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Cataph's: The Southern Realms (TEB)
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Jun 21, 2016 @ 11:23am
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Cataph's: The Southern Realms (TEB)

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After hours of sweat, blood, probing of aliens (I do that), throws of rage, generic WAAAAGHing at nothing and, finally, much rejoicing, here comes another mod by your favourite (?) grumpy grumbler.

This time, it’s a faction expansion for the Southern Realms, Estalia, Tilea and Border Princes (in short, TEB), encompassing new units, techs, lord traits, building chains and stuff.

===Mod Awards 2016 - Winner of Best Unit Mod; Runner up for Player's Choice.===
(previously featured in MODS WEEKLY Episode III! Embedded video by milkandcookies TW; DahvPlays 1-2)

- 27+ new units across the rosters of Estalia, Tilea and Border Princes, for both campaign and custom battles.
- Three custom lords and SIX custom Legendary Lords*!
- tweaked General Lord skills; vanilla heroes and 1+ custom.
- Custom tech tree built from scratch for the three factions.
- 2 New building chains.
- Dynamic caps on some units, appropriate garrisons, state troops reskinned (Tilea, Estalia).
- 13+ Regiments of Renown (Dogs of War) from the add-on!
- recommended vanilla tweak pack!
*see tech info.

Textures, unit cards and variants were personally made or otherwise edited with my own big sweaty hands (or otherwise credited; yeah some are recycled bretonnian vanillas).
Also renames the “Estalian” docks into “Southern”, because marginalizing an entire region under the name of one nationality is a hateful and stereotypical microaggression (I’m PC, brah). Similarly, Estalians now have their own names list rather than the german-sounding default one.

Full Unit and Heroes list:
Space not found, read it here with short descriptions!

(statline screenshots towards the end of the gallery)
Aside from a few elite units and specialized counters, these rosters are not supposed to be stronger than, say, the imperial one. They lack fear/terror units and their strong assets are balanced by harder recruitment/replenishment, but they should be able to fight well with combined arms and, in time, tech-buffed veteran armies that can bloody well teach the moustached northerners what a merc host can do.
Estalia specializes in tough and versatile veterans (think Conquistadores), Tilea on armoured units, Border Princes on agile irregulars helped by warrior elites. All of them can also count on restricted dwarfen allies.

(related screens at about half gallery)
All three factions share 12 tech nodes you can pick at whatever time. Loosely, 4 military, 4 leadership and 4 civil techs. In addition, three unique techs each that become available when the preceding row is completed.
All of them also get a unique recruitment building (Mercenary hubs) and economic upgrades (Art Workshops, on Marble&Dyes resources).

- Some imperial units were removed from their recruitment (e.g., Greatswords, pistoliers/outriders) but still show up in custom battle (marked them).
1. Compatibility:
- The mod is compatible with pretty much everything vanilla-friendly. Balance overhauls may be a problem. See FAQs for more from our field reporter, or the collection above for examples of what's surely compatible.
2. Campaign Unlock:
The three factions are unlocked for custom battles, but you WILL require a campaign unlocker such as Crynsos’s Unlocker+ or the basic version.
- Not needed for custom battle use or playing vanilla factions.
- Unlocker+ required for campaign use of LLs!
- The unlocker is not compatible with anything else editing startpos (other unlocks, starting positions, sometimes LL and stuff).
- Before having to comment something like “I can’t see them in campaign” please read again above. If you still have trouble, toggle off other mods until you find the culprit, or post the mod list.
- The unlock is kept separate so you can keep this mod in background for the AI and play anything else.

All in all, I consider this as lore-friendly as it can go with armies that almost never had official rules. I expanded these rosters based on what I could grab of the official lore (mostly pre-6th ed), fan-made army books and historical XVI century stuff, mediating to keep it balanced and interesting.

Expected F.A.Q.s
Linked, I ran out of space again.

- Ditto. Most rough edges can be read of in the FAQs.

No claims on Games Workshop content and concepts.
Some unit icons adapted from art by Pierre Bertin[], Perun Tworek[], Dariusz Bufnal[] and possibly other sources I couldn’t identify; cover image adapted from Rocroi, El ultimo tercio by A. Ferrer-Dalmau.
No claim intended here either.

Some features modelled after the example given by:
- Mounts for LLs
- Brujah’s slayer tweaks
- Bretonnia by Prater
(said mods are NOT included here, but were very useful for inspiration and references, so I recommend giving them a thumbs-up)
Screenshots taken with other mods up, so for example you might notice something from various kinds of reskin within the collection.

Special thanks to my buddy Dreamlore (which is also my pal) for battle and variant testing, and to Crynsos for the external startpos components.
To Dontfearme22 for his custom textures for tilean and estalian shields, to Black Rabbit for his texturing support, to Frenchiest Fry and Bencroff for some of the screenshots.

Don’t forget to provide feedback and rate!
Psst, want some mods, kid? Check out the rest of my workshop.

Public posts include content details and chit-chat so no reason to miss on that!
Also, intimate Discord server:
Thanks to: Lachlan A., George M..
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Cataph  [author] Nov 26 @ 3:20pm 
Toggle harder, because it's a conflict.
PLANESWALKER2003 Nov 26 @ 2:59pm 
Hi, the new units and lords aren't showing up and I have tried toggling my mods, what do I do now

EnderN7 Nov 12 @ 4:46pm 
also found the issue with my recruitment, thank you for the response!
EnderN7 Nov 12 @ 4:46pm 
are these factions able to confederate?
Cataph  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:50am 
No info to answer that.
EnderN7 Nov 11 @ 10:07pm 
I am having an issue recruiting several of the end game units, even though i have all the high tier buildings, cannot get the royal guard, or several other end game units
Cataph  [author] Oct 28 @ 3:13am 
Michael [UG] Oct 27 @ 3:19pm 
@Baron Von Dorf - Being checked on now, getting back into the mod.
- Michael
Baron Von Dorf (SF9912) Oct 27 @ 3:54am 
After all My ITileans need armored soldiers yes :D
Baron Von Dorf (SF9912) Oct 27 @ 3:53am 
the high medium tier units for TEB