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Cataph's Southern Realms - Regiments of Renown addon
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Feb 5, 2017 @ 8:47am
Sep 10, 2017 @ 6:22am
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Cataph's Southern Realms - Regiments of Renown addon

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Here come purple units of doom! Everything that invests heavily on plumes, burnished armour, more plumes, pikes, wimmin, alcoholic beverages and is bound to be drawn towards “HYRING” signs and do not mind the spelling.

Technically, we’ll be adding those regiments of renown aka dogs of war that are closely tied to the southern realms, so basically a majority of tilean mercenaries and other heavily armed misfits.

DO NOT SKIP ON TECH INFO PARAGRAPH, on pain of pain. Secondarily, the FAQs.

Here’s the current unit list:
- Ricco’s Republican Guard w/ officer.
- Alcatani Fellowship
- Pirazzo’s Lost Legion
- Leopard Company w/ officer.
- Volland’s Venators
- Vespero’s Vendetta
- Marksmen of Miragliano
- Braganza’s Besiegers
- Anakonda’s Amazons
- Knights of Origo
- Cursed Company w/ officer.
- Al Muktar's Desert Dogs w/ officers.
- Mengil Manhide's Manflayers w/ officer.
All of them available for Tilea, Estalia and Border Princes.
Those of them with special rules made to reflect them through custom abilities and extra stats.
Coming soon: 2ish more regiments, more officers.

It adds the said units for custom battle AND (considering they are not official factions) campaign IF the unlocker used for it is ‘predisposed’ in that sense. Currently, only Crynsos’s unlockers. No RoR-ready unlocker = no RoRs in campaign. See Tech Info for more.
Will probably implement some unorthodox way to unlock RoRs, the vanilla method feels too easy and arcade, tbh.

Many of them were born in 5th edition Dogs of War rulebook, others, like the Origos, are from oldhammer outright (1984). As such, I mediated between old rules and fan-updated new ones.
As these Regiments may not be direct copies of base units, they only get some of the campaign buffs (e.g. pikes are straightforward, whereas cursed company gets almost nothing - coz Kreugar doesn’t give a single f); those that don't have a direct base unit will be affected by jack-of-all-trades like Dirty Dozen or others. But they WILL be buffed by something.
Respawn rates are tuned to be 5% to 15% chance, the Cursed Company being an exception at 50%, this time because Kreugar is a guy who doesn’t skip on a single day’s work.

Right now, only some of these units have their leaders. The others will come one by one or such, as I want to give them the attention they need in textures and stuff. From a practical point of view, they will have different weapon damage and hitpoints from the rest of the troop, but I can’t give them their own melee att/def profile, so I’ll compensate. You can assume most of them have 1000ish hp (no more than that unless you wanna pay 3k per unit), which is included in the total, and some splash damage (based on troop's damage, due to game bugs). That’s just to warn you that if you see larger-than-average hp pools will be due to powerful officers.

- As the title implies, this mod is made as an add-on to the main Southern Realms expansion. So go fetch that, soldier.
- No DLCs specifically required (although ALL missing seems to crash it).
- Now, this is going to sound peremptory but there tends to be no end to questions and misinterpretations of what is really a simple thing.
- You need the main mod - Southern Realms aka TEB - for this pack to work.
There is shared content that is too much and too connected to separate. Also because many base/related units are there. With this, you can play them in custom battle. However:
To play these guys in campaign you ALSO NEED THIS UNLOCK: Crynsos’s Unlocker+ or the basic version.
- Must be the ONLY unlocker enabled. Not compatible with anything else that edits startpos (starting positions and stuff).
- Unlocker needs a fresh campaign start.
- Before you comment something like “I can’t see them in campaign” please read again above. If you still have trouble, toggle off other mods until you find the culprit.
- Without it, they simply and merely show up in custom battle only.
This project was made in explicit cooperation between me and Crynsos. I handle the units, he handles the startpos part, separately. This way, you are granted more mod-choice freedom, as RoR mods would otherwise prevent any other startpos from being used (other RoRs, unlocks, etc). If you only want to play custom battles or want another startpos mod, or just don’t want RoRs in your southern realms game, this way you can.

- Everthing, per se. As said, meant for VANILLA so radical overhauls will cause balance issues.
- The unlocker, however, is incompatible with anything startpos (yadda yadda).
- Compatible with jdharrow's RoRs.

- Desert Dogs will crash the active player's replay if present. Reason unknown.

- Desert Dogs’ variant adapted from Haradrim’s version with permission.
- Amazons card adapted from art by Daarken (©GW, like the Leopard’s).
- Crynsos for handling the startpos part and basically luring me into this trap, and to those few that have seen teasers of this stuff and supported/advised me about them (e.g., k|Aquila Mars and Dreamlore).
- Left a couple of easter eggs around.

No claim on GW and CA content.

So, don’t forget the required mods, to sub and rate, to report any bug you meet and to be nice towards bearded small people that will otherwise accurately report you on their moleskine of portable grudges.

Public posts include content details and chit-chat so no reason to miss on that!
Also, intimate Discord server:
Thanks to: Lachlan A., George M..
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:|[BEAR]|:_Chikifco Jan 20 @ 6:03pm 
i really like this mod, one of the main things of the campaing i dont like is that, human races have exactly the same rosters, you ccan go from altdorf all the way down to estalia and u have exactly the same, i dont want to playestalia i just want some variation between factions, very nice job, i hope you do this for other factions too, i talk for warhammer 2 and 1
Cataph  [author] Nov 19, 2017 @ 1:45pm 
Short answer is yes. As was before.
Baron Von Dorf (SF9912) Nov 19, 2017 @ 12:25pm 
Lad are you going t oprovide this mod to Warhammer 2 and mortal empires
nasosmanaris Nov 10, 2017 @ 3:39pm 
Can you update it for warhammer 2?
Cataph  [author] Oct 28, 2017 @ 3:12am 

Also these RORs are coming in ME when Crynsos has time to add more furbish to the unlocker.
Baron Von Dorf (SF9912) Oct 27, 2017 @ 3:43am 
hey lad what about taking these to mortal empire ey :D
Raelos Oct 12, 2017 @ 3:42pm 
No worries, running quite a few at the moment so I'm not surprised. Was hoping for some Lost Legionnares though :(
Cataph  [author] Oct 12, 2017 @ 3:36pm 
I'm not sure, it smells like this mod didn't really fire up for you or you have something else somehow breaking eggs startpos-side.
Raelos Oct 12, 2017 @ 3:32pm 
Bornio, indeed.
I've confederated every other Southern faction including minors, and only had access to the starting one after I lost it in a bad beastmen rout. No others to recruit, and no option unless the standard one is not in play. Only looked at the RoR after I lost the one I started with some 50+ turns in, so unsure if I started with it or lost it at some stage.
Cataph  [author] Oct 12, 2017 @ 12:46pm 
Borgio. More info?