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JSRS Studios presents:

Try now the new Beta version of this mod and see the new changes ingame:

JSRS Soundmod Beta

A soundmod for ArmA3 and ArmA3 Apex - The lastest delevopment in the direction of audiovisual dimension by JSRS-Studios. With more than a few thousand new sound effects JSRS SOUNDMOD provides a powerful and new sound experience, from all vanilla ArmA3 to the APEX DLC contents!

RHS, NIA Arsenal and SMA Support!
Don't forget to check out the additional RHS Sound Supports for AFRF, USAF, GREF and SAF Content!

Or the new NIArms Arsenal Sound Support!
NIArms Arsenal Support Sounds

And the latest support for the Specialist Military Arms Mod!
SMA Support Sounds

For those having problems with mod dependency: When ever you load a saved game or want to edit a mission that was saved with an older version of JSRS and you end up with messages like "Missing Addon JSRS_SOUNDMOD_GLOCK17" or similar, now you can use this:

This is a CFG Bundle of JSRS Patches that were used in the past that are not available any longer. Download it, use it like a mod, load your mission/edited mission and save them again and the dependency are gone.

Here is a short Sound Example for JSRS Soundmod[]?

Making sounds in high quality that is requested these days, you have to invest money into libraries and equipment. This money is not given by companies or customers, it's a self-made investment. Any sort of support or donation is required to keep this product running with recent updates and further developments. So feel free to support this project on Patreon[] and be sure that your support is very welcome and appreciated!

JSRS SOUNDMOD by Dennis Kahl (LordJarhead) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at or

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May 22 @ 6:15pm
External Heli Sounds Extremely too loud!
May 6 @ 12:03pm
Explosions sound unrealistic
May 6 @ 12:04pm
m134D sounds not working
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Machine Gun Kelly 4 hours ago 
@An Extremely Fat Virgin - Bullet sounds ARE correct (for the ones I know of). And I understand now what you mean too...

If you took what I stated in a negative manner, then I apologize, for that was not the attempt.

Machine Gun Kelly 4 hours ago 
@LJH - Thank you for your comment and thank you for all of your work. I have been 'with you' since you started years ago and have been greatly pleased with no issues except a LONG time ago you had scripts determine the sound based on distance. I was you first attempt at this. Except the problem was a slow PC on my end. Your mod has ALWAYS worked!

An Extremely Fat Virgin 15 hours ago 
@Machine Gun Kelly - I do not know firsthand about real sounds, but from what my service member friends have said, the bullet flyby sounds, whizzes, and distant shots are similar to the real thing. The volume of course in any game or movie can never be anywhere close to the real thing. There are components of this mod which are similar to how real life versions sound - without the extreme volumes obviously. I should have clarified because when I said "extremely close" I was exaggerating. Nothing can be extremely close to the real deal. Nevertheless this and Squad are two games/mods which sound remotely like real battle ambience. :steamhappy:
LordJarhead  [author] 23 hours ago 
@Machine Gun Kelly Thank you very much for your service! And thank you for the insight. For people that have never experienced something like this its hard to imagine. As all your knowledge about warfare and weapons get to be transfered by the media, TV or youtube. Cameras can never capture this imense volume and nor can anything ever play a sound as loud as that. So I think no game or mod ever come "close" to the real thing, but we can only serve the "idea" of whats real that we got from those medias...
Machine Gun Kelly May 25 @ 12:45pm 
@Arm§trong, @An Extremely Fat Virgin - I doubt any of you REALLY know what 'real' sounds are like. As someone who actually served in the US Army, these sounds are NOT real. For games though? About some of the best going around.

In real life you can hear a grenade go off almost 1k away. It is SO LOUD that when you practice with real ones, you are REQUIRED to wear hearing protection. ARMA, other sims, this sound mod, not even in the movies, replicate it correctly. Do you know that if you're in an APC with your head hanging out you can NOT hear a tank that is about 100m away??? And that it can even be hard when it is right next to you?

No, ARMA, this mod, and NO OTHER sim 'come close' to sounding like the 'real thing'.

It was MY JOB to KNOW these things - 11B10P.

LJH has done a SUPERIOR job on the sounds!

An Extremely Fat Virgin May 20 @ 11:49pm 
LordJarhead = Arma Mod God. This game with JSRS and another game, Squad, are the only reasons I play military simulators and they come extremely close to real battle sounds. PLEASE DO A SOUND OVERHAUL FOR SQUAD THOUGH. Squad sound effects already sound good but a slight touch from the Lord will make it even better. :) Thanks!!
LordJarhead  [author] May 18 @ 9:58am 
@Arm§trong Best comment I`ve seen in a while :P
Arm§trong May 17 @ 9:23pm 
This sound mod is the ONLY reason I still play this crap game.

The infantry units sound fantastic! (until a friendly vehicle runs them over)
The armored units sound fantastic! (until they flip upside down, or fly 100+ feet into the air and explode for no damn reason)

But when that bullet crack goes right past my head...damn it I just keep coming back for more.
Best wishes to Dennis Kahl, keep up the great work!

- Arma 3 Tanks DLC! "Your tank never looked so good ....upsidedown." - BIS 2018.

|✠ CommanderCharms ✠| May 16 @ 2:10pm 
Hey Jar, I was wondering if you'd be able to make a sound support mod for the ArmA 3 Aegis mod?
Machine Gun Kelly May 12 @ 7:48am 
@NomadRomeo - You're more than welcome!