assignments.
smil Aug 27 @ 1:39am 
Can't stop the auto-repeat. Tick or no tick it still repeats.
VacaAlpha Aug 24 @ 8:38am 
how do I stop a route that is on auto-repeat?
Vagabond Aug 13 @ 4:48pm 
:) Hahaha
ChrisMartin Aug 13 @ 3:49am 
Lol. And Nidaros was the Holy city of Norway back in the days.
Think your holy camel forgot to put his boat pants on that morning. :p
Vagabond Aug 13 @ 3:13am 
I don't think it is mod related. But i got myself a holy camel.
cobber51 Aug 8 @ 4:03pm 
@DK Pepper:

That sounds like a mod conflict you've got happening there. Can I encourage you to think of any other mod/s you have installed that alter, or may alter, the TradeScreen.XML file? I say that because I've had that exact problem before, and the cause was another mod I was using at the time that I never expected would alter that particular file, but once I detected which mod was the cause and then removed its trade screen xml file from its folder that resolved the issue for me.

The game can only have one named instance of a file exist at any one time, and if 2 or more mods have a file with the exact same name, then a problem like this is guaranteed to occur, because they are not uniquely named. The CQUI mod is a prime example of another mod that alters that particular XML file, and doesn't call it something different, which means that this mod and CQUI will conflict directly as a result, causing the issue you are reporting.
DK Pepper Aug 8 @ 7:43am 
Still breaks trade running on Linux. Was really hoping that issue was over with the last wave of updates. [when enabled you can't open the trade screen, and are unable to make trade routes]